Silver Ball 06/24/1998 (1998)

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On the occasion of the 90th anniversary of the birth of Marina Ladynina, a Soviet and Russian actress of the theater and film actor of the USSR.

Fragment from the film "Kuban Cossacks", Director I. Pyryev, "Mosfilm", 1949.

The presenter speaks about the famous house of creativity on Pitsunda, where in the 70-80s, many celebrities of the Soviet theater and cinema loved to relax.

It was there that he met Marina Ladynina, who, since 1954, left without a movie, and the movie was left without M.Ladynina.

Wulf remembers what impression made him Ladynina reading poems by Akhmatova, Tsvetaeva, Mandelstam, Pasternak, Khodasevich.

It's amazing how it all connected.

After all, 25 years ago it was the epitome of the Stalin era.

Fragment from the x / movie "Tractor".

Directed by I. Pyryev.

Mosfilm, 1939

Wulf tells a brief biography of the actress.

And in 1929 she moved to Moscow and entered the GITIS. From 1930 to 1935 she was an actress of the Moscow Art Theater.

One of the successful performances with her participation was "Egor Bulychev."

Fragment from the x / movie "Pig and Shepherd".

Directed by I. Pyryev. "Mosfilm" in 1941 Among the famous people, fans of this picture were Alexei Tolstoy and Vladimir Nemirovich-Danchenko.

They also put forward this film for the Stalin Prize.

In total, Ladynina had five Stalin prizes.

The presenter remembers the story at a reception in the Kremlin, when Orlov and Ladynin were invited to the table of the leader, and their famous husbands were told that they were not called.

Fragment from the x / movie "The Enemy Paths". (?)

During the filming of this film, M. Ladynina met I. Pyryev.

Two years later they were married. W. Wolfe talks about what kind of person was the famous director.

Fragment from the film "The Rich Bride."

Directed by I. Pyryev. "Mosfilm" in 1937. From this picture the glory of the director Pyryeva and movie star Ladynina began.

Her creative path to the cinema lasted from 1937 to 1954, while it was filmed only by I. Pyriev.

Fragment from the film "The Rich Bride."

The heroine of the program was a very sociable person.

But the circle of people who were interested in her did not coincide with the circle that was interesting to her husband.

Her best friend in the 30s was Lyubov Stenich.

Fragment from the x / movie "Kuban Cossacks".

Directed by I. Pyryev. "Mosfilm" in 1949 M. Ladynina sings the song "How Thou Was."

The presenter tells the story of the actor's choice of the role of Gordey.

About how they started talking about the film, 50 years later.

This could not but hurt the main character of the picture.

She was very worried about all the collisions of those years when the awareness and understanding of that era came.

There were many things in her life.

But, she always kept faith in the good, she believed that people need fairy tales, illusions.

It helps them in life.

Fragment from the x / movie "At 6 pm after the war".

Directed by I. Pyryev.

Mosfilm 1944

The presenter talks about the film "The Test of Fidelity".

The plot of this picture, very soon will happen in her own life.

Fragment from the x / movie "The Truth of Fidelity".

Directed by I. Pyryev.

Mosfilm 1954

About the concerts of theater and film artists, in which M. Ladynina took part in recent years.

This served as a continuation of her creative life.

Fragment from the x / movie "Kuban Cossacks".

The episode of races on the racetrack.

Why M. Ladyynina, after leaving the movie, had few contacts with anyone, did not give interviews, rejected proposals for filming?

The answer, most likely, was that she wanted to be remembered as she was at the peak of her success.

Fragment from the x / movie "At 6 pm after the war".

Calendar: 06/24/1998

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