Under the Banner of Proletarian Internationalism.. (1978)

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Director: Pumpyanskaya S.

Operators: Frez I., Tsitron V.

Anouncers: Kolychev U.


About international activities of Soviet trade unions.

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Newsreel: Session 1 st International Congress of Revolutionary Trade Unions in Moscow (1921). May Day demonstration of workers in Moscow on Red Square. The podium leaders of the Soviet government: AN Kosygin, Leonid Brezhnev, Mikhail Suslov. Interviews (synchronously) representatives of trade union organizations of foreign countries: R. Vladimir (Portugal), I. Gamarra (Peru), Fahmial-Hindi (Palestine). Boxes with the products for shipment to Asia, Africa, Latin America, as humanitarian aid from the Soviet trade unions. Awarding diplomas Graduate School of the trade union movement in the Soviet trade union activists in foreign countries. Bashkortostan. International Competition for Excellence working excavator driver. Leningrad. XXI meeting of the working conference of the Baltic Sea, Norway and Iceland. Stands AI Shibaev. Admission AI Shibaev Director General of International Labor Office F. Blanchard. Stay in the USSR, the British trade union organization. Visiting delegation VDNH, Botkin Hospital, Moscow. City of Kiev. Meeting of the European regional meeting of the International Social Security Association. Visiting delegates meeting dispensary plant Khimvolokno. Vacationers in the trade union sanatoriums on the Black Sea. Pioneer Camp unions on the Pacific coast.

Reel №1

Demonstration on Red Square in Moscow on May 1, 1978.

Protesters carrying placards, banners, waving flowers.

International visitors to the guest platform.

Chronicle 1920-1929 gg.: Are delegates of the First International Congress of Trade Unions.

Delegates at the meeting hall of the congress, the delegates who, the presidium of the congress.

The demonstration in the capitalist countries against poverty and unemployment, demonstrators poured water, police disperse demonstrators (B / W)

May 1 demonstration on Red Square.

Leonid Brezhnev, Kosygin, Suslov on the mausoleum.

On Red Square during the demonstrations are interviewed: the representative of the workers of ceramic industry in Portugal Raul Vladimir, Chairman of the General Confederation of Labor of Peru Isidoro Gamarra, Associate General Secretary of the General Federation of Arab Trade Unions Fahlin al-Hindi (synchronous interview).

Packaging packs of sugar in the factory.

Lay the fabric.

The box with the NDP: Lao People's Democratic Republic. "

Work pack cargo in bags.

NDP on the box: "The Federation of Trade Unions of Palestine."

Aerodrome passing car with cargo plane takes off.

On the streets of Moscow are foreign students higher education trade union movement of the All.

High School All.

Sit students.

Vice Rector High School union movement, Professor KP Staev presents diplomas to foreign students.

Student from Angola Victor Bring gives interviews (synchronously).

Bashkiria, city

Kumertau coal mine "Kumertaussky 'association Bashkirugol.

Contest of skill machinists working excavators from the GDR, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, Bulgaria, Rumania, PNRM., USSR Kumertausskom coal mine.

Excavator climb excavator.


N. Zlobin with a delegation of foreign workers is on a construction site, talks about his method.

New homes.

Halle (GDR).

Chemical Plant in


Workers pass through the checkpoint.

The workers of the USSR working at the chemical plant, talking to German workers.

Soviet workers on tour in

Halle Cathedral, a monument to the children at the fountain.

Soviet workers visiting German workers lunch.


Leningrad: The Peter and Paul Fortress, the Winter Palace, a monument to Lenin.

Tour around the Smolny, listen sightseers.

Reel №2

Leningrad port, the port talk dockers-21 delegates of the Working Conference of the Baltic Sea, Norway and Iceland.

Cargo ship in the port, running the tap.

The girls on the streets of Leningrad.

Palace of Labor.

Meeting of the Standing Committee of the 21st Conference of the Working of the Baltic Sea, Norway and Iceland.

Chairperson of the Standing Committee of the Heinz Hanis.

End of the conference in the Tauride Garden, delegates in the corridors.

Presidium of the Conference.

At the conference are: Chairman of the All AI Shibaev, Secretary J. Neomudry VPF, Secretary of Trade Unions of the GDR, the secretary of the Union of Metalworkers of Germany Lanz.

Delegates listen, applaud.

Memorial obelisk and the Defenders of Leningrad, Piskarevsky.

Moscow - LS. plans.

In the All A. Shibaev takes gene.

Director of the International Labour Office, Francis Blanchard.

Delegation of British workers at ENEA, visiting the exhibits of the pavilion "Space"; attend hospital.

Botkin, talk to the doctors.


Kiev, Volodymyr Hill.

Members of the European Regional Meeting of the International Social Security Association in the meeting room.

The meeting participants ride the bus in the dispensary business "Khimvolokno", visiting a dispensary.


Vacationers playing billiards.

The meeting drink juice in the lobby dispensary.

Sea resort, beach, vacationers sunbathing, playing chess, etc.

Vietnamese on holiday by the sea, and ride on boats.

Far East port on the Pacific coast, the mountains.

Russian and Japanese children in a camp on the Pacific coast - swim, eat soup at a fire, a choir sing "Katyusha" (synchronous).

At the station, a band, dancing Russian and foreign workers, members of the trade union delegation.

Seeing the delegations at the station.

9th World Congress of Trade Unions in Prague (Czechoslovakia), a conference room.

A. acts Shibaev (synchronously).

Listening, applauding in the audience.

May 1 demonstration on Red Square in Moscow.

Secretary of the World Federation of Trade Unions Juan Ponce (Chile), is interviewed on the activities of the trade unions in the Soviet Union (synchronously).