You Give the Tenth One.. (1976)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Pavlov A.

Script writers: Zakharko V.

Operators: Kasatkin P., Orzhekhovskiy U.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.


About perspectives of development of the USSR national economy for the X Five-Year Plan.

Temporary description

1.3 h. The Soviet economy: industry, agriculture - the development of a 10-year period. Health, education. Ecology in the areas of industrial production. Development of new lands.

Reel №1

The Kremlin, Moscow: in the hall of the Palace of Congresses - delegates XXV Congress of the CPSU, the platform supports the General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev (synchronously), cheering in the hall - LS., MS., PNRM.

The assembly line automobile complex KAMAZ go first machines - different., PNRM.

Construction of the plant in the basin of the Kursk Magnetic Anomaly (working excavator, bulldozers, passing a loaded machine) - Various., PNRM.

Passing train - LS.

Construction of the plant on the banks of the Don nuclear engineering; construction foreman A. Ulesov with workers - LS., MS., PNRM.

Report on the city of Naberezhnye Chelny - different., PNRM.

Hall nuclear power plant in the Leningrad region, the remote control - LS., MS.

Taiga, Angara, power line - LS., MS., PNRM.

Reel №2

Remote control Unified Energy USSR in Moscow, the operators at work - LS., MS., PNRM.

Dam, the water is boiling - LS., MS., PNRM.

Construction in Siberia: planting people in the helicopter, swampy lake Samotlor oil town, the drill rig, the drillers at work - different., PNRM.

Gas pipeline, gas torch - LS., MS.

Steel output in the Brethren steel works - different.

Work at the controls of a rolling mill (Plant «Azovstal») - LS., MS.

Operate automatic machines - LS., MS., PNRM.

The world's largest nuclear fusion plant "Tokomak-10", the physicists at work - LS., MS., PNRM.

The corridor clinics are doctors, medical device, surgery is performed - LS., MS., PNRM.

Telescope, scientists at work - LS., MS.

Lake Baikal.

Mountain landscape - LS., PNRM.

Nurek, cotton harvesting, irrigation fields - LS., MS., PNRM.

Vineyard - MS.

Draining swamps in the Non-Black Earth: works bulldozer.

The river, a herd of horses - LS., MS.

Chairman of a collective farm in the Tula region V. Starodubtsev in the car, talking with farmers - LS., MS., PNRM.

Cleaning feed kormohranilische, agriculture - LS., PNRM.

Reel №3

It takes a train with farm machinery.

Harvest, the grain is unloaded on a current - different.

Agriculture, dairy farm, poultry farm - different.

Vineyards - different.

Wedding in Moldovan village - different.

Shop weaving factory.

Demonstration models of women's clothing - LS., MS.

Machinist in the shop of a shoe factory.

Radio factory shop "VEF" (the city of Riga) - Various.

Working in the dining room - different., PNRM.

Holiday house in the woods, boating on the river.

Resort on the Black Sea coast.

Children bathe in the sea - different., PNRM.

Report on the streets of Riga, the people in the cafe - LS., MS.

New homes, building houses - LS., MS.

Ust-Ilim - LS.

Construction of the timber industry, government and foreign experts on the construction site - LS., MS., PNRM.

First-graders with flowers.

The driver behind the wheel, running a bulldozer.

Descent ship on the water.

Persons working - different.

Kremlin Palace of Congresses.