wait me (2003) 03/17/2003

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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Ilya Pashchenko is wanted.

Last time he was seen on 14.02.03. at 18 o'clock, he was leaving by bus from Novocherkassk.

So far, no news from him.

Appeal for help in the search from Dresden (Germany).

Spouses Leonora and Eberhart Chok for almost 20 years, are looking for their dream Felix, who was stolen from the stroller, at one-year-old age.

This happened on 28.12.84 in Dresden.

The plot of the correspondent O. Migunov from Germany.

Correspondent and parents tell in detail about this detective story.

As a result, as it turned out at the same time, another boy was found in Dresden, about the same age, but without any data.

The investigation concluded that the children were simply replaced, since the find was clearly a painful child.

And the traces of this case led to the Soviet military, who then left the GDR for their homeland.

Felix's parents in the transmission studio once again clarify all the details and hopefully turn to the son, who most likely lives in Russia.

Anyone who knows something about this, please respond.

Appeals for help in the search from the participants of the transfer in the studio:

1. Father is looking for the son of Sergei Gridnev, born in 1967.

In 1997, he left Maikop for work in Moscow.

There are no news from it since 25.05.01

2. The mother is looking for her daughter Olga Nazarova (Sadokhin), born in 1965. 15.07.01 left the house in Moscow and did not return.

3. The mother is looking for the son of Vladimir Pavlocheva, born in 1992. and his friend Rinat Akhmadullin, born in 1989.

They disappeared on 4.01.03. in Tatarstan.

4.Mat is looking for the son of Pavel Shirokih, born in 1982.

Disappeared on the night of 22 to 23.02.01 after an accident in the village of Bolshie Ploty.

5.Drug is looking for a friend of Pavel Shlykov, born in 1982, who disappeared in Moscow on 8.10.02.

Tatyana Alekseeva, a permanent participant in the program.

From 2 programs she was looking for her friend Lyuba.

The plot of her friend who lives in the Altai and does not know that they are looking for her.

And then the girlfriends meet in the studio.

Seeking help in the search.

7. Mother is looking for the son of Oleg Starodumov, born in 1982. 12.10.02. left the hostel in Chelyabinsk and has not returned until now.

8. The dog Laura is looking for 6 years.

Disappeared on 26.01.03 in the city of Vladimir.

Girl, boxer, brindle suit.

9.Mat is looking for Igor Kirillov's son, born in 1989. 9.08.01 I disappeared at the dacha of the garden association "Neftyanik" (Volgograd region).

The plot is from Poland.

Theresa Lissovskaya-Vishnevskaya is looking for Jan, Bolislava and Irena Lissovskikh, in 1946-47. who lived in the village of Derechin, Grodno region, Belarus.

Ali Kerim, an Iraqi citizen, seeks son of Abdel Kerim Ali 1957-58. a native of Moscow.

They parted in 1960.

Alexander Nikolaevich Novikov tracked down the three brothers Anatoly, Valentine and Nikolai, with whom they were separated by the Great Patriotic War.

They were lost in early childhood in the Smolensk region.

After 48 years, the brothers meet in the studio.