wait me 10/06/2003 (2003)

Telecast №81056, 1 part, duration: 0:44:06
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Excerpt of the program from 01.09.2003: Said Yerov from Dushanbe is looking for the brother of Rakhim Shodievich Davlatshoev, born in 1980, who in 2000 left his earnings in the Moscow region.

Excerpt of the program from September 15, 2003: another case of memory loss, the man does not remember anything about himself and what happened before August 8, 2003, woke up near the subway, stood, smoked.

The fragment of the program from 15.09.2003: Viktor Nikolaevich Ostafichuk is looking for his brother Ivan Nikolaevich, born in 1961, who left Moldova for work in Moscow in 1998, last time he called home in 1999.

Shooting in Tuchkovo: a message came to the pager of the program that Ivan Ostafichuk lived and worked here.

Residents of Tuchkovo talk about Ivan.

It turned out that Ivan gave the money he had earned and a passport for keeping his countryman, and he unexpectedly went home.

Without a passport, you can not leave, but your brother's phone is lost.

Meeting in the studio.

Meeting Said Erov and Rahim Davlatshoev.

Igor Kvasha reports that a man with a memory loss is also identified by his relatives.

Larisa Nikolaevna Pudovkina is looking for a daughter: Natalia Pudovkina, born in 1973, disappeared on July 16, 1998 in Uryupinsk, Volgograd region.

Natalia Chekurova is looking for her husband: Vitaly Nikolaevich Chekurov, born in 1966, disappeared on September 4, 2003, last seen on Vishneva Street in Moscow.

Dmitry Ryabov looking for a girl Anna, whom he met on August 3, 2003 on the train number 255 "Ufa - Moscow", Anya rode with her grandmother from Bugulma.

The family is looking for a grandson: Dmitry Sergeevich Kukin, 1991, died on July 17, 2003 in Balashikha.

Filming in Ufa: Andrey Andreevich Babash, 14 years old, is looking for relatives.

Andrei from a gypsy family residing in Ukraine visited Ufa to visit relatives when he was 9 years old.

After quarreling with his father, the boy jumped out of the train at the station of Dyoma and was lost.

For several years he wandered to various cities and shelters, then decided to return to Bashkiria, to the local orphanage he entered September 11, 2003. Relatives living in Central Street moved, the address is unknown.

Andrei likes the shelter, but still he would like to return home to his relatives.


Edgar Flick from Germany on behalf of the mother is looking for her brother, her uncle: Vladimir Ivanovich The Hague, born in 1926, was arrested in 1941 with his father and exiled to Siberia, the latest information about him came in 1943 from Kiev.

Yana Safonova is looking for her father: Leonid Kulnas, born in 1950, came to Leningrad in January 1969 as a member of the boxing team, where he also met Yana's mother Svetlana Yakovlevna; lives in Poland.

Natalia Chekalova is looking for a daughter: Anastasia Konstantinovna Chekalova, born in 1987, disappeared on July 2, 2002 in Vologda, she called her grandmother on October 24, 2002, but the conversation was interrupted.

Valery Stanislavovich Petrov-Bogadelshchikov and Zhanna Shepilova are looking for their father and husband: Stanislav Petrov-Petrov-Bogadelschikov, born in 1937, disappeared on September 16, 2003 in the Izmailovsky Park area in Moscow, a memory loss is possible.

Two more cases of memory loss:

Valery (the name was given in the hospital) came to his senses on June 3, 2003 at the railway station in Armavir; The first time he saw himself in the mirror, he did not recognize the reflection and was frightened when he realized that this old man was himself.

Ivan (given the name in the hospital) found himself at night near the railway, on the rails reached the Kursk railway station in Moscow; there is a feeling that his work was connected with electricity, swims well, drives a car.

Excerpt of the program from 08.09.2003, shooting in Cork, Ireland: former soldier of the British Legion Arthur Reginald Foles, born in 1919, looking for the first love - Nina Alexandrovna Eckert,  with whom he met in 1943 in Arkhangelsk; the young people met for three months, then Nina disappeared, and Arthur spent his whole life trying to solve this mystery.

Arthur Reginald Foles is visiting the program.

Filming in Krivoy Rog: Nina Alexandrovna tells how she worked in the hospital, transported a wounded father from Arkhangelsk to Murmansk, then went to visit mother in Plesetsk, where she was arrested "for unreliability" because of her connection with a foreigner and sent to the Kai Timber Company (Vyatlag).

Meeting with Arthur in the studio.

Calendar: 09.2003 1940s

Locations: Moscow region [788] Bashkiria [883] Ukraine [229] Ireland [107]

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