Sight 06/21/1999 (1999)

Telecast №80804, 1 part, duration: 0:46:30
Production: VID
Director:Andrej Kirisenko, Svetlana Semenova, Sergej Kurakin, Aleksandr Kuprin
Anchor:Aleksandr Lyubimov, Sergej Bodrov
Camera operators:Aleksandr Kolesnikov, Konstantin Kryakov, Vitalij Bubnenkov, Kirill Kornilov
Other authors:Aleksandr Lyubimov, Sergej Kushnerev

Reel №1

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CNN's story about a Dutchman cured of AIDS.

Video chronicle: scientists in the laboratory.

Statistics and diagrams reflecting the growth of HIV-infected people around the world.

People on the streets of London.

Demonstration in the US with the demand to increase government subsidies for the fight against AIDS.

The only Dutch-cured Oscar Hammerschein is riding a bicycle.

Hammershayn tells his medical history (voiceover).

Hammershayn is engaged in exercise equipment in the gym.

The guest of the program Nikolay Kolesnikov, who was treated with AIDS with the drug "Armenicum", speaks about the improvement of well-being after the course of treatment, about their feelings before the beginning of treatment, about the course of treatment and its psychological aspects, about the positive results of treatment with "Armenicum".

Videorecording: the doctor of the regional Kaliningrad Infectious Diseases Hospital, Igor Ivanov, speaks about the offers received to purchase the "Armenicum" drug, is interested in the composition of the drug and calls on Armenian colleagues for cooperation.

AIDS patients Kaliningrad residents (faces are darkened) ask Kolesnikov questions about whether he really cured with the help of "Armenikum" and whether it is possible to send him to Kaliningrad.

A video chronicle: a patient of a clinic in Yerevan, who has AIDS, named Garik, in a hospital bed.

Patients and medical staff in the corridors of the clinic.

Garik in the ward tells his medical history, speaks about the improvement of well-being after a three-week course of treatment.

Chief infectious disease specialist of the Republic of Armenia Levon Mkhitaryan speaks about the positive results of using the drug for AIDS treatment to patients in the late stage of the disease, about the clinical effectiveness of the drug.

Patients of the clinic speak about the course of treatment and cardinal improvement of well-being.

Vice-President of the Armenian Academy of Sciences Emil Gabrielian speaks about further study of the effectiveness of "Armenicum", about positive results of drug tests and disappearance of the AIDS virus in the blood of patients.

The drug "Armenicum" in the research laboratory.

The guests in the studio are the correspondent of Komsomolskaya Pravda Vardan Aloyan, the director of the republican center for the prevention of AIDS Lev Zohrabyan and the director of the program Andrei Kirisenko speak about the number of patients who have been treated with "Armenicum" and the number of patients who have disappeared symptoms of the disease, about the opinion foreign doctors about the application of "Armenicum", about swindlers offering a drug outside of Armenia, about the fuss around the drug,

The head of the immunochemistry laboratory of the Institute of Virology, Eduard Karimov, doubts the effectiveness of "Armenikum" and the results of its application, speaks of the need to publish data on the use of the drug, the lack of scientific publications on "Armenikum."

Lev Zohrabyan in the studio speaks about the absence of lethal outcomes during the treatment by "Amenikum", about the preparation of the publication on the results of the application of "Armenikum" about the readiness to demonstrate data on the development of the drug and to discuss with its foreign colleagues the issues of its application and to cooperate with them, on the free treatment of patients in the Yerevan clinic, and on the low cost of further treatment.

Russian Ambassador to Armenia Anatoly Dryukov speaks about receiving the initial information about "Armenicum" from representatives of Armenian medical circles, about readiness of Armenian doctors to cooperate with their Russian colleagues in this matter and to help Russian patients, the lack of an answer from Moscow.

The developer of "Armenikum" Levon Gevorgyan speaks about the purpose of the drug, about the free treatment of patients.

Vardan Aloyan in the studio speaks about the appeal of Georgian doctors to his Armenian colleagues about the cooperation in the application of "Armenikum", about the opening in Georgia of such a clinic.

Calendar: 06/21/1999

Locations: Moscow [820] Yerevan [982]

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