These Wonderful Moments.. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Bgancev I., Khodyakov V.

Operators: Bgancev I., Khodyakov V.

Anouncers: Tatarskiy V.

Text writers: Polyanovskiy E.


About the joint flight of the Soviet astronaut Aleksej Gybarev and the first astronaut of Czech Socialistic Republic Vladimir Remek, about their visit to Czechoslovakia, preparations to the flight.

International cooperation


Reel №1

Photographers on the streets of Prague - A panorama, close-up.

Children waving flags, greeted the people of Prague cosmonauts Vladimir Remek, A. Gubarev, Yuri Romanenko and G. Grechko, the astronauts through the streets of Prague, the people acclaim them - different plans.

Meadow flowers, daisies - big plans.

The meadow is Gubarev - the general plan.

Gubarev resting in a meadow - close-up.

Space shuttles - close-up (14 meters).

Prague - the general plan, shot through the flowering branches of apple.

Species and the streets of Prague - a common, average plans.

By area are mom and boy - the average plan.

Are lovers - the average plan.

Bride and groom on Prague street - close-up.

Flowering tree - panorama.

Cosmonauts Gubarev and Vladimir Remek go to the rocket - the general plan, (2 March 1978).

The model rocket; Gubarev and Vladimir Remek conduct training work within the layout - the average plan.

Astronauts work out landing on the water - medium, large panorama.

Seagull flies over the sea - panorama.

Vladimir Remek and Gubarev before the flight - panorama, close-up.

Driven missile - close-up.

Mission control center - close-up.

Vladimir Remek and Gubarev climb the ladder missiles - medium shot.

Czech newspaper - close-up.

Man and woman in the street reading a newspaper in Prague - close-up.

Portraits of astronauts in the window - medium, large plans.

Praguers at the newsstand - a large, common plans.

The streets of Prague - general plans.

Mission Control Center - general plans.

On the TV screen the astronauts on the space station - the average, close-up.

Gubarev meadow - close-up.

Sunrise - the overall plan.

Gubarev and Vladimir Remek on the ground at the moment of landing - large, medium-sized plans.

Moscow (filmed from a helicopter) - an outline.

LI Brezhnev presents awards Gubarev A. and V. Remek - a common, medium, large plans.

Applaud astronauts - the average plan.

Read the cameramen - the average plan.

Remek says thanks (synchronous) - close-up.

LI Brezhnev applauds - close-up.

May Day demonstration in Prague - the overall plan.

On the podium of Soviet cosmonauts, Czech cosmonaut Vladimir Remek, members of the government of Czechoslovakia - close-up.

Husak takes astronauts; congratulated on the successful completion of the flight - MS. plans.

The participants applauded - a common, average plans.

Demonstration in Prague - a common, medium, large plans.

Black-and-white newsreel footage 1961

Praguers meet Gagarin - a common, medium, large plans.

Portraits of the astronauts on the streets of Prague - close-up.

Astronauts in cars passing through the streets of Prague - general plans.

On the streets of Prague plays violin ensemble - a common, medium, large plans.

Praguers greet astronauts - close-up.

Czech village of Lidice, the streets are children, people walking Lidice - medium, large plans.

Pioneers presented astronauts hospitality - the average plan.

Pioneer space heroes welcome - medium, large plans.

Gubarev and Vladimir Remek seedlings planted roses - medium shot.

Reel №2

Meeting in the new Lidice - panorama.

Newsreel of 1941-1945:

Lidice war years - the general plan.

Crying woman - the average plan.

Residents at the grave of Lidice who were killed by the Nazis - a common, medium, large plans.


Astronauts lay flowers at the mass grave killed residents of Lidice - panorama.

Monument to Soviet soldiers in Bratislava - panorama.

Gubarev and Vladimir Remek pass along the graves of Soviet soldiers - a common, big plans.

A wreath at the monument, are astronauts - medium, large plans.

Newsreel 1941 1945gg:

Soviet troops liberate Prague, the people welcomed the Soviet soldiers - the average, the overall plan.

Rally in Prague - the overall plan.

Out of the car the head of the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia Klement Gottwald, goes to the podium and delivers a speech at the rally - the average, the overall plan.

People dancing in the street - medium, large plans.

Vladimir Remek is a girl in her arms - the average plan.

Rally Czechoslovak-Soviet Friendship in Lidice - the general plan.

Astronauts at the rally - medium, large plans.

Press conference space heroes in Prague - the overall plan.

Read the cameramen - the average plan.

Vladimir Remek said the Soviet-Czechoslovak friendship (synchronous) - close-up.

Listen correspondents - close-up.

Powered monitor - the average plan.

Prague street violinists play - the average plan.

, The birthplace of Vladimir Remek

Ceske Budejovice, the area of ​​the city - the overall plan.

Residents of the city are met astronauts - the overall plan.

Vladimir Remek of countrymen - close-up.

Dancing in the street - the average plan.

Vladimir Remek goes to the door of his house, greeted her mother, hugging and kissing her, introduces her mother A. Gubarev - medium, large plans.

Photographers shoot - close-up.

Vladimir Remek among family - the average plan.

Residents Budejovice balconies welcome the astronauts - panorama.

Vladimir Remek family Gubareva A. - in the kitchen with his wife A. Gubareva preparing supper makes the room a samovar, sitting at the table and the family V. Remek A. Gubarev - different plans.

Cosmonaut training center - device - panorama.

Vladimir Remek and Gubarev in the classroom - medium, large plans.

Photographers outside of Prague - the average plan.

Prague residents welcome the astronauts - medium, large plans.

Vladimir Remek goodbye A. Gubarev - medium, large plans.

Landscape near Moscow, birch grove - panorama.

Gubarev for a walk - the average plan.

Bells, meadow - the average plan.

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