wait me (2002) 10/07/2002

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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Search History Oleg Vasilyev 1982 b.

In the studio his mother Tatyana Borisovna.

The plot from the village of Ilori (Abkhazia).

About Oleg speaks the abbot of the church, Father Sergius, residents of the village and friends.

He appeared here in the spring and has since helped with the au pair in the temple and everyone who needs help.

Mother and presenter in the studio are turning to Oleg with an urgent request to contact their mother or the editorial office.

Seeking help in the search from the studio.

1.Daughter is looking for Father Sarkis Nersesyan, born in 1925. He left home in Moscow on August 28, 2002 and has still not returned.

2.Mat is looking for the son of Sergei Zankevich 1072 b. 22.07.02 left the house and there is no connection with him.

3.Kristina Lyubimova is looking for the father of a citizen of Algeria, Hatsec Bekbagi, born in 1960.

He graduated from the highest seaworthy school in Baku.

My sister found my brother Alexander, whom I left in my early childhood.

After many years, relatives meet in the studio.

The plot is from Kiev (Ukraine).

Seeking help in the search.

1.Mat is looking for the son of Vasily Polyakov born in 1972.

In late November 2000 he left for Germany.

Since then I only called once in the beginning of December.

2.Razyskivaetsya Pavel Sergienko, born in 1944.

In the 70 years he lived in the town of Rubezhny, Lugansk region (Ukraine).

3. Lyudmila Novozhilova is looking for the son of Valery Novozhilov, born in 1991. On 20.08.02 he left his home in Belaya Tserkov, the Kiev region and has not returned until now.

4.Valentina Pokryshenko is looking for Igor Pokryshenko's son born in 1965

In 1995 he left for Melitopol and does not make itself felt.

5.Razyskivaetsya Sergei Kovalenko, born in 1963. 9.01.02 left Poltava for Kiev and since then there has been no news from him.

Continuation of requests for a search from the studio.

4. Brat is looking for Olga Goreva's sister, born in 1971.

In 1997 she left Kazakhstan for Russia and the connection with her was interrupted.

5. Rahmil Agayev is looking for school friends with whom he studied until 1954 in Grozny, as well as Shamkhan Yunusov and Yuri Egiazarov.

6.Vladimir Sokolov is looking for a daughter Marina Sokolova born in 1974. 13.10.98 left the house in the village.

Linevo, Novosibirsk region and disappeared.

Vladimir Kozlov found his first love for Vera Laishev, whom he met while serving in the army (1960).

He has been waiting for this meeting for more than 40 years.

The plot from Vladikavkaz (North Ossetia).

Seeking help in finding

1. Raissa Savlaeva is looking for her sister Zinaida Savlava in 1932. with whom she parted in early childhood.

2. Mother is looking for her daughter Juliet Gergiev, born in 1974. 7.01.97 left home and did not return.

3. The mother is looking for the son of Grant Sogomonov, born in 1968.

In October 2001 he left for Moscow and since then he has not been connected with him.

4. Alexander Ermakov is looking for the parents of Vladimir and Galina Ermakov, whom they lost contact with in 1993.

Vasily Solovey, after many years (almost 50), sought the mother of Marina Nightingale.

The plot is from the village of Verbena (Ukraine).

About M. Nightingale remember the old residents of the village, neighbors and acquaintances.

The street on which stood the hut of the family M. Nightingale.

Photo from the family album M. Solovei, who has lived in Taishet (Irkutsk region) for more than 40 years.

Says daughter Tatyana Solovey.

M. Solovey herself remembers her difficult life, about what she had experienced.

In view of her old age, she could not come to the studio.

His sister and brother came to meet with his son Basil.