musical train 12/28/1995 (1995)

Telecast №81723, 1 part, duration: 0:39:29
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Ivan Demidov

Reel №1

Valeria released a single of the song "My Moscow" and congratulates fans on the upcoming New Year.

What the musicians think about people born under the sign of Capricorn, Larisa Dolina, Ilya Legostaev, Sergei Smolin, Dmitry Malikov, Konstantin Kinchev answered the questions.

Birthday Months:

Konstantin Kinchev (congratulates Alexander Shulgin).

Valery Efremov and Eugene Margulis (congratulates Arthur Pilyavin).

Natasha Koroleva, a clip for the song "A Little Country".

News of the week:

The presentation of Igor Nikolayev's new album "Let's drink to love" was held.

In Luzhniki there were solo concerts of "Agatha Christie".

Group "Quarter" congratulated the New Year on students (Tatyana Litvinenko, Arthur Pilyavin, Sophie Okran).

The company "Lucky Strike" organized a festive disco in MDM.

Group "Aria" celebrated its 10th anniversary with a concert at the club "Pilot", Margarita Pushkina and Vladimir Holstinin recall the beginning of cooperation.

Valeriy Meladze, a clip for the song "The Night Before Christmas".

In the concert hall "October" Vladimir Kuzmin's concert was held, the musician answers questions about the tour.

December 8 is the birthday of Jim Morrison, the vocalist of The Doors; about the poet and musician they tell Margarita Pushkina and Alexander Sklyar.

Vladimir Presnyakov, Jr., song "The day you went to".

Band "Commander", a clip for the song "Two dumbbells and one iron".


Valery (Perfilova A.Yu.) - Russian pop singer, People's Artist of Russia. The Valley (Kudelman) LA. - Russian pop jazz singer, actress, People's Artist of Russia. Legostayev IS - Russian journalist, music critic, TV presenter, editor-in-chief of the magazine "MK-Bulvar". Malikov D.Yu. - pop singer, composer, pianist, actor, TV presenter, producer, People's Artist of Russia. Kinchev K.E. - rock musician, songwriter, leader of the group "Alisa". Shulgin A.V. - Russian composer, producer, publisher, entrepreneur. Margulis E.Sh. - Russian rock musician, singer, composer, Honored Artist of Russia, member of the groups "Time Machine", "Resurrection", "Shanghai", "Araks". Efremov V.V. - Russian musician, drummer of "Time Machine" and "Leap Year", Honored Artist of Russia. Pilyavin A.V. - poet, composer, arranger, music producer. Koroleva (Poryvai) N.V. - Ukrainian pop singer, actress, TV presenter, Honored Artist of Russia. Nikolaev I.Yu. - singer, poet, composer, music producer, Honored Artist of Russia. Samoylov G.R. - rock musician, poet, composer, leader of the group "The Matrixx", frontman of the group "Agatha Christie". Barykin AA - Russian pop-rock musician, singer, composer, Honored Artist of Russia. Pushkin MA - Russian poet, journalist, translator, publisher. Kipelov VA - rock musician, singer, composer, songwriter, one of the founders and soloist of the bands "Aria" (1985-2002), "Kipelov" (since 2002). V.V. Holstinin. - rock musician, composer, one of the founders of the group "Aria". Meladze V.Sh. - singer, TV presenter, music producer, Honored Artist of Russia, People's Artist of the Chechen Republic. Kuzmin V.B. - pop singer, composer, member of the groups "Carnival", "Dynamics", "Gems", "Hope", "Aelita". Morrison D.D. - American singer, poet, songwriter, leader and vocalist of the band "The Doors". Sclyar A.F. - Russian musician, actor, radio and TV presenter, Honored Artist of Russia, creator and leader of the group "Va-Bank".

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