theme 05/21/1996 (1996)

Telecast №81632, 1 part, duration: 0:38:02
Production: VID
Anchor:Dmitrij Mendeleev

Reel №1

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Transfer topic: Forecasting the future.

New theories and methods.

Guests of the program: Vyacheslav Blokov, employee of the Evolutionary Modeling Laboratory, biologist.

Gennady Mikhalev, an employee of the same laboratory.

Yuri Zabrodtsky, President of the Academy of New Thinking, Candidate of Economic Sciences.

The main topics and issues discussed in the studio:

1. How will the problem of the energy crisis in our country be solved by 2004?

2. History of life on earth is a repetition of the stages of the planetary system.

It is perfectly permissible that both Pluto and Mars had a life when they were on the site of a third planet, as now Earth.


Planetary evolution of mankind.

Already, there is evidence that each of the planets, the solar system, has gone its way.

This proves that the mechanism of planetary evolution in all types of terrestrial development.

A simple example is the development of the human embryo.

From the cell to the complex organism.

3.Pro state about the past of the Earth, today you can judge by Venus, say the laboratory of evolutionary modeling.

4. What achievements of the Martian civilization can be spoken today, if it was there?

Why did he die?

5.How do you read and receive this information?

6. Now we live the life of the planet Mars, as earthlings, we still do not have, say the laboratory staff.

7. How realistic and justified is your theory?


About forecasts of the future.

About oracles and prophecies, from ancient times to the Middle Ages.

Predictions of Nostradamus.

12.Nelpost of this theory, extravagance of ideas and scientific concepts.

13.Pro harmony of art, science and religion.

14. On the admissibility of different points of view on this problem.

15. It is impossible to confuse the science of the future with religion.


On the discoveries of Copernicus, Galileo, Bruno.

About skeptics in science.

Today, humanity has not advanced one step further in understanding the theory of the universe.

The time has come when it is necessary to unite the knowledge of physics and psychology, mathematics and clairvoyance, chemistry and ecology, etc., that at least somehow move forward in understanding the question - what is the meaning of human life?

17.Prognostics and forecasting.

Attempts to substitute them.

About a normal worldview, as the only way to understand who we are and what we are.

Calendar: 05/21/1996

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