The Inherited Earth. (1978)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)

Director: Kraskov G.

Script writers: Alekseev M., Kraskov G.

Operators: Myakishev G.

Text writers: Alekseev M.


About fates of young people in the countryside.

Agriculture | Youth

Social life | Sectors of the economy

Temporary description

1h. - Landscape. Girls and boys dance on the final evening. School graduates are awarded certificates. Veterans talk with alumni. They come brothers Tikhonov. Father and son Kuznetsova. Graduates of the tractors in the field. Says the chairman of the kolkhoz MN Kostrov. Tenth in the cab of the tractor. 2h. - Farmer serves the kolkhoz. Dina Afanas'eva with other women workers on the farm with calves. Combine for harvesting wheat. First Secretary of the Communist IA removed from the combine. Says Secretary of the Communist GV borosie. Workers on the construction of houses.

Reel №1

Plow plowed land.

Arable land.

Rural landscape.

Flying bird.

Tenth graders at the river.

Promotion "Goodbye school".

Graduation Ceremony at the village school, dancing girls and boys.

Children with bicycles.

Young men on horseback.

Village huts.

Rural landscape.

Petretsovskoy graduates high school matriculation certificate is awarded.

Graduates of the river.


Alumni gathering - a meeting with war veterans.

Applaud the boys and girls.

Tikhonovs family home, go to work.

Family Kuznetsov.

Graduates around the tractor.

As a graduate of the cab with his elder brother.

Tractor in a field.

Plow plowed land.

Len in the hands of the collective farm chairman.

Go on the field machine, grazing cows.

Spill after the summer rains.

Collective farmers to swim to the boat submerged tractor.

Destroyed bridge elements.

A woman sits in the car-terrain vehicle.

The collective farmers are on a flooded field.

Rural landscape, grazing horse.

Man sharpening his scythe, hay, haystack of hay.

Boys and girls in the hay.

Rest after haying.

Pass schoolgirl.

The teacher is in the class, the students at their desks.

Pass graduates.

Graduates are a collective farm chairman.

Chairman of the kolkhoz (synchronously).

Listen graduates and farmers.

Guys clean hay.

Talk with the chairman of the collective farmers in the kolkhoz (synchronously).

Tractor rides.

Harvester and a car.

Graduates in the cab on the hay.

Chairman of the kolkhoz "Sunrise" NM Fires in the field with farmers.

Reel №2

Collective Farm in the kolkhoz tell the graduates who were still working in the village (synchronously).

Girls clean calves, work on the farm.

Combine "Field" in the field, removes bread.

Machine-mend harvester in the field.

Collective farmers pull out of the fuzzy land combine.

Tractor driver sits in the cab.

Harvester tractor pulls out of the mud.

Meeting of the Bureau of the District Committee, headed by the first secretary of IA Udalovymyu workers in the district committee.

Harvester is a graduate.

Graduates of the wheel harvesters. "Field" in the field.

Secretary of the Communist GV Borzov says young people who had come to the farm.

Construction of a hostel for girls in central manor farm.

Workers at a construction site.

Girl rubs windows, cleans the room.

Graduates are viewing photos, slides, laughing.

Graduates and senior farmers in the field on tractors and combines.

Grain pours into the car body.

Congratulate combiner.

Pinned to board the car "lightning."

Combine with a pennant rises to combine.

Harvesters in the field at night.

The guys sit on the horses galloping on horseback.

Morning in the village, farmers go to work.

Dog is running.