wait me 2004 (2004)

Telecast №81858, 1 part, duration: 0:44:04
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

Reel №1

A few photos and brief stories of the lost.

If you know any of these people, respond.

Fragment of the program "LM" from 09/24/2004. The story of Sergei Kuznetsov, who appears in the plot under the name of Daniel and has been living without the past for two years now (memory loss).

About him, say the truck driver, a psychotherapist.

Он помнит себя лишь с того момента, как очнулся у деревни Еленовка в Приморском крае.

Danila told how he got to Moscow and turned to the “ZhM” program kiosk at the Kazan railway station.

The plot from Saransk.

Parents S.Kuznetsova, talk about the misadventures of his son, after he went to serve in the army.

In 2002 they were informed that he voluntarily left the unit.

And since then, they have been doing everything possible to find a son.

In their native Saransk, the officers of the Department of Internal Affairs and the military enlistment office did not so much help, but more confused the matter.

However, all the same, the world is not without good people.

Two years later, parents meet with his son in the studio.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. The father is looking for a daughter, Natalia Zheltysheva, born in 1967, on 10/22/03, flew from Kurgan to Moscow and since then has not been felt.

2. Mother is looking for the son of Alexander Sapunov, born in 1986, on October 6, 2004, disappeared in the area of ​​Kubinka station, Moscow region.

3. The son is looking for the father of Yakov Tager born in 1922, 09/16/04 disappeared in the Kursk railway station area in Moscow.

The plot from Uzbekistan.

The story of the lost Nadia, which happened 32 years ago.

She herself tells about her fate.

Mother lost her in the bazaar.

From that moment began her new life.

Some strangers sheltered her, but after three months they left her in a cafe and disappeared.

The waitress of this cafe was essentially her second mother.

Today, Nadia is busy searching for her own mother, as well as her sister and brother.

Anyone who knows something about this story, please respond.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

4. Mother is looking for daughter Olga Kupriyanov, born in 1983, 12/19/92, left home in Minsk and has not yet returned.

5. Mother is looking for Ildar Kotelnikov’s son born in 1997, 1.05.04 disappeared in a forest in Kazakhstan.

Tatyana Kamenskaya found her brother Dmitry Kamensky, with whom she was unfamiliar (different fathers).

The plot of Dmitri.

He himself talks about how he learned about his sister on the Internet.

After all, he did not know anything about her either.

Thanks to the “MJ” program, Dmitriy’s brother, sister, and father also meet in the studio.

The plot from Armenia.

The story of 15-year-old Yevgeny from Leninakan (Armenia), which tells his step-grandmother Yevgeny Mazur from Moldova.

When he was several months he was adopted by Tatyana Mazur, the late daughter of E. Mazur.

Due to illness she went to her mother in Moldova, but Zhenya could not leave, he did not have a passport.

And now, two years, he is actually one.

Eugene remembers his mother, a terrible earthquake in 1988 tells of a very difficult life, which fell to their lot.

Сегодня он очень хотел бы уехать к своей бабушке в Молдавию, она тоже ждет его.

The host says E. Mazur, that tomorrow Zhenya will fly to Moscow and they will meet very soon.

Calendar: 2004

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