My land, Mordovia (1984)

Documentary №80056, 2 parts, duration: 0:18:19
Production: Kazan newsreel studio
Director:V. Kuzjmina
Screenwriters:A. Ermilova
Camera operators:V. Kuzjmin
Anouncers:I. Pinyaev, V. Popkov
Sound mixer:A. Hramova
Other authors:D. Hohlov


The film is dedicated to the 50th anniversary of Mordovian ASSR and talks about the achievements of the Republic.

Reel №1

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Landscapes of Mordovia women's choir in traditional costumes perform folk Mordovian songs.

Swallows on the wires.

Rural landscapes.

Poet Ivan Panaev goes along the edge of the pine forest.

The faces of the people on the streets.

Face painter Valentina Popkova.

Types of streets and squares of Saransk.

Representatives of Komsomol of Mordovia meet guests at the station who arrived for the celebration of the 50th anniversary of Mordovian ASSR.

A veteran of the young Communist League speaks at the rally, the participants of the rally.

The dancing group.

Meeting of the Polish delegation to Saransk.

Lenin monument on the Central square of Saransk.

The trunks of pine trees.

Monuments in honor of the uprising of Stepan Razin, a sculptural portrait of associate Razin Alyona Temnikovskaya.

A painting of Admiral F. F. Ushakov.

Grave Of Ushakov.

Pine trees stretch to the sky.

The monument to the soldiers fallen during the great Patriotic war, Vladimir Popkov makes sketches.

Types of streets of Saransk.

The Mason at work.

The face of the crane operator, type of construction of a new residential district (top).

Panorama and types of new residential neighborhoods.

Old and new coats of arms of Saransk.

Staff research Institute of light sources at work.

Production process the manufacture of various electric lamps at the production Association "Svetotekhnika", working person.

The types of Alexeevsky cement plant, and production process.

Interior view of control room of the plant.

Interior views of the shops Saransk cable plant, production process.

Finished products plant.

Panorama of the dining room shop dining room.

View of the shop of the plant "Electrovypryamitel", the engineers and workers at work.

Samples of finished products of the plant.

Leading specialist of the factory wings at work.

Samples of semiconductor technology, presented at the international exhibitions.

The faces of construction workers.

Production processes in the shops of the metal-working and cotton factories.

Fruits and vegetables Mordovia, those workers cannery.

Faces of the workers.

The construction of factory buildings with forging automatic lines in the area of Ruzayevka.

The first Secretary of the Mordovian regional Committee of the Communist party A. I. Berezin inspects the construction of the plant.

Students at the entrance of the Mordovian state University named after Ogarev.

Portrait Ogarev.

Researchers in the laboratories of the University.

Conducting scientific experiments in the laboratory of electronics and automation under the leadership of V. M. Bardin.

Students in the computing center of the University.

The rector of the University A. I. Sukharev holds a meeting of the Council on the main problems of black earth, the faces of the participants.


Berezin Anatolij Ivanovich -- state and political figure Suharev Aleksandr Ivanovich -- philosopher, sociologist, social and political activist

Calendar: 1984

Locations: Republic of Mordovia [749]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

Reel №2

Footage frameFootage frameFootage frameFootage frame

Panoramic view of the field during harvest.

Chairman A. T. kunjaev in the field.

View of the Central HOMESTEAD farm in the village Turki.

Photo Kunaeva.

Face Kunaeva, the panorama of the village.

Harvesting grain on the farm named after Gorky.

The arrival on the field of collective farm Chairman A. A. Klimovskaja and his neighbor Kunaeva, Klimowski greets combiners.

Klimowski and kunjaev talk to the machine operators.

Working irrigation system.

The construction of one of the new buildings for the breeding complex.

Irrigation cabbage fields, the work of irrigation units.

Ripe wheat ears.

The first Secretary of the Mordovian regional Committee of the CPSU Berezin inspects, listens to the explanations of the leaders.

Panorama of new cattle-breeding complex (top).

A herd of cows grazing Berezin inspects the herd.

Panorama of sunflower field, harvesting sunflower.

Panorama terrain, moving train.

Trains on stations of Ruzaevka.

Train managers at work.

Train drivers in the cab of the locomotive.

The carriages for the car.

The face of the controller.

The cars of a freight train, the driver of the lead locomotive.

View of the station Ruzaevka.

Photos of the events of 1905 in Ruzayevka, portraits of revolutionary figures.

Locomotive on a pedestal.

Passenger carriage of the train "Mordovia".

The driver and his assistant in the locomotive cab.

It takes a passenger train.

Rural landscape.

Products Mordovian folk crafts, face masters.

Embroidery samples, girl in traditional Mordovian costume.

Mechanized embroidery process, girls in national costumes.

Girls drink water from a well.

Works by the artist F. V. sychkova.

Faces of the girls.

People on the streets of Saransk.

The view of the Palace of culture.

People climb the stairs in the lobby of the Palace.

Panorama of the exhibition hall of the artist's Erza.

Portrait Of Erza.

Sculptures created by young Erza.

Types of villages the village where he was born Erzya.

The faces of the villagers.

Mother and daughter milking a cow.

Morning rural landscape in the fog.

The sculpture Erza.

Rural landscape, the panorama of the countryside.

Children in kindergarten.

First-graders with flowers.

The official line in school, on the beginning of the school year, the faces of first-graders.

Children go to school.

Girls run through the forest glade.

A hare running through the field.

Ripe wheat ears.

Harvester at harvest.

People on the streets of Saransk.

Lenin monument on the Central square of Saransk.

Panorama of the forest (above).


Berezin Anatolij Ivanovich -- state and political figure

Calendar: 1984

Locations: Republic of Mordovia [749]

Seasons: Summer [824] Autumn [826]

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