A Republic In the Ocean. (1977)

Documentary №7928, 2 parts, duration: 0:17:55
Production: CSDF (RCSDF)
Director:Egorov YU., Lebedev O.
Screenwriters:Pilyackin B.
Camera operators:Egorov YU., Lebedev O.
Anouncers:Kolychev U.


A film is about the young republic "Cape Verde Islands" which won its independence in July of 1975.

Temporary description:

The film tells the Cape Verde Islands: Landscapes of the islands. Festive meeting in the capital - the city of Praia, 5 July 1975 dedicated to the liberation from colonial oppression. Meeting the President of the Republic of Cape Verde and chairman of the State Council of Guinea-Bissau - Arshtidisa Pereira and Luis Cabral. Types of the island of Santiago and the house where he lived L. Cabral. Kindergarten city of Praia, on the walk, while games, musical studies, while bathing in the sea. Life and life of one of the inmates of the boarding school. Construction in the republic of new buildings, residential buildings. Types of the island of São Vicente. Life and life on the island. Types of Fogo Island, the city of San Felipe. Classes on the island cattle. Salt mining on the island of Salt. Types of the island of Santiago and the capital - the city of Praia. Cultivation of coffee on the island of Fogo and vegetables in the State Agribusiness Monte Zhenebra. Types of Mindelo in the port city of Mindelo on the island of São Vicente. Loading and unloading in port.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

The Atlantic Ocean; a sea surf.

Young people are playing guitar on the river bank.

Faces of lads and ladies.

A map of Africa.

The islands of the Green Cape.

Views of the islands – palms, stones.

Walls of a fortress, cannons.

Monuments at the places of execution of the fighters against colonialism.

Patriots of Guinea-Bisau and the Islands of the Green Cape are standing in a line up, shooting in bushes, walking by; explosions.

The First President of the Islands of the Green Cape, the Head Secretary of the African Party of Independence of Guinea and the Islands of the Green Cape (APIGIGC) Aristide Pereira is standing among the people at the solemn meeting in the country’s capital – Prae (the 5th of July); people are greeting their president.

Slogans and posters about peace and unity are on the walls and the fence.

A. Pereira is greeting the President of the State Counsel of Guinea-Bisau Luis Kabrala; they are walking along the honored guards’ line up.

A portrait of the founder of the APIGIGC Amilkar Kabral.

The house in Santa-Katarina at the Santiago Island, where A. Kabral lived.

Children in a kinder garden: sledding, teetering, playing a puppet theater, dancing; faces; governesses are clapping.

Children are running along the seashore, swimming.

Teenagers – pupils of the boarding school – are working in a market garden, making wooden and ceramic wares.

Unemployed in the streets.

A building; people are dividing the stones manually and by means of a lifting tap; women are carrying stones and cement on their heads.

A building of a hotel.

A sea scenery, a coastline.

People on a motor ship.

Views of the islands: San-Vicenti, Boavishta (sand and palms).

People with faggots are passing by, children with a small donkey.

People are riding on donkeys along a street.

Houses covered with sand, people are raking sand.

Children are riding from the sand hills at the street.

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Atlantic Ocean, a swash.

Fogu Island, a volcano.

Herds of goats on the volcano’s slope.

Views of the island.

Different perspectives of the streets of San-Filippe.

The Sol Island covered with salt, a dog is running on salt.

Salt mining – mechanical and manual; trolleys are passing by, salt is spattering.

The international airport named after Amilkara Kabrala.

The airport’s signboard.

Santyagu Island, views of the streets of Praya.

The island scenery, houses on the mountains slopes.

The state plantation San-Jorge; countrymen are working.

A scenery of the highland region Fogu.

A coffee plantation, coffee harvest on trees.

The countrymen of the local cooperative are having a conversation.

Irrigate plants, water is streaming.

People work in the garden-beds.

A view of the state agricultural complex Monte-Jenebra.

Cabbage is growing, tomatoes.

A papaya tree.

A sea, a swash.

Women with buckets on their heads are passing by, a girl with a bottle on her head; children are rolling barrels with water.

A desaltation plant; men are working.

The industrial centre of San-Visenti Island – the Mindelu harbor; a report around the city.

Dockers are working at the harbor.

The harbor.

A flag of “The Green Cape Islands” state is waving.

A bird flies.

Guitar players are performing at the seashore.

Faces of people of various ages.

An evening sea scenery.

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