Panorama № 20 (1983)

Newsreel №78482, 1 part, duration: 0:10:20
Production: LSDF
Director:Kufos L.
Camera operators:Akatjev A., Ishutin V., Tretjyakov A.
Text authors:Mamedov M.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Ivanovo mechanical plant, the territory leaves the truck with a crane (onboard crane).

Sign at the entrance of the plant.


Workers in the shops of the plant, production equipment.

From the shop leaves the machine MRK-750T.

The staff of the plant handed over the red banner.

The applause of the audience.

Ivanovo region, state farm "Greenhouse".

Stele at the entrance to the farm.

Women collect cucumbers in the greenhouse.

Construction of new greenhouses by student construction teams.

Students sing songs around the campfire, pulled out of the coals and eat baked potatoes.

Dancing to folk music.

Kirov television Studio.

The crew sits in the car Teleradio.

Preparation of the program "Screen breeder": collective farm named after Stepan Khalturin, shooting interviews with the chief power engineer of the farm Grigory Rezyapkin; operator Vladimir Padlevskih (or Podlessky, sounds indistinct), sound engineer Victor Maltsev, leading Edward Radnevsky.

Work in the Studio at the editing table with Director Henrietta Pogudina.

The program on the air.

Vladimir region, Suzdal district, Nerl river.

Farmers Alexander and Martha I. Loginova, residents of the village of Kideksha Suzdal district, clean hay in the meadow.

Alexander is on the road, carries braids on his shoulder.

A man comes into the yard.

The roof of the house, in the foreground of a tree branch.

AV Loginov out of the house with a basket and a sickle in his hands, closes the gate and leaves.

Carved ornament on the edge of the roof and window frames (wooden architecture).

A. V. Loginov sickle cuts off the ears and put it in the basket.

Mi Loginova works in the garden.

AV Loginov sitting with his granddaughter at the table and weaving straw flagella.

Works of the artist in the Museum of folk art: straw chests, bread boxes, boxes, bags, etc.

Ivanovo inter-Regional competitions in parachute sport.

Flags are flying in the wind.

Teams from different cities lined up on the field.

Raise the banner of the competition.

Athletes with parachutes into the plane.

The face of the pilot.

A working engine of the aircraft.

Athletes in the cabin.

The plane takes off.


Pilot at the helm.


Skydivers jump out of the plane.

Observer with binoculars.

Landing athletes on the field.

The fall of the parachutist in the water.

Athletes folded parachute.

Judging panel.

Winners in the team competition the winning team from Tambov.

Absolute champion-Tatiana Emelina from Ivanovo.

Winners with awards.

Letters and gifts are on the ground.

Key words

International friendship.
International cooperation.
Folk crafts.
Folk art.
Decorative-applied art.
National culture.

Locations: Ivanovo region [776] Kirov region [781] Vladimir region [772]

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