Five Pages From One Life.. (1977)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Lazarov

Script writers: Golcev N., Ermilov A.

Operators: Epifanov G., Zaporozhskiy I., Lazarov


A Soviet-Bulgarian film about the famous Russian anatomist and surgeon N.I. Pirogov and about the history of Red Cross.

Figures of science | Discoveries | Medicine

Biography | Science

Reel №1

NI Pirogov Monument Health Minister Boris Petrovsky giving an interview to the Bulgarian journalist (synchronously).

Proceedings Pirogov.

Peter gives interviews (synchronously).

Bulgarian journalist Kolarov L. Petrovsky asks a question (synchronously).

Peter gives interviews (synchronously).

Proceedings of the Pirogov, published in the 19th century and translated into foreign languages.

Peter talks about the role of Pirogov in the development of national and world medicine (synchronously).

Chairman of the Executive Committee of the Union of Red Cross and Red Crescent Baltic VA She gives interviews, talks about the activities of Pirogov in the Crimean War (synchronously).

Photo of Sisters of Mercy in Sevastopol.

The Baltic gives interviews (synchronously).

Painting "cuirassier battle in the Rye."

Paintings depicting the events of the Napoleonic wars.

Fragments of the panorama Roubaud F. "Battle of Borodino".

Paintings depicting the events of the Napoleonic Wars and the War of 1812.

View of the monument to the lost ships in Sevastopol.

Fragments Roubaud panorama "Defense of Sevastopol".

Paintings depicting the events of the defense of Sevastopol in the Crimean War.

Photo of the building of the military hospital in Sevastopol.

Monument to the Sisters of Charity.

Photo portraits nurses.

Photo veterans of the defense of Sevastopol, made in 1913.

Newsreel, 1913: Veterans of defense of Sevastopol.

Nurse D. Alexandrov gets up and comes to the fore.

Photo of Sisters of Mercy Holy Cross community.

Portraits NI Pirogov Drawings and engravings of the 19th century the streets of Moscow.

Drawings and paintings of small Pirogov and professor Mukhina bedside brother Pirogov.

The plaque on the wall of a building in Moscow, where he studied pie.

The text of the petition Pirogov on admission to its medical faculty.

Figure showing Pirogov during the entrance exam.

Photo of the building of the Moscow University.

The painting, depicting Pirogov during classes at the university.

Photo Building University of Dorpat.

Photo of the reading room of the University Library.

Panorama of the Tartu (Dorpat).

Domestic types of premises of the university.

Diploma Pirogov.

View the assembly hall of the university.

Types of buildings of Tartu University.

Medical students in the audience during a lecture.

General view of the audience (the top).

Person students.

View audience.

Those students.

The teacher continued to lecture.

Portrait of Pirogov.


Alexandrov (Weaver) Daria - military nurse






Summer [824]


Reel №2

The statues of David and Moses. "Mona Lisa" by Leonardo da Vinci.

View the Brandenburg Gate in Berlin.

Sculptural group at the gate.

Buildings Berlin medical institutions.

Types of building clinic "Charite".

Figure showing Pirogov in a butcher's shop in the Haymarket area.

Tables cuts torso composed Pirogov.

The drawings of human organs.

Academician VV Kovanov He lectures on anatomy, using Satin Pirogov (synchronously).

Pictures human bodies placed in the atlas.

Kovanov continues to lecture) synchronously).

Those students.

Portrait of Pirogov.

Bust Pirogov.

Professor G. Krestinov gives interview to Ermilov A. The figures reflect the medical practice of Pirogov.

Portrait of Pirogov.

The building of the clinic named Pirgovo in Bulgaria.

The patient was doing CPR.

Doctor holding x-ray examination of the patient.

Artificial joints in the hands of the surgeon.

The face of the doctor.

X-ray of an artificial joint.

Patients with artificial joints in the classroom physical therapy in the hospital named after Pirogov.

Stvdenty in lectures at the University of Tartu.

Professor EO Tyunder lecturing.

Those students.

Professor Tyunder gives an interview to the Bulgarian journalist Kolarov (synchronously).

The painting, depicting wounded during the Battle of Borodino Bagration.

Tyunder continues to give interviews (synchronously).

Medical consultation.

Those doctors, the doctor looks at X-rays.


Arapov AD It gives a conclusion on the final diagnosis (synchronous).

Professor Tyunder gives interviews (synchronously).

Reel №3

Doctors do hypothermia the patient before surgery.

Doctors do surgery under hypothermic patient.

Professor EO Tyunder giving an interview to the Bulgarian journalist Kolarov L. (synchronously).

Doctors conducting the postoperative examination of a sick girl.

Professor TM Darbinyan Speaking about the contribution of Pirogov in the use of anesthesia in medicine (synchronously).

Pages "Manual of Anesthesia."

Photo Pirogov on one of the first pages.

Hand leafing through the pages.

Darbinyan continues to give interviews (synchronously).

Portrait of Pirogov.

Director of the Institute harurgii them.

Vishnevsky Kuzin Academician MN It tells the story of the first applications of anesthesia medicine Bulgarian journalist (synchronously).

Portraits Pirogov.

Kuzin continues the story, quoted statements by Pirogov book (synchronously).

Kuzin gives interviews, answers questions on the application of anesthesia Pirogov (synchronously).

An engraving depicting Pirogov during surgery.

Fragments of paintings depicting Pirogov, operates the wounded on the battlefield.

Portrait of Pirogov.

The title page of the work of Pirogov's fixed dressing.

Fragments of the painting depicting an episode of the War of 1812.

Medieval woodcut depicting a leg amputation without anesthesia.

Pictures fixed bandages Pirogov.

Key words

Military surgery

Reel №4

Types of Sevastopol.

Remains of fortifications of the Crimean War.

Panorama of one of the cemeteries of Sevastopol.

Fragments of paintings depicting episodes of the defense of Sevastopol.

The painting, depicting Pirogov at the forefront during the conversation with the officer.

The building in Sevastopol Naval Assembly.

The plaque on the wall of a building dedicated to the Pirogov.

Engravings and drawings depicting the evacuation of the wounded from the standpoint of medical practice and Pirogov.

Colonel-General of Medical Service Smirnov, KI gives interviews (synchronously).

Proceedings of Pirogov war surgery and military medicine, he created after the Crimean War and during the Russian-Turkish war of 1877-78.

Smirnov gives interviews (synchronously).

Newsreel 1942-1944 years: Soviet planes attacked the goal.

Artillery firing at the enemy.

Volley rocket launchers.

Infantry and tanks go on the attack, medical orderly bandaging the wounded.

The infantry occupies positions.

The infantry is fighting in the winter woods.

Artillery firing.

Medical orderly evacuate the wounded from the battlefield.

The girl's face-medical orderly.

Medical orderly bandaging the wounded.

The evacuation of wounded from the battlefield.

Evacuation of wounded in various ways: by hand, dragged on a sledge, with the help of dog teams and horses.

Loading the wounded in the vans, horse-drawn.

Evacuation of wounded plane.

Loading the wounded in the plane.

The evacuation of the injured by boat.

Doctors do surgery in a field hospital.

The nurse caring for the wounded.

Caring for the wounded in the hospital train car.

There is a hospital train.

The monument to the lost ships in Sevastopol.

Classes medical units of the Black Sea Fleet to evacuate the wounded.

Unloading the wounded out of the helicopter and loaded into ambulances.

Type deployed a field hospital.

Doctors do surgery.

Monument in Sevastopol.

The painting, depicting Pirogov during the inspection of the wounded.

Portrait of Pirogov.

Monuments heads of the defense of Sevastopol.

Portrait of Pirogov.

Types of Leningrad.

The plaque on the wall of a building in Leningrad, where he lived Pirogov.

Photo Pirogov with children.

The paintings reflect the medical practice of Pirogov.

Chairman of the Central Committee of the Bulgarian Red Cross, Dr. K. Ignatov gives an interview to a journalist Ermilov A. (synchronously).

Key words

Military medicine






Summer [824] Winter [823]

World War II

Reel №5


Reel №6

Paintings depicting the struggle of the Bulgarian people from the Turkish yoke.

Pictures with episodes of Russian-Turkish war of 1877-1878.

Fragments of paintings and drawings assault Shipka.

Fragments of paintings and drawings of caring for the wounded during the war.

The monument to the defenders of Shipka in Bulgaria.

Established in Sofia monument to Russian military medics.

Monument to General Skobelev MD Sofia.

Types of Rila Monastery in Bulgaria.

Plaque dedicated to the activities of Pirogov in Bulgaria.

Mountain landscape.

Old buildings in the Bulgarian villages where during the Russian-Turkish war were military hospitals.

Monument Vrevskaya Photo Vrevskaya Yu.

Monument to Russian soldiers in Bulgaria.

Memorial obelisks in the places where there was Pirogov during the Russian-Turkish war.

The painting, depicting Pirogov among the soldiers.

Awards Pirogov.

Pirogov Diploma on awarding him the title of honorary citizen of Moscow.

Paintings and drawings illustrating the medical activities of Pirogov in the last years of his life.

Sheets manuscript Pirogov.

Collected works of Pirogov.

Portraits of Pirogov in the last years of his life.

Monument Pirogov in Bulgaria.

Foreign War