The New Village.. (1977)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
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Director: Musatova V.

Script writers: Gorskova L.

Operators: Levitan A.

Anouncers: Khelemskaya G.


The story of the collective housing in the Baltics and Belarus.

Agriculture | Construction

Sectors of the economy

Reel №1

Baltic natural scenery.

Wooden sculpture in wood.

Country house.

Flocks of birds on the river.

The cows cross the river.

Haystacks in a field in the foreground unharvested ears.

Village houses in the village museum.

Bucket on the well crane, people come to the house.


Students visiting the homes on the tour.

The audience at the festival.

Folk dance.

Play musicians.

National dances.

View of the river because of the trees.

On the outskirts of the village cows.

Rural farm in the village of Saku.

The street goes tractor.

People mows the lawn.

High-rise and private homes.

Hostess Luis Moreno works on the loom.

Basket with knitting on the bed.

Domestic carpets.

E.Mora owner plays with the cat.

Luis Moreno comes down the stairs.

Spouses consider needlework mistress.

Dairy farm cows in the field.

Cubicle inside.

Car goes down the aisle and sleep in diet feeders.

Cows returning from the field.

Animals eat.

Milkmaids come to milking.

Institute of Agriculture and Land Reclamation.

Scientists are conducting experiments in the laboratory.

Processing data electronically in the computer center of the institute.

Experts browsing bulletin of economic information.

The roofs of the greenhouses.

An employee inspects the greenhouse cucumbers.

Flowering carnations.

Woman caring for flowers.

Blown carnation flower.

Blooming Daisies.

A pointer to the entrance to the village Dainava.

Types of settlement.

People on the main square.

Children looking at a shop window.

People in the store room.

A man walks into a post office.

People talk with cashiers.

Woman writes in the journal.

Corridor clinic, a woman stands up and walks into the room.

A child on the procedures.

Young couple down from the porch.

Children playing in the school yard.

Students care for the flower lawns.

People in the square.

Elderly woman takes care of the flowers on the balcony.

Children ride bicycles.

A small child sits on a step outside the house.

Women go to the house.

Man with children near the motorcycle.

Along the path going girl on a bicycle.

Children at the motorcycle.

Children ride on the bike trail runs a dog.

Woman working in the garden.

The flowers around the cottages.

Woman girl braids plait.

She includes the installation of watering the lawn.

A man comes into the house.


Latvia Lithuania Estonia


Summer [824]

Reel №2

A man with a child in the living room.

Says the landlord A.Grigolyonis.

The atmosphere in the bedroom.

The woman prepares a meal.

Woman with children in the kitchen, the children have lunch.

The director of the farm "Lyonpolis" Y.Tomilis in the hands holding the prospectus with pictures of the village.

People in the lobby of the Palace of Culture.

People at the rehearsal.

Coinage on the walls.

The waitress filled the glass.

People at the bar.

Visitors to the dining room.

The wooden bas-reliefs on the walls.

View restaurant "Devil's Mill", across the field is a cow.

People go to the mill.

Figure yo-lamppost.

People go to the restaurant across the bus park.

Yo-lamppost, mill windmill.

Combine in a field harvesting.

Belarusian farm "Progress", village Vertilishki.

The area in the center of the village.

Fountain in front of the dining room.


Mosaic on top of the building.

Children walking down the stairs.

Children on a walk.

Students go through the alley.

Mosaic on the wall of the pool.

Group of children in swimming lessons.

Children go to school.

Solemn line in the school yard on September 1st.

School classrooms.

High school students are suitable for the youngest.

Those children.

Students line up in pairs.

Children go to school.

Haystacks in the field.

Alternation: a band plays, Harvesters enter the square.

The line combiners.

A general view of the area.

Combine the chairman handed the last sheaf.

Children with bouquets of flowers.

Chairman gives combiners loaf and congratulates them on the end of the harvest.

Children give flowers to adults.

Presentation of cash prizes to the best workers.

Loaf in the hands of the foreman.

Wedding procession on the steps of the House of Culture.

The bride and groom enter the hall.

Marriage ceremony.

Humorous family competition.

The groom carries his bride in his arms through the hoop.

Guests dancing at a wedding.

Play musicians.

Alternation: mosaics on the walls, the dance of the bride and groom.

Experts examine the layout.

There is a discussion of the settlement.

Houses and yards of the village.

The sculpture on the square.


Lithuania Belarus


Summer [824] Autumn [826]