Serve my Homeland 01/23/2011 (2011)

Telecast №81429, 1 part, duration: 0:26:00
Production: VID
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Anchor:Boris Galkin

Reel №1

Our technique: in July 2009, the Air Force command of Russia, responsible for air defense, was reformed into the United strategic command of air and space defense, and this is not just a change of name, but also an increase in the status, and therefore, of the capabilities of this strategic association.

Now OSK VKO provides security for almost a third of the country's population in the territory, which is equal in area to Spain, Italy and France, taken together.

Shooting in the location of the 108th Tula Air Defense Missile Regiment: training alert, readiness number 1.

From the history of Russia's air defense, a chronicle of different years.

Overview of the capabilities of the S-300 surface-to-air missile system, a comparison with the American Patriot system.

Interview: commander of the 108th SAM, Oleg Chichkalenko, commander of the anti-aircraft missile battalion Anatoly Streltsov, chairman of the Veterans Council the regiment Petr Kharin, the scout of the point of visual observation Alexander Likhachev, the recruit Denis Tsarev.

Our history: the last Swiss campaign of 1799 brought Alexander Vasilievich Suvorov the title of generalissimo and world fame.

Since that time, the founder of Russian military art began to erect monuments, to write his portraits, only the northern capital showed much greater zeal in commemoration of the hero than Moscow.

In 1801, under the highest order of Paul I on the anniversary of the death of the commander in St.

Petersburg, a monument was opened, and 100 years later - a museum.

In Moscow, where the Generalissimo was born and spent his childhood, where his mother was buried and Natalia's daughter grew up, the creation of the monument lasted almost two centuries, and the museum still does not exist.

In 2005, the descendants of AV Suvorov and the Leontiev family bought out the Voronino family manor, where they plan to restore and open the museum.

Interview: Chairmen of the public organization "Suvorov Heritage" Sergei Leontiev and Alexander Leontiev, Head of the State Museum-Reserve "The Rostov Kremlin" Tatiana Kolbasova, President of the National Foundation "Revival of the Russian Manor" Vissarion Alyavdin.

The plot uses footage of the feature film "Suvorov" (1940, directors V.Pudovkin, M. I.Doller).

High-precision shooting for long distances is recognized by the whole world as a "Formula-1" shooting sport.

Arrows go to the firing lines in order to prove that they are able to overcome the strength and direction of the wind, sending a bullet for a bullet in one point.

The main problem here is the wind, because shooting is conducted in so small groups that the slightest mistake in estimating the wind can cost very much.

To obtain information about the wind, use wind flags.

Arrows, well-read flags, are part of the world elite, for this is the most difficult part of shooting science, and rifles for such competitions are made only to order.

A guest of the program is a member of the Russian high-precision shooting team, master of sports Alexei Sorokin, a story about bench bench shooting (benchrest shooting).


Cherkasov N.P. - opera singer, actor of theater and cinema.

Calendar: 12.2010

Locations: Voronezh region [775] Yaroslavl region [812]

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