wait me 08/04/2011 (2011)

Telecast №81629, 1 part, duration: 0:52:04
Production: VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya, Efremov Mihail

Reel №1


The search history of Anna Dorysheva.

Fragment of the Moscow-Madrid space bridge.

Dora Drobyshev's daughter, tells of her mother's search.

Says granddaughter Patricia.

The plot is from Kazakhstan.

About the mother of A. Dorysheva said mistress, who has already 8 years, lives Anna, since she left the prison.

Anna herself tells.

She did not expect to be sought.

Accidentally learned about this on TV. Dora's daughter speaks with her mother by phone from Madrid.

They agree on a meeting.

Appeals for assistance in the search from the Lithuanian Association of the Center for Missing Persons.

Photos and brief stories of the lost.

Who can help us in the search, call us.

Seeking help in search from the studio:

1. Elena Timoshkova is looking for a friend of Vladimir Chistyakov's youth, born in 1948. who served in the GDR in 1969-77.

2.Boris Korobochko is looking for Catherine Silin, born in 1994.

Disappeared in Moscow on the night of 14.01.05.

3. Shamil Shalimov is looking for his sister Raisat Shalimov, born in 1960.

The connection was interrupted in 1977.

4.Anatoly Morgunov is looking for Olga's sister Morgunova, born in 1957.

Probably lives in Temirtau (Kazakhstan)

Daria found a friend of Jamil, 28, with whom she was traveling on the train "St.


The plot of the Tula region.

Jamil remembers the acquaintance with Daria.

I did not expect that she would look for him.

Young people meet in the studio.

The plot is from Moscow.

Kiosk "ZhM" at the Kazan station.

The young man tells his complex story.

Besides, he has a memory loss, he would like to know his past.

Last 2 years work in the Chita region.

To everyone who knows something about this person, call us.

Photographs and brief stories of those lost with loss of memory (without the past).

If someone can help with the search, call.

Continuation of requests for a search from the studio.

5. Alla Semchenkova is looking for Mikhail Boyko's father, born in 1932.

I lost on August 8, 2007 in the village of Novominskaya, Krasnodar Territory.

6.Georgy Workshop is looking for relatives of the father of Reingold Ciech, born in 1903.

Probably live in Germany.

7.Darya Borodina Is looking for a friend in Korea, Khivon Zhong 1991 b.

Communication with it was interrupted in 2005.

8.Igin Yevdokimova is looking for relatives of Vera Toropova's mother, born in 1939.

9.Darya Kulitina is looking for Vladimir Kulitin's father, born in 1954.

Disappeared in 2008 in Moscow.

10. Tamara Shemelyova born in 1932. looking for the children of the orphanage, who in 1941 was located in the village of Altai, East Kazakhstan region.

Photos and brief stories of lost children of different ages.

If someone can help with the search, call.

The plot from Berdichev (Ukraine).

The history of the search for relatives Raisa Stadolnik.

At the station of this city in 1947 they were lost.

The plot from the village of Nekhvorosh (Ukraine).

Recalls Lyudmila Shapkovskaya.

Chronicles 47-49. Famine, devastation.

In the village, some women and children.

Life in the dugouts. L. Shapkovskaya talks about how they found themselves in Berdichev in search of food, where they were lost.

Almost 65 years later, the sisters Raisa and Lyudmila meet in the studio.

Calendar: 08/04/2011

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