Peak hour (1996) 08.26.1996

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Anchorperson: Kiselev Dmitrij

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Guest of the program: Dmitry Prigov, leader of the modern domestic avant-garde.

1. Recently your 1 volume of the collection of verses 63-74gg was recently published.

Clearly, during the years of stagnation, you wrote, you were not published, official literature did not recognize ...

Did you consider this a tragedy?

2. As a poet and artist, you are formed in a narrow circle of like-minded people.

What are the advantages and failures of such education?

3.You are a representative of non-commercial art.

What do you live on? (awards, grants, scholarships)

4. Exhibitions, cultural programs, performances, evening behind-the-scenes reading ...

Why do you need all this?

One of your February exhibition in the gallery Gelman called "Life Line".

Do you understand?

5. What place do you allot in Russian literature? (I am at the third final age of avant-garde art)

6. When you read your texts, the question arises: can your creativity be a deconstruction of the myth of the Great Russian literature?

Russian literature is now in front of a mirror?

8. Model of your behavior in poetry.

Can you formulate it? (I am a director, I bring together actors on stage, but I don’t go out myself)

7. Favorite characters of your lyrics often change? (propagandist of the Soviet myth - Millicioner, Chapaev, the main enemy - Reagan, then the boys in matrosskah).

Is the lyric hero absent in verse?

8. You are considered a classic of the modern avant-garde.

Doesn't that bother you? (

9. U Nabokov has the expression "The banal fear of the banal."

You are not afraid of such banal reasoning?

10. What is it possible today to shock the public in our free society?

Does this have to be something scandalous?

And what can shock you personally?

11. Once upon a time you wore a vest, a cap.

Do not wear now?


12. "The more we love our homeland, the less we like it ...

So I said one day and still have not changed my mind "You paraphrasing Pushkin and seemed to grinned bitterly.

What is Russia for you?

13. Your Artist language is often absurd.

Do you rely on the traditions of the Oberites (Harms, Early Zabolotsky, Khlebnikov, Oleynikov, Kirsanov)?

14. Is it true that you pledged to release a certain number of verses by the year 2000? (20,000 poems) What are these: ambitions?

Want to become the most prolific poet in the history of Russian literature)?

15. How many hours a day do you devote to the work of a writer, and how much to the work of the Artist?


Let's give viewers the opportunity to see some of your drawings.

Drawings (under Prigov's disk)

16. It was time you painted scary little animals that sit in every human being.

And now - on each eye pattern with a tear?

Explain this symbol to the viewers?

What does it mean?

17. Some of the writers (the late Georgy Semenov) said that all the fashionable "-we" ever pass, and art still makes realism.

Would you agree with this statement?

18.Poets, “noticed” in conceptualism, Dmitry Kuznetsov, Timur Kibirov (also Pushkin Prize winner, 93 years old), Dmitry Bavilsky ...

Are you in this row or on your own?

19. Can you predict the further development of Russian literature?

Her place in culture for the next 10 years?

20. If you were asked to write a 21st century literature textbook for schoolchildren, what would you write about yourself in it?

Phone calls. 1. They say, you and the film actor.

Where were you filming? 2. Were you ever accused of plagiarism? 3. I wonder what your avant-garde artist type ideal woman?