Soviet Karelia № 3 (1960)

Newsreel №77854, 1 part, duration: 0:10:10
Production: LSDF
Director:V. Shelepenj
Camera operators:V. Valdajcev, R. Shevalje
Other authors:N. Filinkovskaya


Production processes at Kondopozhsky pulp and paper mill, Petrozavodsk knitting factory. The story of the doctor of geographical Sciences Galina Sergeevna Bisca working in the Karelian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Production processes at the pilot plant for the production of pine-carotin paste on the cat lake. The work of Petrozavodsk poultry. The final concert of the show Amateur military Northern military district.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Kondopoga Pulp and Paper Mill-address plan.

Shop floor.

The machine makes newsprint.

Networker Nikolai Lyamtsev at the control panel.

The paper passes through the cylinders of the machine.

Networker Evgeny Koltsov makes notes at the control panel of the machine.

Workshop for the production of paper tape.

Workers control the winding of the paper into the roll.

A worker uses a crane to transport a roll of finished paper.

The cylinders with the paper are spinning.

Paper shavings.

Warehouse with rolls of paper.

Petrozavodsk knitwear factory.

Workers in the shop at the machine tools.

Knitting shop.

Knitter Ekaterina Ivanova controls the operation of the machines.

Reels with knitting machine threads.

CU. pl. - part of the knitting machine.

Weaving shop.

The machine weaves.

Worker Lyubov Skalalaeva tucks the thread into the machine.

Cutting machine shop.

Cutter Natalia Yakovleva at work.

Sewing shop.

Seamstress-motorist Taisiya Morozova sews.

Hands hold the fabric, the typewriter scribbles.

Workers stack finished products.

Karelian branch of the USSR Academy of Sciences, Department of Geology.

Doctor of Geographical Sciences Galina S. Biske and students in the Department of Geology.

G. S. Biske and students look at the geological map.

CU. pl. - G. S. Biske.

The book is by G. S. Biske.

G. S. Biske works at home.

Interview with G. S. Biske.

Kot-Ozero, a pilot plant for the production of coniferous-carotene paste.

Forest, snowdrifts.

A skidder tractor pulls PNRM logs. workers load lapnik into a truck.

The truck with the branches of pine needles drives off.

Factory building.

Branch rolling shop.

Workers load branches into the car.

Shop for obtaining an extract from pine needles.

Workers fall asleep in a vat of needles.

Distilling machines.

The head of the plant Daniil Konstantinovich Chayanov and the master Lyudmila Yakovleva evaluate the quality of the semi-finished product.

The employee conducts a quality analysis in the laboratory.

Pasta is poured into the cans.

Hands close the cans of pasta.

Workers carry a can.

Petrozavodsk poultry farm.

Village houses, road.

Stream, banks, trees.

Chickens in the room.

Chickens drink.

Chickens hatch eggs.

Poultry worker Ekaterina Kuonen collects eggs.

Hand holding egg - CU. pl.

Operator Anna Martynova selects eggs for incubators.

Chicks in the incubator.

The birdwoman feeds the chickens.

Cages with birds.

Birdwoman Galina Kasatkina at work.

Laying eggs in boxes.

Boxes of eggs.

The final concert of the review of military amateur performances of the Northern Military District.

Speakers on the stage.

The auditorium.

Choreographic number.

The audience applauds.

The Petrozavodsk Garrison Quartet is playing.

The choir sings.


Key words

bucket, bulb, chemical analysis, production of medicines, spools of thread, hosiery, balalaika, guitar, accordion, clarinet, snow,


Biske G.S. - doktor geograficheskih nauk.

Seasons: Day [828] Spring [825]

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