Scandals of the week 02/05/2000 (2000)

Telecast №81794, 1 part, duration: 0:40:05
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Petr Tolstoj

Reel №1

There was a great war.

There was a joy of victory.

There were winners and losers.

It seemed that all the points had already been put, but many years later, a book appeared that questioned the history itself.

Viktor Suvorov's book "The Icebreaker" split the society.

Its author fled to the West with the stigma of a traitor, but the questions remained, they can not escape.

The film "The Last Myth" again puts them before us.

Who started the Second World War - Hitler or Stalin?

Who was the aggressor, and who defended himself?

Is the Soviet people a hero or a criminal?

Is there any point in revising the story?

The special issue is devoted to the discussion of the documentary TV series "The Last Myth", the producer of the film Vladimir Sinelnikov and the historian Alexander Orlov are on a visit to the program.

Also in the discussion are the film's director Igor Shevtsov, historians Viktor Anfilov, Valery Danilov, Mikhail Myagkov, musician Garik Sukachev, Lieutenant-General Yuri Babayants, journalist Mark Deutsch, human rights activist Valeria Novodvorskaya, television critic Viktor Veshnyakov, writer Stanislav Rassadin.

Interviews in the recording: academicians Yuri Afanasyev and Yevgeny Velikhov, writers Alexander Zinoviev and Eduard Limonov, director Alexei German, former scout Mikhail Lyubimov, author of the book Viktor Suvorov (also Vladimir Rezun).

The program includes cadres of the chronicle of the war years and a fragment of the reportage on the trial of the veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Vasily Kononov, in Riga.


Orlov A.S. (Alexander Semenovich) - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, Academician of the Russian Academy of Sciences and IASP, Chief Scientific Officer of the Institute of Military History of the Defense Ministry, co-chairman of the Korean War section of the Russian-American Commission under the presidents of Russia and the United States for prisoners of war and missing. Sinelnikov V.L. - screenwriter, producer, member of the Russian Academy of Television, member of the Public Council of the Russian Jewish Congress. Shevtsov I.K. - screenwriter, director, screenwriter. Anfilov V.A. - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, member of the Academy of Military Sciences, Honored Scientist of the RSFSR, veteran of the Second World War, colonel in retirement. Sukachev I.I. - rock musician, poet, composer, actor, film director. Afanasyev Yu.N. - doctor of historical sciences, professor, lecturer, rector of RSUH, academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences, public and political figure. Zinoviev AA - Doctor of Philosophy, professor, specialist in the methodology of scientific research, writer. Velikhov E.P. - theoretical physicist, teacher, professor, vice-president of the USSR Academy of Sciences. Babayants Yu.A. - Soviet test engineer, state and public figure, Lieutenant-General GRU retired, founder of the Union of Military Intelligence Veterans (SVVR). Deutsch M.M. - Russian journalist, political observer of radio and print, director of the publishing house "Deich", public figure. Herman A.Yu. (AG) - director, screenwriter, actor, producer, People's Artist of Russia, Honored Artist of the RSFSR. Limonov (Savenko) E.V. - writer, poet, publicist, social and political activist. Lyubimov M.P. - Soviet spy, writer, journalist. Novodvorskaya V.I. - Soviet dissident and human rights activist, Russian public and political figure, writer and publicist. Myagkov M.Yu. - Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor, a specialist in the history of the Second World War, scientific director of the Russian Military Historical Society. Rassadin S.B. - television and literary critic, literary critic, author of thematic books, articles, teaching aids, radio programs. Kononov V.M. - a veteran of the Great Patriotic War, commander of partisan detachment, after the war - colonel of militia, head of the criminal investigation department and head of the transport police of the Latvian SSR;  in 1998 was accused of war crimes, the trials lasted until November 2011 (died in March 2011).

Calendar: 1939-1945

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