theme 03/27/1992 (1992)

Telecast №81882, 1 part, duration: 0:44:58
Production: VID
Anchor:Listjev Vlad

Reel №1

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Program topic: Rich and poor.

Guests in the studio: Irina Khakamada, chief expert of the Russian Commodity and Raw Materials Exchange and Rinako investment company.

Vladimir Stolyarov, chairman of 14 joint-stock companies, historian, philosopher.

The main topics and issues discussed in the studio:

1. Do philosophies of wealth and poverty exist?

2.To avoid being poor, there must be a rich country.

3. Pro mass departure of educated professionals in their field.

4. About the genetic connection of wealth and poverty.

The plot of the Tishinsky market in Moscow.

This is a kind of exchange, only for the poor.

People trade everything that is.

They say why they do it.

Need, poverty, lack of money, the struggle for survival.

About the attitude to the newly-born millionaires.

5. Is stratification of society into poor and rich is it a natural evolutionary process or does it depend on the economic conditions in the country?

6. What does it mean to be rich in our country?

How fast will the process of stratification go to the poor and the rich?

7. Will the wave of hatred of the poor for the rich, which is already great today, increase?

8. What options are there today for private business?

9. Is it possible to be honest and rich?

10. On the imperfection of the tax and legal framework.

The plot from London.

Says Artem Tarasov, entrepreneur.

He popularly explains why people in Russia live in poverty and how this can be changed.

12. Comparison of distribution and capitalist systems.

The plot of the Moscow Exchange.

Interviews with brokers about how you can become rich and about the attitude to today's life.

13. What is the difference between the poor before the 17th year and the current poor.

The plot of the poor population of Moscow.


Dining rooms for the poor.

Opinions about what is happening today.

14. Is it easier to be poor or rich in our country?

The plot from Paris about the metropolitan beggars, clochards.

Shelter for the homeless.


Interview with the director of the shelter.

Communication leading with the audience in the studio on the program.

15.About the laws of business.


The survey in one of the Moscow schools.

What rights are most important to you.

Should there be rich in the country?

The fact that the whole country has become a big market.

16. How young people imagine the near future.

17. About absence in the country of middle class.

18. About emigration from a country that has collapsed.


Continued advice from A. Tarasov.

As in Russia, you can become rich without crossing the criminal line.

Calendar: 03/27/1992

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