Serve my Homeland (2008) 25.05.2008

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On request Pervij kanal

Director: Shteryanov V.B.

Anchorperson: Boris Galkin

Script writers: Kirisenko A.V.

Reel №1

The plot of the Russian border guards in the Caucasus.

Video chronicle: the border guard outpost of the Verkhnebalkarskaya outpost takes up duty.

Raise the flag on the outpost.

The head of the outpost, Dmitry Nikitin, talks about daily service at the outpost, interaction with the local population and authorities, and modern combat and technical equipment of the outpost, on the fighting qualities of the Balkar border guards, about Sergeant A. Mammeyev.

The duty officer on the outpost at the phone.

Emergency alert on duty.

The teachings of one of the reconnaissance-search groups, search and detention of conditional trespassers.

The chief of the department of mobile actions M. Dyakonov speaks of the high readiness of subordinates to fulfill the assigned combat tasks.

The deputy commander of the reconnaissance-search group A. Mammeev speaks of a healthy moral and psychological climate in a unit consisting of fighters of different nationalities.

Group fighters on patrol.

Horse watch sent across the river, behind the scenes a story about the use of horses for the Border Service.

A. Mammeev talks about the advantages of riding on horseback.

A. Mammeev returns home after duty.

Mammeev family.

The chef of the outpost, Sergey Kulik, talks about preparing for the celebration of the Day of the border guard, a festive menu.

Deputy Head of the FSB Border Department in Kabardino-Balkaria B. Knyazev congratulates border guards on the upcoming holiday.

Social advertising video about the charity event of the Internal Troops of Russia on assistance and support to the children of the dead servicemen, provided by the press service of the Internal Troops.

The plot of the aerobatic team "Rus".

The head of the Vyazemsky Aviation Training Center, Kazimir Tikhanovich, speaks about the reasons for the termination of funding for the center.

Pilots are engaged in the inspection and maintenance of aircraft.

Anatoly Margunko, deputy head of the flight training center, talks about the center’s difficult financial problems and the possibilities for training new pilots.

Margunko sits in the cockpit.

Chairman of the trade union center V. Kovantsev says about

Newsreel of the Great Patriotic War: the pilots uncover the plane.

Takeoff fighter.

Air battle.

Training jet aircraft at the airport in the postwar period.

Panorama of the Vyazemsky Aviation Training Center in the 1960s.

Cadets in the theoretical lesson.

Safety engineer Vyacheslav Rogovenko speaks about the remaining personnel of the pilot-instructors, the problems facing the center and the decline of flight training.

Pilots aerobatic team "Rus" take place in the cockpit.

Aerobatic team in the air.

Covered aircraft at the airport, passing by them Tihanovich.

Aircraft perform aerobatics.

Pilot instructor Yuriy Lukinchuk talks about the prospects for the group.

Training young pilots on the ground.

Tihanovich in his office talks about the need to preserve the pilot training center and the economic benefits of the center’s activities.

Combat aircraft in the air, taking off from the deck of an aircraft carrier.

Tikhanovich compares the cost of an hour of raids on training and combat aircraft.

Training aircraft group "Rus" in the air.

Tihanovich with the banner of the center in his hands.

The plot of the guard unit in Sarov.

Video chronicle: Private Ivan Ledyakhov milks the cow and talks about the “dairy” days at the outpost.

Ledyakhov bypasses the barnyard at the outpost.

The head of the outpost, Andrei Taraskin, talks about the state of health of his subordinates.

Taraskin checks the outfit of servicemen who are in charge of guarding the nuclear center.

Conducting briefing before entering into the outfit.

Watch with the dog bypasses the perimeter, examines the condition of the wire fence.

Inspection of the control and trace strip.

Raising the guard on alert.

The vanguard takes defense.

Group capture on the streets of Sarov during exercises.

The commander of the unit, Sergei Dziubin, talks about the number of violators detained in the current year, about the accomplishment of the combat mission in full.

Training detention of conditional offenders with the help of a dog.

Training service dogs.

Canine A. Zemtsov talks about his work with the service dog.




Kabardino-Balkar Republic



Army; Defense and internal security