Serve my Homeland 12/13/2009 (2009)

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Our report: the story of Sergei Gubanov on the 282nd training center of the RHBB.

In November 1918, the first units of the new kind of troops-the chemical troops-were created.

Throughout the history of its development, chemical protection units have occupied and occupy a special place in the structure of the Armed Forces.

The troops of high technology - this is how the parts of radiation, chemical and biological protection are called in the Russian Army today.

Shooting in the training center: exams for tactical and special training, theoretical and practical exercises.

From the history of the center (shooting in Afghanistan, Chechnya, operational surveys of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Kabardino-Balkaria).

Armament and special equipment of the troops of the RKhBZ.

Interview: Sergei Pastukhov, head of the 282nd training center of the RCBF, Nikolai Okhlopkov and Artem Tchaikovsky, commanders of training platoons, cadets Yevgeny Veseliev and Pavel Krivonos, the family of deputy battalion commander Andrei Khokhlov.

Our report: November 27 - the day of the Marine Corps.

In the Baltic Sea, this holiday is traditionally celebrated with a young addition.

The next team of recruits arrived in the brigade of the Marine Corps, now the newcomers are in fact to prove their right to stand in line with the marines.

As you know, there are no former marines, and the one who joined the brotherhood of "black berets" remembers this day for life.

Shooting at the Moscow regional assembly point of the military commissariat of the city of Zheleznodorozhny: training recruits for sending to the service.

Filming in Baltiysk: reception and transfer of recruits to officers, medical board, a holiday on the area of ​​the Baltic Glory.

Interview: Head of the Baltic Fleet Acquisition Department Oleg Goncharuk, Chairman of the Military Medical Commission Armen Mkrtchyan, Marine Brigade Commander infantry Alexander Anosov, commander of the Baltic Fleet Viktor Chirkov, rookie Alexander Snegirev.

Our history.

At the end of November, a great Russian commander was born, who did not suffer a single defeat, the creator of a new strategy and tactics of waging wars - Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov.

In the history of Russia, only two generals were awarded the title "Suvorov Equal" - Mikhail Skobelev and Nikolai Yudenich, but even they did not achieve the glory of Alexander Vasilyevich.

The title "Suvorovets" became the highest insignia of the Russian soldier.

Suvorov's commander's art, his system of training and education of troops outstripped the development of military art, both in Russia and in Western Europe, for several centuries.

In the preparation of the plot fragments of the films "Suvorov" (1940, directors V.Pudovkin, M. I.Doller), "Heroes Shipka" (1954, director S.Dasiliev) were used.

Interview: historian Igor Domnin, Hieromonk Hermogen.

The guest of the program is Archpriest Dimitry Smirnov, Chairman of the Synodal Department of the Russian Orthodox Church for Cooperation with the Armed Forces and Law Enforcement Agencies.

The topic of the conversation is the problem of terrorism as a phenomenon in history and in the present tense.


Chirkov V.V. - Russian military commander, retired Admiral, Commander of the Baltic Fleet of the Russian Navy (2009-2012), Commander-in-Chief of the Russian Navy (2012-2016). Cherkasov N.P. - opera singer, actor of theater and cinema. Domnin I.V. - Colonel of the reserve, military historian, consultant, deputy editor of the Russian Military Collection, member of the Writers' Union of Russia.

Calendar: 1980s 12/25/1999

Locations: Moscow region [788] Afghanistan [250] The Chechen Republic [756] Kabardino-Balkar Republic [743] Kaliningrad region [778]

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