Feast of the Land of Mari (1980)

Documentary №80042, 3 parts, duration: 0:19:10
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:Lev Brodskij
Screenwriters:Aleksej Ermilov
Camera operators:Valerij Semenovih
Anouncers:Stanislav Kovalev
Sound mixer:Aleksej Vorobjev
Other authors:Robert Koposov


The film is dedicated to the 60th anniversary of the Mari ASSR.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Flag of the Mari ASSR over the building of the Republican administration.

Types of the Volga's banks.

View of a cargo vessel traveling along the Volga, captain N. And.

Vecherkin on the bridge, the panorama of the Volga shore.

Vecherkin talks about his work for a quarter of a century, on the goods transported (synchronously).

Panorama of the main square of Yoshkar-Ola, Lenin monument in the square.

Electronic scoreboard with clock and thermometer on one of the buildings.

Panorama of the Moscow Kremlin and red square.

The deputies of the Mari ASSR, attending the session of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR, are on the Kalinin Prospekt.

View of the entrance and the Central pavilion VDNH.

Fountain "Friendship of peoples".

The coat of arms of the Mari ASSR in the pavilion.

A group of kindergarten pupils in the city of Volzhsk walks past the monument to Lenin.

People on the streets, types of streets and buildings of Volzhsk.

The production process in plants pulp and paper mill.

The driver of a papermaking machine Zaitsev checks the quality of the manufactured paper, tearing a piece from the roll.

Interior view of part of one of the shops of the plant.

View of new residential houses.

The furniture in the new apartment.

Furniture Assembly at the Volga furniture plant.

Manufacture of skis in the woodworking plant.

The skier feels the engine with a propeller mounted on the back.

View of the building of the Mari Polytechnic Institute.

The staff of the computing center of the Institute for work.

Ratnici plant of semiconductor devices for manual Assembly of electronic circuits.

View of the factory shop (above).

The local television Studio.

Broadcaster is transmitting.

Demonstration models of clothes created on the sewing enterprises of Yoshkar-Ola.

Production processes in the shops of the plant of artificial leather in Yoshkar-Ola.

The skin samples produced by the plant.

Demonstration models of women's clothing.

The process of mechanical and hand embroidery on the lace factory.

Spring and summer landscape.

Boats on the shore of the lake.

The types of sanatoriums and tourist camps located on the shores of the lakes.

Panorama of a forest lake.

Logging with machinery.

The types Murmanskogo nursery.

Harvest rose hips.

Production processes and packaging of finished products in Yescarolina vitamin factory.

Interior view of the hardware thermal control.

Panorama factory shop electrical.

Workers assemble electric shavers.

Ready to party electric shavers.

Views of the lake Tair, cyclists on the shore of the lake.

The couple moved from Tair.

Children run to swim.

Children from summer camp go to the celebration.

Pioneers saluted at the Eternal flame.

Veterans at the Eternal flame.

Memorial plate in honor of the soldiers of Mari.

The honor guard yunarmeytsev intrudes on a post on the memorial of military glory.

The types of palaces of culture in Yoshkar-Ola.

View the city of fountain.

Calendar: 1980

Locations: Mari El Republic [748]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826] Winter [823]

Reel №2


Reel №3

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Types of streets and buildings Yoshkar-Ola.

View of the new urban area of Szombathely.

Welders at work on the construction of a new neighborhood "Central".

The brigade of dressers, under the leadership of Nameboy at work.

View of the construction of a house.

View of the new administrative building.

Hall of fame in one of the city parks.

Flower beds of the Park.

Flower festival in Yoshkar-Ola.

The presentation of bread and salt participants.

The girl's face, the kind of celebrations (above).

People ride on the carousel, the faces of the participants.

Speech vocal-instrumental ensemble.

View of the festive events (top).

The performance by professional and Amateur groups on the square in Yoshkar-Ola in honor of the 60th anniversary of the Mari ASSR.

The performance of the State song and dance ensemble Mari El Republic.

View of the auditorium theatre of Opera and ballet.

The performers of the theatre talking with the composer Alexander Aspem during a rehearsal.

Types of streets of Yoshkar-Ola, named after Mari cultural figures and art, a view of the Boulevard chavajjna in Ioshkar-Ola.

View of the building of pedagogical Institute.

Students in the audience during the lecture.

University student Bykov during classes in the laboratory to study farming.

Combine father and son Bulls on the field during harvest talk with the first Secretary of Kazakhstan Communist party of Medvedev S. S. Zhilin.

The winnowing of grain zernotok.

Zhilin speaks with combiners.

Harvesters in the field.

Rural landscape.

New rural home.

The spreading of mineral fertilizers from an airplane.

Milkmaids Danilov livestock complex at work, the cows in the stalls.

The best milkmaid of the Republic F. S. Kapitonov milking a cow.

A herd of sheep grazing.

Interior view of the sheep-breeding complex.

Demonstration of winter clothing, produced at one of the agro-industrial enterprises.

Chickens and turkeys are bred in poultry farms of the Republic.

Ducks in the lake.

Interior view of the quail farm.

A box of quail eggs.

View of the trading floor of the grocery store.

Manufacturer of refrigeration equipment at the factory "Torgmash" in Yoshkar-Ola.

Interior views of the shops of the plant for the production of cutting tools.

Volga landscape at sunset.

Paintings of Russian artists on the walls of the Museum in Kozmodemyansk.

Visitors to the Museum listening to the guide.

The interior of the old huts of the Mari in one of the halls of the Museum.

Girls on the Volga river in the Mari playing the harp.

Old house in Kozmodemyansk, decorated with carvings.

Wood Carver B. P. Simonov at work.

Carved window casings.

People on a city street.

The parade of ships on the Volga river in honor of the Day of worker of the river fleet.

In the ranks are the students of the river school in the city Zvenigovo.

Panorama of the ceremonial meeting at the shipyard.


He speaks at the rally.

The faces of the protesters.

The ceremony of launching of the next tug.

Face workers shipbuilders.

Tugs on the Volga.


Eshpaj Andrej Yakovlevich -- composer, pianist

Calendar: 1980

Locations: Mari El Republic [748]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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