wait me (2004) 03/15/2004

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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Announcement: the administration of the Tambov region asks for help to Alexey Nikolaevich Obidin, who is looking for fellow soldiers who served in 1974-1977 in the village of Korzunovo of the Murmansk region, military unit 22912, divisions "E" and "T".

An excerpt of the program dated 02.02.2004: the program is visited by the Boyko family from Omutninsk; a total of 267 people are wanted with that name, for example, show a few photos.

One of the photographs, which was a screen in a matter of seconds, unexpectedly received a response, as a result of which Ivan Nikolayevich Boyko was found, who left in 1987 to collect tar and cut off all contacts with his relatives.

Thanks to the response, the details of Ivan’s life in the taiga became known and a meeting was held with his mother and brothers.

The immigration service of the city of Riga asks for help in establishing the identity of the man: height 190, on the wrist of the left hand between the thumb and forefinger a tattoo in the shape of the letter “C”, allegedly a citizen of Ukraine, worked as a long-distance truck driver.

Daughter is looking for her father: Nikolai Vasilyevich Cherunov, born in 1930, September 1, 2003 left home in the village of Lesproekt, Moscow Region, suffers from memory loss.

Valentina Pautova (Barysheva) is looking for a sister: Vera Aleksandrovna Barysheva, born in 1938, lost on 04.04.1942 in Cherepovets.

Ida Yakovlevna Shevchenko is looking for a sister and other relatives.

According to the recollections of the mother’s aunt, Ida was adopted at the age of three, she came to the orphanage together with her older sister.

The girls were picked up on the road by soldiers returning from Germany; Ida did not speak, the older sister spoke German and repeated the word "Rus".

In the orphanage, the sisters were recorded under the last name Rus and with the same name.

Ida Shevchenko found out that the older Ida in 1947 was transferred to the orphanage of the city of Bila Tserkva.

Unlike the surname Rus, the name and patronymic Ida Genrikhovna can be real.

Roman Sergeevich Mironov, date of birth 08/23/1980, looking for parents and other relatives: mother Natalia Mironova, born in 1960, father Sergey Filippovich Mironov, date of birth unknown, supposedly live in the Tyumen region.

Lyudmila Leonidovna Bezhina is looking for a sister: Lyubov Ivanovna Tikhonova, born in 1961, girls were brought up in an orphanage; meeting in the studio.

Tamara Ivanovna Kolomeitseva (or Kolonistova), born in 1940, is looking for her brother Yuri and sister Lyudmila, whom she lost during the Second World War.

A man is looking for a son and his friend: Anatoly Misulovich Nureyev (b. 1961), and Vyacheslav Panov (b. 1958) disappeared on May 21, 2002 in the Naro-Fominsky District, Moscow Region.

A woman is looking for a brother: Sergey Viktorovich Sorokin, born in 1971, disappeared on May 26, 2001 in Domodedovo, Moscow region.

Andrei is looking for a classmate Irina Gushchina, with whom she was a friend in her childhood, the connection was interrupted in 1995 after the family moved to Khabarovsk; meeting in the studio.

Inclusion from Abkhazia.

Mihran Sahakyan is looking for a friend: Leonid Vasilyevich Butov, lost his connection in 1982, allegedly living in Krivoy Rog.

Sister is looking for a brother: Alexey Savvovich Aslanov, born in 1974, disappeared in November 1992 from the military unit in Tula.

Shutik Kokoskeria is looking for friends: Lerik and Emma Meyardjiyevy, the connection was broken in 1992.

Lavrik Akhba is looking for a cousin: Tengiz Georgievich Dgebuadze, born in 1965, in 1993 and 1994 he was treated at the Sklifosovsky Research Institute in Moscow, last called home in August 1994.

Wanted Svetlana Yurevna Sabirova (Krepkova), born in 1968, December 19, 2003 disappeared in Ufa.

Valentina Gorelova (Klyuchevskaya) is looking for a girlfriend: Nadezhda Enns, born in 1973, studied together in the town of Yuryev-Polsky, the Vladimir Region, the connection was interrupted in 1989.

The son is looking for his mother: Lyubov Mikhailovna Zakharova, born in 1948, disappeared on December 24, 2003 in Moscow, a disabled person of group II, memory lapses are possible.

Natalya Valentinovna Kovaleva (Menshchikova) is looking for a brother: Alexey Valentinovich Menshchikov, 1979, the connection is lost in 1980 after a fire in which her father died; the children were in the hospital, from where the mother took only Natasha.

Dmitry (Damir) Zabirov is looking for his father and sister - Marcel and Lucius Zabirovs.

After the parents divorced, the boy lived with his mother in Kazakhstan.

When his mother fell ill and died, he found himself on the street and lived for two years until the family of the coal base employee took him to her place.

Video script from Nugush village, Bashkiria: Marcel Zabirov talks about children and about the relationship with their mother.

Meeting in the studio.