wait me 01/21/2002 (2002)

Telecast №81613, 1 part, duration: 0:50:55
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

Fragment of the program "Wait for me" from 19.11.01

The history of Nelson Sargsyan's search for his brothers Marat and Sergei Sargsyan, whom he had not seen since childhood.

Now, thanks to the program, after many years the brothers meet in the studio.

The plot from Grozny.

Seeking help in the search.

1.Mat is looking for the son of Magomed Timurayev, born in 1974.

Disappeared on March 17, 2000 in Grozny.

2. Father is looking for the son of Hasan Batayev.

He was abducted on September 19, 2000 in Grozny.

3.Mat is looking for the son of Rizvan Ismailov, born in 1974.

Disappeared from the house in with.


4.Mat is looking for the son of Zaur Ibrahimov, born in 1975. On September 18, 2000 he was taken from Urus-Martan to Khankala.

5. Mother is looking for a daughter Madina Edievu 1973 b.

In 1993 she left the house in the art.

Cervant and did not return.

The plot from Dusseldorf (Germany).


Kruger, 1945. For many years he has been looking for his father, whom he knows almost nothing about.

His Mother Gerda Winter met with a Russian soldier in Dresden.

Anyone who can help with this search, please call.

Appeal for help in the search from the studio:

1.Boris Lebezhikhin, is looking for a friend of Alexei Igrinev, with whom he served in the Navy in Sevastopol from 1951 to 1956.

2.Mat is looking for the children of Alexey and Julia Polikanin in 1983 and 1981. 10.12.01 they left the house in Moscow and disappeared.

3. Brat is looking for his brother Boris Gaidukiev, born in 1935. On 22.01.62 he was convicted and since May, 1962 his fate is not known.

Inna's daughter found a mother, sister and brother, with whom she parted in early childhood.

Her grandmother took her from Latvia to Kazakhstan.

The plot of the village.

Alsunga (Latvia).

Sister Svetlana and brother Andrew talk about themselves, they remember the family.

However, even today they are brought up in boarding schools, and in different ways.

Relations with their mother are complex.

Mother also says that she would like to see her daughter Inna, whom she has not known for a long time.

Many years later Inna, Svetlana and Andrey meet in the studio.


The search history of Vagnet Hakobyan, who has been trying to find his father for many years.

The plot is from the village of Egatlu (Armenia).


An Armenian folk song sounds.

In the village there is a wedding.

He walks both old and young.

In this place one of the legends of love and friendship was born.

Love of the poor man Surik and Vartush, the daughter of a great official who was against their marriage.

Then Surik asked three friends to help steal Vartush.

They did so.

For that and paid.

Father Vartush, he did everything to be put in prison, and then they were sent away in an unknown direction.

One of the friends was the father of Vagne Hakobyan - Garigen.

It is known that all three were rehabilitated in 1962. One of them died, one lives in the village, and nothing is known about Garigene.

The presenter and V. Hakobyan for a long time speak in the studio refining and comparing new facts and some mysterious events that began to occur recently.

For now, the search continues.

Anyone who can help in this story, please call.

Calendar: 01/21/2002

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