Take a step (1996) 06/27/1996

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Producer VID

Anchorperson: Kozhuhov Mihail

Reel №1

Themes of the program:

1.General Nikitenko

2. Geographer Khizhnyak

3. The poetess Varley

The presenter tells the story of General Nikitenko, who was supposed to carry out the order to destroy the archives of the 40th Army.

She was more known as a limited contingent of Soviet troops in Afghanistan.

He had to burn the history of the war, of which he was a participant.

He did not fulfill this order.

Guest program: Evgeny Nikitenko, general.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1.Why did you choose this mission?

2.E. Nikitenko says that he served in Afghanistan since 1985. He was deputy. chief of the operational department of the 40th Army.

3. About what this department was doing.

4.Pro documents that passed through this department.

5.On 1992, when he was summoned to the General Staff of the Defense Ministry and set the task of burning the entire archive of the 40th Army, which is in Tashkent.

6. About how everything happened in Tashkent.

How was the selection of the necessary secret documents.

It was collected more than 250 thousand folders.

On the problems at the airport.

How they were repaired in order to prevent the archive from being taken out.

7. When you reported that you took out the archive, you were presented for a reward, promoted to the rank?

Guest program: Anatoly Khizhnyak, adventurer.

In 1984, he crossed Kara-Kum.

In 1990 he passed the Kola Peninsula.

In 1991, it traveled more than 1,000 km along the Amazon Selva (Latin America).

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1. Why is Latin America?

2. About study in the Pedagogical Institute.

3. What did you tell your parents when you left?

4. About the paved route and its correction.

5. About how A. Khizhnyak solved the problems with money, equipment.

How did I make money to go through the route.

6. About carnival in Bolivian Lapas.

7.On attempts to find gold with an Indian partner.

Plot from a personal archive about fishing in Bolivia.

8.On the geological exploration company, which helped him in overcoming the planned route.

It passed more than 1000 km in almost 4 months.

The plot of the Indian turf.

Very soon A. Khizhnyak is going to South Africa.

Guest program: Natalia Varley, actress of the theater and cinema, author of the collection of her poems, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation.

The main issues discussed in the studio:

1. Can we not talk about the film "The Caucasian Captive"?

2.N.Varley talks about his passion for writing poems, she began to do it from the age of 4.

3.Stehi for her, this is a kind of diary of life.

4. About study at the Literary Institute.


That it was important and interesting for her.

5.You are a home person?

6. N.Varley talks about his sons and grandson.

About how she does not have time to communicate with them.

7. About the missed chance.

8.For animals in the house Varley.

Natalia reads one of her poems.

9. Do you always worry before going on stage, during filming in movies and on TV?


Varlya Natalia is an actress of theater and cinema, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation