Panorama № 12 (1986)

Newsreel №77889, 1 part, duration: 0:10:19
Production: LSDF
Director:Zh. Romanova
Camera operators:A. Akatjev, E. Bryuhanov, V. Ishutin
Text authors:L. Pleskacheva
Other authors:G. Shiroyan


The story of the Brigadier Nikolay Alekseevich Horbiv. Yaroslavl medical Institute, Department of therapy of faculty of postgraduate and specialization of doctors. The work of Professor Evgeny Nikolaevich Dormidontova. Moore. The story of the working dynasty Chostakovich running on diesel Locomotive plant named after F. E. Dzerzhinsky. Nerekhta, Kostroma oblast. The factory of wooden and plastic molded products. Manufacturer of pads for shoes. Kirov station, Kirov-2. The shooting of the film "Carousel on the market square" by Director Nikolai Stambolova.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame


The audience applauds.

Awarding of the Gold Star of the Hero of Socialist Labor to the General Director of the association "Technika" Alexander Andreevich Nemontov.

Deputy of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, First Secretary of the Vladimir Regional Party Committee Ratmir Stepanovich Bobovikov presents the Order of the Red Banner of Labor to Brigadier Nikolai Alekseevich Gorbov.

Gorbov N. A. and Nemontov A. A. in production.

The mechanism turns.

The worker looks into the device.

Children burn out.

Gorbov N. A. solders houses.

Gorbov and his family play chess.

Students at their desks.

Teacher and N. A. Gorbov at the blackboard, students at their desks.

Photos of N. A. Gorbov.

Yaroslavl Medical Institute, Department of Therapy, Faculty of Advanced Training and Specialization of Doctors.

PNRM. by building.

PNRM. from books to the doctor Yevgeny Nikolaevich Dormidontov.

Hands on the table.


The woman bends and unbends her palms.

Hands roll the stick.

Hands roll balls.


Dormidontov E. N. speaks from the department.

Doctors write.

Photos of Dormidontov E. N.

Classes with patients.

The hand squeezes the dynamometer (medical dynamometer).

Doctors go, examine the patient.

Ultrasonic device.


Dormidontov E. N. examines the patient.

Doctor Dormidontov E. N. with doctors.


Diesel Locomotive Plant named after F. E. Dzerzhinsky.

City honor roll.

Factory shop.

Master Nikolai Vasilyevich Kostakov works.

Alexander Vasilyevich Kostakov works.

Vera Vasilyevna Kostakova in the laboratory.

Design office.

At Kulman Natalia Vasilyevna Kostakova.

Hands draw on the kulman.

Master and apprentice in the shop.

Measurement of the part.

Alexander Kostakov -

Elena Kostakova-computer operator (electronic computer).


The Kostakov family.

A factory employee holds a banner.

PNRM. on the territory of the plant.

A diesel locomotive leaves the building.

Nerekhta, Kostroma region.

Factory of wooden and plastic molded products.

People are walking down the street.

Shoe manufacturing shop, moving conveyor with pads.

Workers at the machines.

The shoe is being ground.

A worker makes a shoe.

Hands measure the pad.

Shoes of people on the street.

The block is being drilled.

Workers beat off the block.

Sharpening the pad.

PNRM. on the shop floor.

Ready-made pads.

People on the street.

Shooting of the film "Carousel on the market square", Kirov-2 station, Kirov region.

PNRM. from the bell tower through the branches to the square.

Children play in the square.

Imitation of snow, foam is sprayed from the hose.

Railway tracks are showered with white powder from a bag.

PNRM. on the railway tracks.

Shooting a movie, people get on the train.

Director Nikolai Stambula on the set.

Lighting device.

A carousel turns, people dance - a fragment of the film.

Actor Regimantas Adomaitis, Sergey Garmash.

The cameraman at the movie camera Boris Bondarenko.

Actresses Masha Perfilieva, Marina Bakuleva, Katya Roganova.

Key words

life, leisure, family, medical equipment, recovery of patients, working with patients, stethoscope, working dynasty, kinoshki shoes of pedestrians, set, novel by albert Likhanova "Calvary", learning, teaching,


Nemontov A.A. - generaljnij direktor objedineniya «Tehnika». Bobovikov R.S. - deputat Verhovnogo Soveta SSSR, pervij sekretarj Vladimirskogo obkoma partii. Dormidontov E.N. - doktor, professor. Stambula N. - rezhisser. Odomajtis R. - akter. Garmash S. - akter. Bondarenko B. - kinooperator.

Seasons: Spring [825] Day [828]

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