Telescope (1996) 12/22/1996

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Evgenij Voskresenskij, Nikolaj Fomenko, Valentina Leontjeva, Igorj Kirillov

Reel №1

The pre-holiday edition is devoted to New Year TV programs.

Ratings of TV channels of the previous year (programs, authors, performers).

"Television Fashion 96": an overview of new screen savers and programs.

Review of entertainment programs on New Year's Eve on the country's leading TV channels:

ORT - Konstantin Ernst and Janik Fayziev about the shooting of the film-concert "Old Songs about the main 2".

RTR - director Yevgeny Ginzburg about work on the film "Carnival Night 2".

NTV - producer Vasily Grigoriev about the highly secret release of the program "Dolls".

TV-6 - Alexander Oleinikov, Leonid Yarmolnik and Alexei Buldakov on the work on the film by Alexander Rogozhkin "Operation" Happy New Year. "

The TV news is broadcast by Valentina Leontieva and Igor Kirillov:

Valery Komissarov shoots the feature film "The Twins Ship" with the participation of Vladimir Zhirinovsky.

Yuri Nikulin 75 years, the celebration of the anniversary in the program "White Parrot" on December 29 on ORT.

The traditional screening of the film "The irony of fate, or with a light steam!" December 31 at the ORT.

Announcements of the New Year issues of the programs of the RTR channel:

December 27 - "Endless Journey" with Eugene Dvorzhetsky.

January 1 - show "With the year 1897!"

January 13 - "The full house" of Regina Dubovitskaya.

Producer Andrei Razbash congratulates the audience with the upcoming New Year and announces a competition of reviews on the transfer of TC "VID".

The program uses fragments of the films "Carnival Night" (1956, directed by EA Ryazanov), "The irony of fate, or with a light steam!" (1975, directed by EA Ryazanov).


Ernst K.L. - director, screenwriter, TV presenter, producer, general director of the First TV channel.
Fayziev (Faziyev) D.H. - film and television director, actor, screenwriter, producer, general director of the studio "KIT" (since 2016).
Koroleva (Poryvai) N.V. - Ukrainian pop singer, actress, TV presenter, Honored Artist of Russia.
Ginzburg E.A. - director of the theater, cinema and television, scriptwriter, teacher.
Ugolnikov IS - actor, TV presenter, film director, screenwriter, producer, Honored Artist of Russia, academician of the International Academy of Television and Radio.
Stoyanov Yu.N. - Russian actor of theater and cinema, master of sports in fencing, writer, poet, singer, TV presenter, People's Artist of Russia.
Oleinikov (Klyaver) I.L. - Russian actor of cinema and television, variety artist, singer, composer, TV presenter, People's Artist of Russia.
Oleynikov AA - film director, screenwriter, producer, TV host, member of the Academy of Russian Television.
Yarmolnik LI - the actor of theater and cinema, the producer, the TV and radio presenter.
Buldakov A.I. - actor of theater and cinema, singer, entertainer, People's Artist of Russia.
V. Ya. Komissarov. - TV presenter, writer, entrepreneur.
Nikulin Yu.V. - actor of cinema, circus artist, TV presenter, People's Artist of the USSR, participant in the Great Patriotic War, Hero of Socialist Labor.
Dvorzhetsky E.V. - actor of theater and cinema, Honored Artist of Russia.
Belyavsky A.B. - actor of theater and cinema, TV presenter, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of Russia, Honored Cultural Worker of Poland.
Novikov (Herzer) K.B. - entertainer, actress, singer, TV presenter, Honored Artist of Russia, People's Artist of Russia.
Shifrin E.Z. - entertainer, actor, director, creator and leader of "Shifrin-Theater."
Kikabidze V.K. - singer, actor, film director, screenwriter, People's Artist of the Georgian SSR, Honored Artist of Ukraine.
Vinokur V.N. - actor, singer, parodist, radio and TV presenter, theater director, teacher, producer, People's Artist of the RSFSR.
Leshchenko L.V. - pop singer, actor, poet, music teacher, producer, People's Artist of the RSFSR.
Dubovitskaya R.I. - Russian journalist, TV and radio presenter, editor, screenwriter, leader and presenter of the "Anshlag" program.
Milyavskaya (Gorelik) LM - pop singer, actress, director, TV presenter.
Tsekalo A.E. - musician, actor, director, screenwriter, TV host, producer.
Petrosyan (Petrosyants) E.V. - entertainer, writer-humorist, TV presenter, People's Artist of the RSFSR.
Razbash A.L. - operator, director, TV presenter, producer, one of the founders of TC "VID".

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