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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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Video "Program" Wait for me "wanted":

The descendants of Alexei Ivanov, 1890 b.

Relatives of Anatoly Lushnikov.

Relatives Vitaly Semchenko.

The participants of the defense of Sevastopol.

Marat Abdulaev, no news since 2005.

Vitaly Polevkov disappeared in 2005.

Vitaly Mocanu disappeared in 2003. Sergey Popov, there is no news since 2004.

The video letter from England: John Grue is looking for her friend Natalia, whom she met in 1975 in Leningrad, the connection was interrupted in 1977.


Svetlana Mikhailovna Ivanova is looking for a daughter: Daria Sergeyevna Ivanova, born in 1989, disappeared on January 7, 2007 in the village of Saltykovskoye, Balashikha District, Moscow Region.

Anna Finogenova is looking for Roman, born in 1982, whom she met in 1998 in Zvenigorod.

The Shmelev family is looking for a daughter: Yulia Vladimirovna Shmelev, born in 1986, disappeared in October 2005, allegedly located in Pushkino or in Mytishchi; fragment of the program "Emergency", the plot of the detention of prostitutes in the center of Moscow.

Yulia Akhiyarova has been looking for the Kulikovs, Solodukhs and Grankins, who have not seen each other since 1995.

Rauza Sugurova is looking for a niece: Zhanel Sarimalieva (pronounces Sersibaliyeva), born in 1986, disappeared on February 13, 2007 in Moscow.

Julia Polyakova is looking for her younger brother: Pavel Mikhailovich Ivanov, 1990, p.

В 1995 или 1996 мать Александра Георгиевна Иванова привезла детей к тете Татьяне Георгиевне Осиповой в Херсонскую область, затем забрала сына и уехала.

The plot of the news program of the Bashkir television: a report on the Republican festival of artistic creativity "Flowers, native Bashkortostan", held in the village Krasnousolsky.

In one of the participants, Julia recognized her brother; meeting in the studio.

Video script from Bishkek: Roman boy, birth date 12/03/1990, looking for father.

Guinean citizen Ahmed Mamaduba Conte attended a flight school, met Roman’s mother, wanted to marry her and take her home with him, but Lyuba refused.

Then he tried to take the child in the bag, but was detained at the airport.

Ahmed was not charged, he just flew home alone.

Now the boy is orphaned and wants to find relatives with his grandmother.


Maxim Alekseev is looking for his father: Zaven Mativosovich Mukuchan, born in 1938-1941, was lost during the Spitak earthquake in 1988.

Alexander Koptelov is looking for a woman who, on October 21, 1997, found him in an electric train and took him to the police.

Yuri Vasilievich Duca is looking for a niece: Maria O. Duka, 1989-1990, the daughter of the sister Yuri, the sister is gone.

Filming in Kiev: Masha communicates with a group of young people and dances modern dances on Khreshchatyk; excerpts interview with her friends.

Masha herself talks about escaping from the orphanage, where she ended up after her mother was imprisoned.

In fact, a girl at the age of 13 began an independent life, is currently engaged in dancing, begins a modeling career.

Masha could not come to Moscow because she did not have time to draw up the documents, but her contacts were transferred to Yury Vasilyevich.

Natalia Vladimirovna Malyshenko is looking for his older sister Elena, whom she has not seen since the parents divorce; Natalia stayed with her father, Elena was taken away by her mother.

Videopismo from Elena and her husband: her sister shares childhood memories and what she learned from a dying grandmother about her sister and about her father.

Meeting in the studio.

Photos of the missing:

Parviz Kosimi lived in Moscow, last time he called home in Tajikistan on February 7, 2007, he was going to visit his relatives, but he never arrived.

Raisa Vasilievna Shmakova on March 20, 2007 was going to Ryazan, there she was supposed to transfer to an electric train and get to Moscow, her daughter arrived to meet Raisa Vasilyevna at Vykhino station, but she didn’t find her.

In 1996, Norayr Babayan disappeared in Saratov, where he stayed with a friend, on the way to the airport.

Сергей Валентинович Оленин, охотник, 12 марта 2006 ушел на свой охотничий участок в Шушенском районе Красноярского края, в конце марта его видели охотники из Тувы, 6 мая приходил на базу отдыха "Большой Карбай", затем пропал.

Ivan Mikhailovich Stupin disappeared on June 24, 2005 while serving in Tyumen.

Alexey Alexandrovich Korotkov, 40 years old, disappeared in January 2007 in the Moscow region, drove a car from the village of Kudinovo in the Noginsk District towards the town of Elektrougli, after 9 days he was found in a forest.

The story of the sequel.

An excerpt of the program dated July 12, 2004: in the studio of Inna Gorbachev from Kirovograd, she was not looking for anyone, but she was found by the program staff.

Inna does not know at whose request, but assumes that this is a pilot Sergei Markov, with whom she met many years ago.

Young people met, then corresponded, but once the correspondence broke off without explanation.

Sergey Markov wrote to the program and said that after graduation he had asked for an appointment in the town of Mirny, Yakutia.

Once, during a difficult flight through six cities, Sergey became ill.

He completed the route, but then went to the hospital, where he lay in a coma for several days; the doctors did not think that he would survive.

Sergey's letter came to the program from Israel, where he has been living for the last years, he leads an aviation circle and constantly remembers Inna.

Three years have passed in the program since the meeting of Inna and Sergey.

They got married, and now Inna flies to Sergey in Israel on visas, which she receives as a spouse.


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