How it was 11/04/1998 (1998)

Telecast №78505, 1 part, duration: 0:37:54
Production: VID
Anchor:Oleg Shklovskij

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Tashkent earthquake, 1966 year.

An earthquake is always a tragedy, which, as a rule, is chosen at night.

April 26, 1966 at 5:23 am local time in Tashkent, stopped all the city hours.

Then in the capital of Uzbekistan there was a strong earthquake for the last 100 years, the epicenter of which fell directly to the center of the city.

By a lucky chance there were practically no victims, but the devastation turned out to be catastrophic.

36 thousand buildings were destroyed, about 100 thousand people were left homeless.

The same day, a few hours after the tragedy, Leonid Brezhnev and Alexei Kosygin arrived in Tashkent.

Turning to the leadership of Uzbekistan, Brezhnev said the shortest and most capacious speech during his reign, in which he said that assistance would be provided in the near future, and indeed, soon builders from all over the Soviet Union began to come to the city.

The second, even stronger push occurred on May 10, the number of homeless people increased by another 10 thousand people.

In the future, the tremors continued, but the city stubbornly rebuilt, gradually life was part of the familiar rut.

The work of the builders and the life of the city in those months are detailed by eyewitnesses and direct participants: Deputy Chairman of the Executive Committee of Tashkent in 1966, Georgy Minasovich Sarkisov, Hero of Socialist Labor Ismail Halupovich Aripov, chief engineer of the Office of Public Works Oleg Pavlovich Gorbunov, chief engineer of Glavmosinzhstroi in 1966, Alexander Matrosov, construction spouses Galina Berezovskaya and Alexey Babenko.

The program includes unique materials from the life of Tashkent in the spring and summer of 1966: life in tent camps, delivery of construction materials, construction of houses, allocation of land and housewarming, the wedding of G. Berezovskaya and A. Babenko.

There are footage of the earthquake chronicles in California, Japan and Sakhalin, as well as archival materials of the Vzglyad program (interview with the rescuer Andrei Legoshin, the rescue of the child from under the dam in Neftegorsk).


Brezhnev LI - State and party figure, Marshal of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Soviet Union, Hero of Socialist Labor, General Secretary of the CPSU Central Committee. Kosygin A.N. - State and party figure, Chairman of the Council of Ministers of the USSR, Twice Hero of Socialist Labor. Matrosov A.S. - Chief Engineer Glavmosinzhstroya, Head of the Department for Reconstruction and Development of Unique Objects of the Government of Moscow, Honored Builder of the RSFSR. Legoshin AD - the rescuer of the international class, the Deserved rescuer of the Russian Federation, the chief of group "Centrospas" (1996-2003), the deputy director of Department of fire-saving forces, special fire protection and forces of a civil defense of the Ministry of Emergency Measures of Russia.

Calendar: 1923 04.1966-07.1966 1994 05.1995

Locations: Tashkent [860] Sakhalin Region [802] Japan [112] USA [851]

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