Science and technology № 18 (1979)

Newsreel №78817, 1 part, duration: 0:09:35
Production: Centrnauchfilm (CNF)
Director:Babashkin O., Yu. Berenshejn, V. Virubov,
Screenwriters:R. Danelyan, G. Petrov
Editor:Boknickaya V.
Camera operators:Yu. Berenshejn, V. Virubov,
Text authors:Muhin S.
Sound mixer:Kamionskij A.
Other authors:V. Bokshickaya


A special issue of the newsreel is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of the Faculty of Instrument Engineering of the Bauman Moscow State Technical University. The journal reveals the history and essence of the work carried out by the faculty. "Grinds the machine". Grinding of microchip plates with a special machine. "Conversation on the beam". Using a laser beam as a telephone cable. "A computer designs a computer". Computer design by MVTU students using a computer. "Controls the laser." Checking the quality of the mirror grinding for the telescope with a laser beam.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Moscow Higher Technical School named after N. E. Bauman - the main building, students at the entrance.

Boards with the names of scientists.

The dean of the Faculty of Instrument Engineering Smirnov Yuri Matveevich gives an interview.

"Grinds the machine".

The tweezers hold a large BIS integrated circuit.

Plates made of metal.

Production of plates on the machine.

The hand presses the button.

The machine grinds the plates.

The numbers on the scoreboard.

Checking the quality of the plate.

Calculators on the table.

Electronic clock.

"Conversation on the beam".


Laser beam.

Students are working on an invention.


The girl picks up the phone.

A young man is on the phone in the laboratory.

Professor Kugushev Alexander Mikhailovich with students in the laboratory.

"A computer designs a computer".


Scientists are working.

Diagrams, drawings.

Kuhlman's engineer.

The punch tape comes out of the car.

The magnetic tape is spinning in the car.

Computer monitor.

The hand is typing on the keyboard.

"Controls the laser."

Polishing the mirror for the telescope.

The scientist checks the mirror.

Scientists confer.


Image of a mirror under a microscope.

A telescope.

Key words

Institute of technical education, invention, inventions, research and development, computers, electronics, science, Observatory,


Kugushev A.M. - uchenij, professor. Smirnov Yu.M. - dekan fakuljteta priborostroeniya MVTU im. Baumana.

Seasons: Autumn [826] Day [828]

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