wait me (2012) December 2012

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Efremov Mihail, Shukshina Mariya

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History of the family of the Pole Peter Ostrovsky from the village Uvarovka, Zhytomyr region (Ukraine).

It began during the war.

The family had three daughters and a daughter.

Two of them and their daughter live and live in Ukraine.

It was unknown the fate of Anton, the third brother.

And now, 67 years later he was found in the USA. True, now his name is Ringo Montana.

Ringo remembers about his family, about his father, shows a photo from the family archive.

He says that he was looking for relatives for 20 years.

Fragment of the transfer from 3.11.2012. Ringo in the studio meets with brothers and sister.

The plot from the village Netreba, Rivne region, (Ukraine) about how Ringo Montana spent time at home.

Mowed the grass.

He milked goats.

I visited my relatives and did not hurry with my departure.

Appeal for help in the search from the studio.

1. Anastasia Shchegoleva is looking for mother Inga Shchegolevu born in 1974, who probably lives in Orenburg.

2.Galina Phillipova is looking for her husband Anatoly Filippov born in 1933.

I lost it on 3.10.12 in Moscow.

3.Elena Belova (Kocherova) is looking for a friend of Alexander Barkin in 1954 ..

Communication with her was interrupted in 1993.

4.Vitaliy Kulikov is looking for his half-sister.

5.Lyudmila Butova is looking for the brother of Anatoly Malyshev born in 1959.

Disappeared in 2004 in Kiev.

6.Kristina Lyubimova is looking for the father of Howes Beckbagy, born in 1958.

Lives in Algeria.

The plot from Algeria.

The volunteer assistant of the program "Wait for Me" Ramdan Zerga, he promises to help Christina in search of her father.

Photos and short stories recently lost.

A request to all who can help in the search, respond.

Continuation of requests for help in the search from the studio:

7.Razyskivaetsya Natalia Novikova born in 1938.

Disappeared on September 15, 12 in the Moscow region.

8. Tatiana Matyushina is looking for relatives of Alexei Odnokoz, presumably living in Ukraine.

9. Tatiana Yashina is looking for a friend named Eugene.

We met at the Riga railway station in Moscow in 2010.

10. Khizir Khazhmurzaev is looking for Khavashi's sister, Khazhmurzaev, born in 1975.

She disappeared on October 27, 2002 in the village of Znamenskoe (Chechen Republic).

Sister Natalia found the brother of Konstantin Chertykovtsev, born in 1964.

The plot from Zelenograd (Moscow region) about how to look for Constantine, but without success.

However, Constantine himself came to the transfer booth at the Kazan station.

Sister and brother meet in the studio.

The plot is from Bryansk and Saarbrugen (Germany).

The story of a meeting between German prisoner Rudolf Strassner and Russian girl Anna Malakhova.

Now Rudolph is seeking help in finding his old friend and her relatives.

Continuation of requests for help in the search from the studio:

11. Yuri Gobernik is looking for his sister Valentine Gobernick in 1938, with whom they were lost in early childhood in 1942.

12. Ahmad Saidov is looking for the brother of Nuzmahmad Burkhanov, born in 1984.

Disappeared in 2009 in Moscow.

13. Nina Yegorcheva is looking for her daughter Ekaterina Maksimova, born in 1973.

Disappeared on 01/25/12

Maria Ignatieva found a friend of Andrey, whom she met in Minsk.

The plot from Minsk on the search for Andrew.

The film crew found him, and Andrei sent a letter with her to Maria with her phone and address.

Photos and short stories of lost young people.

Svetlana and Mr.

Engels, the Saratov region after long searches found

Breeders who were lost during the earthquake in Spitak.

The story from Spitak about the relatives who sheltered and raised Fedor and Larissa.

They all talk about their life-being.

In the studio Feodor, Larisa and Uncle Vartan meet Svetlana.