wait me (2006) 05/02/2006

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

The plot of Malta television.

Address of Eric Mafsud from the village of Vabudzha.

He only at the age of 7 learned the truth about his birthplace.

He was born on 22.03.1988 in Kiev in the maternity hospital №2. His mother Galina Teplinskaya refused from him and gave her consent to the adoption.

In December of last year, Erik with the film crew of Maltese TV was in Kiev and was trying to find his own mother, but without success.

The plot of the search in Kiev.

Help in the transfer of "Wait for me" and the efforts of Eric were not in vain.

Galina Teplinskaya was found.

Mother and son, almost 30 years later, meet in the studio.

Seeking help in the search from the studio.

1.Lyudmila Kazantseva is looking for Ivan Zhuravlev's father of 1930 b.

The last time they met was in 1987.

2. Juliana Kozlova is looking for information about Konstantin Nikolayev.

In the early 40's, he fled to Alaska.

3. Natallia Petrova is looking for a friend named Andrei, whom she met in 1987 in Leningrad.

Alexander Kvitko found brother Konstantin Kvitko.

They were lost in an orphanage in late 1988.

Brothers meet in the studio.

4. Tatiana Nazarova is looking for Dmitry Nazarov's son born in 1990. 29.11.05 left the house in Cherepovets and did not return.

5.Natalya Golovichenko is looking for her brother Alexey Golovichenko born in 1984. 7.06.04 went to the exam and did not return.

Tatyana Ivanovna found her husband's brother, Vladimir Adamovich, who was lost in 1941. They meet in the studio.

The plot with appeals about the search for those lost during the Great Patriotic War.

1.Lusparon Havranian, born in 1923.

He left for the front in 1942.

2. Valentin Telegin, born in 1943 looking for relatives.

3. Brat is looking for a sister Zinaida Dubrovskaya, born in 1929.

Separated during the siege in Leningrad.

4. Natalia Grishaeva is looking for a friend of Alexander Belov, born in 1925.

We met in July 1944.

5.Nikolai Fedorovich Mezentsev is looking for fellow soldiers from the 202th Panzer Division: Pavel Teterin, Boris Serebryakov and Nikolai Chashechnikov.

The son was found by his mother, whom he left in 1999, when they left Mongolia.

A story from the Mongol village of Honhor about Aidar's relatives and sister.

They remember him, his sister tells.

Father, sister and brother meet in the studio.

Seeking help in the search from the studio.

1. Father is looking for the son of Alexei Ilyin born 1975.

Disappeared in January 1995 in Chechnya under unclear circumstances.

2. Lyudmila B. Benvenuto-Mundermuth is looking for relatives living in Russia.

Tatyana found a friend of Dmitry Lebedev, whom she met in September 2005 in Adler, and then they were lost.

Young meet in the studio.