theme 16.02.1999 (1999)

Telecast №81109, 1 part, duration: 0:35:41
Production: VID
Anchor:Yulij Gusman

Reel №1

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The theme of the day is a decent old age.

During the economic crisis, everyone is struggling.

But we must not forget that there are at least two categories of people to whom the state is obliged to help at all times: children and the elderly.

In the country, 38.5 million pensioners, the subsistence minimum at the end of 1998 amounted to 717 rubles, the average pension is 403 rubles 02 kopecks, but even this money is not seen by old people, delays in the payment of pensions stretched for many months.

How and why does this happen?

When and how did the government generate huge debts to the pension fund?

How to make money from the budget, does it make sense to introduce professional pension schemes and where to look for support?

Is it possible at all worthy old age in our country?

Visiting the program, the Minister of Taxes and Levies of the Russian Federation Georgy Boos, the Minister of Labor and Social Development Sergey Kalashnikov, the Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Labor and Social Policy Vladimir Lisichkin.

Also in the discussion are the president of the International Confederation of Consumer Societies, Alexander Azuan, the president of the Russian Union of Flight Attendants Sergei Plevako, the head of the Moscow Tax Service Gennady Bukaev.

The program includes the following plots:

Mutual support society "Dandelion" in Krasnoufimsk.

The life of the heroes of the Second World War, former military pilots Alexander Baryshnikov, Alexei Saranin and Peter Vladimirsky (using the excerpt of the movie "Some Old Men Are Going to the Battle," 1973, directed by LF Bykov).

Actors Lyudmila Volkova and Yevgeny Khavrichev about life in the House of Veterans of the stage named after AA Yablochkina (commentary by the chairman of the Union of Russian Theater Workers Alexander Kalyagin).


Boos G.V. - Candidate of Technical Sciences, State and Politician, Minister for Taxes and Levies of the Russian Federation (1998-1999), Governor of the Kaliningrad Region (2005-2010). Kalashnikov S.V. - Doctor of Economics, Candidate of Psychological Sciences, State and Politician, Minister of Labor and Social Development of the Russian Federation (1998-2000). Lisichkin V.A. - Doctor of Economics, professor, state and political figure. Azuang AA - Doctor of Economics, professor, teacher, state and public figure. Baryshnikov AG - veteran of the Great Patriotic War, commander of the aviation squadron of the Moscow Transport Administration of Civil Aviation, Honored Pilot of the USSR, Hero of Socialist Labor. Saranin AT - veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Honored Pilot of the USSR. Bukaev G.I. - Candidate of Economic Sciences, Honored Economist of the Russian Federation, Head of the State Tax Inspectorate for the Republic of Bashkortostan (1998-1999), Minister for Taxes and Levies (2000-2004). Khavrichev EP - Soviet actor, People's Artist of the Chechen-Ingush Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Kalyagin AA - actor and director of the theater and cinema, Honored Artist of the RSFSR, People's Artist of the RSFSR.

Locations: Sverdlovsk region [803] Moscow region [788]

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