How it was 02/14/1998 (1998)

Telecast №78519, 1 part, duration: 0:38:13
Production: VID
Director:Igorj Berezhkov, Tatjyana Dmitrakova
Anchor:Oleg Shklovskij
Camera operators:Vladimir Brezhnev, Yurij Vazhnov, Sergej Dorodnih, Aleksej Osaulenko, Iljya Papernov, Konstantin Kryakov, Konstantin Fedorov
Other authors:Stanislav Solovkin, Leonid Solovjev

Reel №1

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The program is dedicated to the accident of the Soviet nuclear submarine K-219 off the east coast of the USA on October 3,

Newsreel October 3, 1986: submarine K-219 after an emergency surfacing (shooting from the US reconnaissance aircraft).

Meeting Gorbachev MS and US President Reagan R. In Reykjavik in October 1986.

Fragments of the film "Hostile Waters" produced in the USA.

The former commander of the K-219 Igor Britanov speaks about the causes of the accident on the submarine, refutes the American version, speaks about the course of events in the chronological sequence, the actions of the crew in an emergency, the explosion of a missile on board and its consequences, the measures taken to save the crew and the elimination of the consequences of the explosion, the reasons for evacuation of the crew to civilian vessels and their subsequent actions, their arrival in Moscow, the reasons for their exclusion from the CPSU.

Captain 3rd Rank Gennady Kapitulsky talks about the situation on the commander's bridge of the boat, his actions during the accident and the decisive behavior of the commander in the existing situation, the rescue of people from the emergency compartment, the danger of a Soviet emergency submarine for the United States, the shutdown of nuclear reactors in a boat.

Captain 2nd rank Valery Pshenichny, a former representative of the special department, speaks about putting out a fire in the stern compartments, his participation in the fire elimination.

Captain 3rd rank Nikolai Belikov talks about his participation in stopping the nuclear reactor of the submarine, the course of emergency response in the reactor compartment, the selfless actions of the sailor Sergei Perminov.

Rear Admiral Alexander Evdokimov in retirement talks about the actions of the Navy's General Staff after receiving a report about the accident, about a possible collision with an American submarine.

Captain 1st Rank Igor Kurdin speaks about his participation in the shooting of the film "Hostile Waters" as a consultant and about his book on the submarine accident, the absence of a collision with an American boat.

The former 4th assistant to the captain of the container ship Aleksey Gakkel talks about the rescue of the crew of the submarine K-219.

Captain 3rd rank Alexei Konoplev and Midshipman Vladimir Demchenko demonstrate the Soviet Navy flag removed from the submarine before its flooding.


Gorbachev Mikhail Sergeevich - state and political figure Reagan Ronald - American statesman and politician

Calendar: 02/14/1998

Locations: Moscow [820]

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