Cuban Report. (1977)

Documentary №7921, 3 parts, duration: 0:22:37
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Monglovskiy U.
Screenwriters:Samoylov E.
Camera operators:Akkuratov E., Grezin V.
Anouncers:Suslov E.


About the present days of Cuba, Soviet-Cuban relations, friendship and cooperation.

Temporary description:

Landscapes of Cuba: the sea, palm trees. Students boarding school them. Lenin in the classroom, during a basketball game. Castro plays with children in basketball on the playground. Students at the ballet school classes in ballet class led by GS Ulanova. Production processes at the metallurgical plant. José Martí, the construction of the plant reed-propelled harvesters, manufacturing processes at the plant of chemical fertilizers, the development of nickel ore in large fields. Cleaning of sugar cane. Sheep, cattle farms of Cuba. Collection of strawberries, bananas, pineapples, oranges. Fishing fisherman on Cuba. Types of the capital of Cuba - Havana: streets, buildings, public streets, in cafes. Military parade in Havana. Speech by Raul Castro. Meeting of the National Assembly. Stay LI Brezhnev in Cuba. Medical care of the Cuban population. The film features newsreels, captured the revolutionary events in Cuba, the fall of the Batista regime.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Cuban landscapes - sea shore, palm trees, sunset - general plans.

Armed men walk on water (mock landing revolutionaries in 1956, the yacht "Granma") - the general plan.

People shoot - the average plan.

Grasslands, herds of horses - the general plan.

Ocean surf - Medium and general plans, see the city.

Flowering branch - close-up.

Flowers and palm trees - the overall plan.

TV tower - panorama, impact.

Says the announcer (simultaneously in Spanish.)

Children run, applaud, laugh, dance, play area, etc. - Different plans.

Newsreel 1950.:

Children of the poor (to the Cuban Revolution) - different plans.

Boarding school named after Lenin (inside and outside), students of all ages in the hall, in the classroom - different plans.

School city - panorama.

Pool - panorama.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Cuba Fidel Castro plays with the guys in basketball, talking to them - different plans.

Engineering - the girls at work, at the instruments - different plans.

Classes in ballet class - different plans.

Talking Soviet ballerina Galina Ulanova and Cuban ballerina Alicia Alonso - medium, large plans.

Go young Cuban workers - total, average plans.

Metallurgical Plant named after Jose Marti - a common, average plans.

Drove truck with metal pipes - total, average plans.

Metal melting - the general plan.

Nikolai Kireyev from Chelyabinsk to share their experience of Cuban workers (for devices) - the average plan.

Holguin City: construction mobile plant cane harvesters (with the assistance of the Soviet Union) - the general panorama of the plan.

Pass and chief engineer of construction, the head of a group of Soviet specialists YA Frumson and others - different plans.

Chemical fertilizer plant, built with the help of the Soviet Union - the panorama, departure.

Manuel Rosso technician at the plant talks with Soviet specialist - panorama of the plan.

The workers at work - close-up.

Driven bags of fertilizer - general view, close-up.

Development of the deposit of nickel ore in the quarry; drivers sit in the truck - a common, average plans.

Conveyor with ore - panorama.

Excavate and other units - different plans.

Ride trucks - the overall plan.

Are tractors - panorama.

Landscapes - mountains, palm trees, herds - panorama.

Riders ride - the general plan.

PNRM. the leaves of sugarcane - A panorama.

Harvesting sugar cane - working machetero - different plans.


Peasants waving machetes.

Referral to the ground.

Farmers raise their hands with a machete.

Harvesting cane forage harvester by Soviet and Cuban specialists - different plans.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Cuban landscape - the overall plan.

Grazing sheep - a common, average plans, departure, panorama.

Palm trees, a rainbow - the general plan.

The livestock facility, the farm - different plans.

Teens work the land - the general plan, departure.

Oranges and other exotic fruits, collecting bananas poured strawberry, pineapple collection - different plans.

Of boxes and networks poured lobsters, fish and other seafood, the fishermen at work - different plans.

The work at the port, unloading - different plans.

Cargo enters the refrigerator - panorama.

Havana - A panorama, shot from the top point.

People on the streets, the report by the city - different plans.

Monument to Jose Marti Revolution Square, the people at the monument - the overall plan.

Celebrating the anniversary of the landing of the legendary yacht "Granma": children in the parade, driven layout "Granma" - a common, average. plans.

Passing riders on horses with banners - "cavalry Mumby" - the general plan, departure.

It takes people's militia (men, women), infantry, naval and other forces - different plans.

Newsreel 1961:

The defeat of the U.S. invaders at Playa Giron - are men with guns, is Fidel Castro and other revolutionaries are American prisoners.

At the parade stands, First Deputy Prime Minister of the Revolutionary Government, the Minister of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Cuba Raul Castro Ruz (simultaneously in Spanish.)

Listen to the Cubans and foreign visitors.

Passage of military equipment, tanks, rocket launchers - different plans.


Missile launch, a boat in the sea, flying missiles, are pilots, the plane at the airport.

Overflight in the parade - a common, average plans.

National Assembly Building - panorama.

Listen to Fidel Castro and other members of the Presidium.

Newsreel 1960.:

Moncada barracks assault: are dead, go armed men - close-up of young Fidel Castro demonstrators in the streets; police disperse protesters with water hoses.

Revolutionaries: Fidel Castro, Che Guevara, Raul Castro, Cienfuegos - average plans.

Entry revolutionaries in Havana, the people welcomed.

Castro welcomes people.

Speakers and Delegates Assembly vote - a common, average plans.

Acts Castro (simultaneously in Spanish).


The visit to Cuba by General Secretary of the CPSU Leonid Brezhnev in 1974: a banner reading: "Long live the Cuban-Soviet friendship" - panorama.

Cubans welcome LI Brezhnev and Fidel Castro - a common, average plans.

LI Brezhnev on the platform declares "Viva Cuba!" (Synchronous) - the average plan.

Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

TV station - the general plan, impact.

The announcer says (synchronously in Japanese) - close-up.

An operator at the control panel - different plans.

Speech by LI Brezhnev on the TV screen - the average plan.

LI Brezhnev talks with Fidel Castro, sends him a picture - a large, common plans.

Wave the flag of the USSR and Cuba - the general plan.

Close-ups of Cubans of all ages.

People go to work - panorama.

Hospital building, in front of people - the general plan.

People ambulances - panorama.

Training physicians in the University of Havana - a common, big plans.

X-ray machine - the average plan.

Ocean shore, splashing waves, beach - general plans.

Park with a pond, water lilies - a common, average plans.

Dancing people - the overall plan.

Small houses Holiday Homes - panorama.

Boys ride the horse - different plans.

Falls - A panorama.

Crocodiles in the water - close-ups.

People on the boat, in the reserve - the general plan.

Flowers in the park - panorama.

The people in the cafe - the overall plan.

Modern homes - the general plan, impact.

Construction of houses - different plans.


Old shack, demolition of old houses.

Works bulldozer - different plans.

Havana street - the general plan.

Havana - A panorama, shot from the top point.

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