Serve my Homeland 11/05/2008 (2008)

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Anchor:Boris Galkin

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Our heroes.

On May 9, our country celebrated the great Victory Day.

It is truly a festival with tears in your eyes.

And although 63 years have passed since the end of the Second World War, the remains of many soldiers remain in the ground.

Vasily Nyukhalkin was looking for the grave of his grandfather for 8 years, he applied to various instances - museums, archives, search units, but to no avail, and when he had already lost all hope, he was informed by the glad tidings: the grave of his grandfather, who died March 31, 1942 near the now defunct Dolginevo village of Gzhatsky Uyezd, was found.

Our history.

"Night witches" are not fairy-tale characters, so during the Second World War the fascists were called fearless Soviet pilots, for whom such a nickname was the highest estimate of their contribution to victory.

The squadrons of the 46th Guards Aviation Regiment consisted only of women, and they really drew real terror on the Germans.

For each downed "Russian plywood" U-2, on which Russian girls bombed the Nazis, Hitler awarded his soldiers with the Iron Cross and 2000 marks (that is twice more than for the fighter of the enemy).

Most pilots were not even 20 years old, and they did not consider their work a feat.

About the fighting days, the mechanic of the 46th Guards Air Regiment, Angelika Irlin, and the Chief of Staff of the Regiment, Irina Rakobolskaya, recalled.

In the plot, excerpts from the feature film "Heavenly Slug" (1945, directed by S.Timoshenko) were used.

Our report.

The combat experience of the Chechen campaigns showed that for operations in a mountainous wooded area, units that fully possess the organization of interaction, camouflage, reconnaissance and fire damage of the enemy in the mountains are needed.

First of all, this affected the units of the internal troops, which were the main burden for observing the constitutional order in Chechnya and the neighboring republics after the withdrawal of parts of the Russian Defense Ministry.

Shooting at the location of the 121st regiment of the operational assignment of the Internal Troops of the Ministry of the Interior of the Russian Federation: working out cooperation with border guards, mining training, overcoming obstacle courses in combat conditions, training drivers.

Interview: acting regiment commander Oleg Nesterenko, chief of the armored service of the regiment Ruslan Vendugov, head of the shooting range Sergei Solyanik, arrows Yakub Bekirov and Gestal Volikov.

The plot includes video materials of the North Caucasus Regional Command of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation: competitions of mountain brigades of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for slalom in Krasnaya Polyana; awards were presented by Vladimir Putin.

Visiting the program, the head of the Department of Physical Training and Sport of the RF Armed Forces, Major-General Vladimir Krymsky.

A conversation about the general physical training of servicemen and about army sport.

Videos about pre-conscription sports training, about parachuting.

The presenter congratulates the veterans on the Victory Day.

The chronicle of the war years is used in the preparation of the issue.


Kryuchkov NA - Soviet actor of theater and cinema, People's Artist of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor. Merkuriev V.V. - Soviet actor of theater and cinema, theater director, teacher, People's Artist of the USSR. Glazova L.S. - actress of theater and cinema, Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Putin V.V. - State and political figure, President of the Russian Federation, Master of Sports of the USSR in judo and sambo, Honored trainer of the Russian Federation, Colonel of the State Security in Reserve, Candidate of Economic Sciences. Crimean V.Ya. - Honored Military Specialist of the Russian Federation, Associate Professor, Major-General, Director of the 1 st Moscow Cadet Corps.

Calendar: 1941-1945 02.2008-04.2008

Locations: Smolensk region [804] Kabardino-Balkar Republic [743]

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