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Anchorperson: Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

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July 10, 2007, 17-year-old Sofyen Daruish disappeared in Casablanca (Morocco).

During the investigation it turned out that he flew to Moscow via Paris.

It remains a mystery how a minor youth without his parents not only bought a ticket to another country, but also passed through the passport control of three states.

Police officer Viktor Vinogradov, head of the special department of the armed forces at the Sheremetyevo airport, Inna Kurbatova, senior inspector of the administrative unit Natalia Pilyugina at Sheremetyevo Airport, Evgeny Batyukov, Inspector of PDN LUVD at Kazansky Railway Station, and Oleg Alekhin, Director of the Krasnoselsky Juvenile Hospital.

From the airport, the boy was taken to the hospital because his legs were worn down to blood, he was very limping, but for unknown reasons, he was dropped from his car inрайоне станции метро Речной вокзал, откуда он ночью пешком добрался до Казанского железнодорожного вокзала, где был задержан и отправлен в центр помощи несовершеннолетним.

For his son came his father El Hassan Darouish, a meeting in the studio.

Photos of the elderly:

Ivan Nikolaevich Shibankov, 78 years old, June 19, 2007 left home in the Leninsky district of the Moscow region.

Alexander Fedorovich Orlov, 75 years old, on July 9, 2007 left home in the village of Korchany, Volosovsky District, Leningrad Region, towards St.

Petersburg; On July 11, he was seen in the villages of Bujanitsy and Gomontovo near the Tallinn Highway and in the village of Kipeny.

Nina Alexandrovna Churkina, 82, left home in the village of Kuryanovskaya, Vologda Oblast, in 2004.

Alexey Viktorovich Kuznetsov, 82, August 23, 2007 left home in Ufa.

Roman Sergeevich Zakharyan, 70 years old, on August 15, 2007 went to the town of Khimki, Moscow Region for a salary, did not return home.

Batima Galimukhanovna Mamenova, 68 years old, on October 21, 2007 left Tobol for Moscow, was supposed to arrive at Kazan Station.

Natalya Petrovna Kudinova, 79 years old, on June 20, 2007 left the hospital in Moscow.

Nikolai Andreevich Pestov, 73, September 9, 2007, along with his daughter-in-law, went to pick mushrooms in the area of ​​the Fedotovo and Kipelovo villages of the Vologda region, was lost in the forest.

Victor Nikolaevich Gorin, 71 years old, disappeared in June 2007 on the way from the birth of his sister in Voronezh.

Vasily Fedorovich Borisov, 71 years old, disappeared on July 6, 2006 in the town of Chernushka, Perm Region.

Denis Valerievich Didura, born in 1987, is looking for a girl whom she met on November 5, 1997 during a trip on the Dmitri Shostakovich motor ship.

Elena Alekhina, date of birth 05/15/1974, looking for her father: Yevgeny Viktorovich Alekhin, born in 1956, previously lived in Fergana, the family broke up, when her daughter was one year old, the connection was interrupted at the end of the alimony payment period.

The brothers Magomed Shadiev (born in 1975) and Khamid Shadiyev (born in 1961) are wanted, in 1998 they went to Moscow to earn money, the connection was interrupted in 2000.

Rostislav V. Timofeev is looking for a half-brother: Sergey V. Timofeev, born in 1963, the connection was interrupted in 1995.

Lenina Petrovna Arkhipova (Butyrina), born in 1956, looking for her father: Peter Chernopischuk, circa 1923, did not see each other after the parents divorced.

Lidia Ivanovna Shvab is looking for the brothers Nikolai and Ivan, with whom she lost contact around the 1990s.

It turned out that the eldest brother Alexander, whom the family considered dead in 1949, is looking for Lydia Ivanovna herself.

Videopismo from Alexander: the man tells how he got to the camp and was released in 1954.

Meeting in the studio with Alexander Ivanovich and his grandson.

Karina Valerievna Pimenova, born in 1983, is searching for Ivan Petrovich, born in 1982, whom she met on train No. 74 "Lviv - Moscow" on October 22-23, 2007.

Shamil Elfatovich Begashev is looking for a nephew: Ramil Safin, b. 1982, last called home in 2005 from Yakutia.

A veteran of the Great Patriotic War, Sergei Ivanovich Serebrov, born in 1921, is looking for fellow soldiers: Konstantin Zhukov, Nikolai Belkin and others; Granddaughter Elena acted.

Татьяна Калинина ищет двоюродного брата: Валентин Александрович Пилютин, 1941 г. р., проживал в Грозном, связь прервалась в 1995 году.

Anna Lashchenova is looking for relatives on the line of his grandfather: Aunt Nina Ivanovna Manokhina (b. 1950) and uncle Viktor Ivanovich Manokhin (b. 1955).

Alexander Mikhailovich Malkov, date of birth 05/01/1983, looking for his own father: Vladimir Feliksovich Gershun (Gershon), the parents met and parted while studying at the theatrical institute; meeting in the studio.

Pictures of missing on earnings:

Angela Pavlova from Moldova was looking for work in Moscow.

Владимир Недорезов 8 лет назад уехал во Владивосток, в последнем разговоре с родными сообщил, что уходит в плавание за границу.

Andrei Bobrov arrived from Belarus to Moscow, on January 19, 2004, strangers phoned relatives and said they were sending Andrei home, but he never arrived.

Alexey Solomykin in 2002 went to Samara, last time he called home in 2003.

Pavel Elshin, 25 years old, on May 10, 2006 left Voronezh for Moscow, did not get in touch with his relatives.

Nadezhda Borisovna (the name is not named) and her family from Nizhnevartovsk are looking for their son Nicholas, who remained on extra military service in the Murmansk region, then dropped out in an unknown direction, last time he sent a telegram in 2000.

A volunteer program assistant, Tatiana Guseva, found Nicholas in the village of Kamenka, where he worked in a reindeer herding farm.

Video script from the Murmansk region: Nikolay talks about his life, about studying at the nautical school, about work, his wife and son; I could not find the mother myself, because she married again, changed her last name and moved.

Meeting in the studio.




Murmansk region [789]

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