Panorama № 3 (1984)

Newsreel №78141, 1 part, duration: 0:10:16
Production: LSDF


Special issue about the cultural life of the city of Yaroslavl.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Take-off of the plane.

The former journalist of the regional radio A.A.Gagueva meets with schoolgirls Shitova and Galashina.

Gaguyeva shows the schoolgirls unique photos and documents.

Alternate frames with photographs, reproductions and theater posters.

Monument to Fyodor Volkov.

The building of the Fyodor Volkov State Academic Theater.

Memorial plaque on the theater building.

Theater posters of the theater.

Rehearsal of the play "Evening" by Dudarev.

Director Vorontsov rehearses with actors V.Nelsky, N. Kuzmin and actress V. Nelskaya.

Theater posters.

People gather near the entrance to the theater.

The audience walks through the foyer of the theater.

The wardrobe of the theater.

Sculpture in the foyer of the theater.

Actors make up before the performance.

Students of the Yaroslavl Theater School Gladenko-Tsymbalova and Silverova are preparing for the performance.

The foyer of the theater.

Posters of performances.

The sign of the Yaroslavl Theater School.

Students watch a graduation performance.

The play "Rereading Shukshin" is on stage.

Diploma puppet show "Doctor Aibolit".

Puppeteer students are playing.

The artistic director of the course is I.A. Zaikin.

Actors of the course.

Poster of the children's ensemble "Yaroslavl guys".

Panorama of the auditorium.

The children applaud.

The stage, the ensemble performs.

The audience is in the hall.

Large - the boy enthusiastically watches the performance.


Performance of the ensemble.

Children run out of school.

Views of the city of Yaroslavl.

Spaso-Preobrazhensky Monastery.

One of the lists "The Word about Igor's Regiment" was found in the monastery.

The exposition of the Historical and Architectural Museum-Reserve.

A group of art historians discusses the exposition of handwritten and old printed books, ancient Russian painting, household items and

vintage fabrics.

An exposition of objects from the 18th century is being prepared in Yaroslavl.


Chemicals for restoration.

A set of tools for restoration.

Hands restore the painting.


Restoration of the painting.

Panorama of the restoration workshop.

Panorama with icons.

Hands restore ancient fabric.

Restoration of gold and silver embroidery.

Panorama of the temples of Yaroslavl.

Drawing of the domes of the temple.

Artists painting on the streets of Yaroslavl.

Artist V.F.Ulyanov advises young artists.

Watercolor painting.

Artists on the background of the temple.

Paintings by the artist V.F.Ulyanov.

Exhibition hall with paintings.

Visitors of the exhibition.

Interview with the artist V.F. Ulyanov.

Exhibition hall.

The audience at the exhibition of Ulyanov's works.

Self-portrait of V.A. Ulyanov.

Exhibition hall.

Yunost Square in Yaroslavl.

A children's theater complex, which houses two theaters - a theater and a puppet theater.

Panorama of the building.

Panorama of the foyer.

Rehearsal of the play V.Rozova "Forever alive".

Directed by V.Rozov.

Interiors of the theater building.

A rally on Yunost Square, a member of the CPSU Central Committee, secretary of the regional party committee F.I. Loschenkov, speaks.

Residents of Yaroslavl.

Krupno - Loschenkov.

Residents of Yaroslavl.

Sergey Mikhalkov speaks at the rally.

S.Mikhalkov and F.Loschenkov is opening a theater complex.

A theater hall with an audience.

On stage S. Mikhalkov with the pioneers.


S. Mikhalkov speaks to the audience.

Panorama of the hall with the audience applauding S. Mikhalkov.

Types of children's theater complex.

Alternating frames with views of Yaroslavl.

Titles on a black background.


Mihalkov S. - sovetskij poet

Locations: Yaroslavl region [812]

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