The Republic of Sri Lanka. (1977)

Documentary №7924, 2 parts, duration: 0:19:22
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Director:Galin I.
Camera operators:Voroncov V., Galin I.
Anouncers:Zazulin V.
Text authors:Nikolaev L.


A tale about the country's ancient culture, its struggle with coloniazm and modern times.

Temporary description:

Along the coast of Sri Lanka. Palm Grove. Monkeys, snakes, birds in the grove. A man washes elephants. Types, Colombo. City beach. Citizens on the streets. Market. Buildings educational buildings of the University. Monument to the Prime Minister of Ceylon in 1956-1959, the city of S. Bandaranaike in the town square. The ancient stone figures carved in the rock. Ruins of an ancient palace Anhradhapura. Buddhist temples. People lit lamps and pray in the temple. Women collect tea leaves at the plantation. Female tea company tea packed in boxes. Tasters check the quality of tea. Rubber Grove. Woman cuts the bark Gibea. Collecting rubber milk. Farmers cultivate the land in the rice genus, and plant seedlings. Extraction of precious stones: the miners washed stones. Construction of a hydroelectric dam on the river, the Mahaweli Ganga project developed with the participation of Soviet specialists. Tire Manufacturing plant in the city of Kandy. Soviet and Sri Lankan experts on the territory of the plant. Photographers in the exhibition to commemorate the 20 anniversary of establishment of diplomatic relations between the USSR and Sri Lanka. Lankan writer speaks about the global significance of the teachings of Lenin (synchronously). Bust of Lenin in your study writer M. Wickramasinghe, author of "The heyday of the Soviet Union." Art workshops for the production of masks and batik. Construction of residential houses. Secretary-General of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka gives the working order of the apartment. Parade of girls with musical instruments. The film includes newsreels: S. Bandaranaykek speech at a rally during the election campaign in 1956, voter cast ballots in the ballot box; S. Bandaranaike's funeral in 1959

Reel №1

Landscapes of the island of Sri Lanka.

The girl with umbrellas, travel on the road.


On the way, is the elephant, the boy sits on the back of an elephant.

Palm grove.

Types of the republic's capital city


City beach.

In the streets are people, elephant, passing cars.

Travel past the palm grove.

Monkeys, birds in the grove.

A man washes elephants.

Fishing gems - miner washes stones hand sorted stones.

Powered grinder stones.

Ancient stone sculptures, carved in the rocks.

The ruins of an ancient palace Anhradhapura.

Dilapidated Buddhist temple.

Buddha statue.

Praying woman.

People light lamps and pray in the temple.

White temple.

On the way, are a Buddhist monk and a woman with a child.

A woman washes the dishes, the girl washes.

Families near the hut.

Rides a cart pulled by buffalo.

A girl performs a dance with snakes.

A panorama of the sea, are fishing nets.

Fishermen pull chain and a boat to the shore.

View of the catch.

Fishermen catch share.


Panorama over the vegetables and pineapple.

A woman selling herbs.

Shopping series hardware.

People on the streets of the city.

Newsreel 1956 1959gg. - The car rides Prime Minister S.Bandaranaike, people greet him.

Voting at the polling stations.

The people welcomed S.Bandaranaike, who won the election. S.Bandaranaike with his wife. S.Bandaranaike stands, people listen.

Modern Survey - Tea plantation.

Women gather leaf.

Workers Tea Company teas packed in boxes.

The tasters check the quality of tea.

Ceylon tea in different packaging.

Rubber wood.

Women undercut bark Gibea.

Collecting rubber milk.

Landscapes of the island, view on the dam.

Reel №2

Hydroelectric dams on the river Mahaweli Ganga project, developed with the assistance of Soviet specialists - transmission lines, boiling water, tunnel, pipeline, excavation of the future dam.

Work ukatchiki soil, bulldozers, Rother - different plans.

Farmers work the land in the rice fields, planting seedlings.

Newsreel 1959. - The funeral of Prime Minister S.Bandaranaike killed reactionaries.

Modern Survey - S.Bandaranaike Monument Square in


Colombo from the top point.

Streets and buildings of the city.

Travel on the village street and across the University.

Students pass the entrance to the University.

Tire factory in the city of Kandy.

Soviet and Lankan experts in the plant and in the shops.

Metallurgical Plant.

Rolling mill, moving glowing tube.

Soviet and Lankan experts take the party of Soviet equipment.

Photo exhibition dedicated to the 20th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the USSR and Sri Lanka.

A panorama of the exhibition and visitors at the exhibition.

Lankan writer says Vitali (synchronously).

Cabinet-Museum M.Vikramasingha writer who wrote the book "The heyday of the Soviet Union."

Bust of Lenin on the desktop, view the room, rubbed writer.

Peasants work to harvest rice.

Village on the banks of the river.

Art workshop for making national masks and batik.

A panorama of paintings depicting animals, birds and people.

The artist works, the panorama from the hands to the face of the artist.

Children go to school.

Construction worker at a construction site.

In the factory and talk to the Soviet lankiykie representatives.

New house.

General Secretary of the Communist Party of Sri Lanka Keyneman serve a warrant and the keys from apartments to workers.

Parade with musical instruments (drums, flutes, tambourines).

Monument S.Bandaranaike and modern buildings (removed from us).

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