№ 16 Liberation of Poland[The Unknown War]. (1979)

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Producer CSDF (RCSDF)
With the participation of Ejr Tajm Internejshnl

Director: Gutman I.

Script writers: Itskov I., Karmen R., Slavin K.

Composers: Muravlev A.

Anouncers: Lanovoy V.

Text writers: Itskov I.


The film tells about the liberation of Poland from the German invaders during World War 2.

World War II


Temporary description

1 hour - Arrival Sikorski in the USSR. Camp Anders. Polish army in Iran. 2 hours - the Warsaw ghetto. Warsaw during the occupation. Documents to be shot in Katyn (Soviet version). 3 hours - When the city of Chełm, Lublin. The camps in Majdanek and Auschwitz. 4 hours - Uprising in Warsaw. The rebels on the barricades. The plane drops cargo for the insurgents. Colonel Bourg-Komorowski. Soviet troops stormed Warsaw. Street battles. 5 hour - Destroyed Warsaw, clearance. Release of Krakow. Krakow today. Pomeranian shaft. Fighting for Gdansk. Soldiers run to the sea. Gdansk after release. Traffic controller. Sculpture with a Polish flag. Coat of arms of the Polish Republic.

Reel №1

Says B. Lancaster (simultaneously in English.


Newsreel - Fighting in Poland: running soldiers riding tanks, shoot guns, destroyed street in stretchers are wounded soldier.

Monument to Soviet soldiers who died fighting for the liberation of Poland.

Remembrance Day in Poland - the people in the cemetery at the graves, light candles.

Newsreel - visit USSR head of the Polish government in exile, General Sikorski.

Negotiations with the Soviet government.

The talks involved the army commander General Anders.

The camp of the Polish Army in the rear of the Soviet troops.

General Anders takes the salute Polish units.

1943 - Parts of the Polish Army under General Anders on the orders of the Polish government in exile in London go to the Middle East.

Foreign newspapers, a statement about the discovery of Goebbels in the Katyn forest near Smolensk graves of Polish officers were executed in 1940.

Goebbels said at the microphone.

Formation in the Soviet Union, under the command of Colonel Berling Polish military connections - the division to them.

Tadeusz Kosciuszko - Polish soldiers take an oath in a military camp, playing Colonel Berling, parade.

The fighting of the Polish division of Smolensk.

Reel №2

Newsreel - Ruined city

Smolensk after its liberation from the Nazis.

1944 - Members of the Soviet investigative commission in the Katyn forest near Smolensk conduct an investigation into the discovery of mass graves of Polish officers.

Soldiers reveal the grave, the committee members are: Metropolitan Nicholas, the writer Tolstoy and others, including foreign correspondents present the daughter of the U.S. Ambassador to the USSR Kathleen Harriman.

The members of the Commission of Inquiry found the remains of view of Polish soldiers and letters, dated 1941 year.

The atrocities of the Nazis in occupied Poland - waving flags with swastikas, German soldiers escort prisoners to the gallows, there are men and women with hands raised.

Warsaw ghetto - sit arrested on sleeves - a six-pointed star.

Germans put people in the wagons.

Photos of arrested and murdered Jews.

Summer 1944 - Soviet troops begin an operation to liberate Poland.

Are commanding the First Byelorussian Front, Marshal Rokossovsky and GHQ representative Marshal Zhukov.

Flying airplanes, moving tanks, shoot guns, fleeing soldiers, soldiers cross the river ford, ferry equipment across the river.

Reel №3

Newsreel - Soviet troops liberated the Polish city of Helm, the population welcomed the soldiers, the soldiers give flowers, people crying and hugging soldiers.

Fierce fighting for the liberation of Lublin - tanks on the fighting in the streets of the city.

Lublin residents greeted with flowers Soviet soldiers passing Soviet tanks, the people in the square.

Majdanek concentration camp - barbed wire, prisoners behind barbed wire, cameras.

Commission for the Investigation of Nazi atrocities in the concentration camp examines crematorium.

Lie charred corpses, skulls, bags of bones, hair, mountain crowns, glasses and shoes.

A doctor examines a child, children removed from the concentration camps.

Children show numbers on hand.

Fighting Soviet troops in Poland - moving equipment, fleeing soldiers, explosions, burning tanks.

The words "Glory to the heroes in the battle of the Vistula"

Soldiers drink water from a bucket, transport wounded soldiers.

The fighting in the streets.

The pre-war life - was


The street passing carriages, people in cafes, soldiers playing the piano.

Reel №4

Newsreel - August 1944.

The uprising by Polish resistance in Warsaw - the people at the barricades in the streets run the uprising.

With planes dropped weapons and food to the rebels.

Fighting Soviet and Polish on the outskirts of Warsaw, crossing the Vistula.


Warsaw - the uprising on fire cooking, man collects machine, people make homemade grenades.

German troops attack rebels - flying planes, explosions in the city, are dead, are wounded on stretchers, burning houses, the Germans in the city.

The head of the Warsaw Uprising, Colonel Bourg-Komorowski, who signed the instrument of surrender, gets in the car.

Serves Adolf Hitler (synchronous) with an appeal "to equalize Warsaw to the ground," the Germans applauded.

Burning building in Warsaw, explosions, collapsing houses.

Various plans of hostilities, which was attended by the Polish soldiers - flying planes, exploding aircraft, ships at sea, shooting guns, bury the dead sailors, soldiers from the tank, the assault of the monastery of Monte Cassio in Italy, the graves of Polish soldiers.

January 1945 - Soviet offensive near Warsaw.

Shoot "Katyusha".

Marshals Zhukov and Konev at the command post.

Planes drop bombs, explosions, broken military vehicles, soldiers flee to attack the tanks.

Reel №5

Newsreel - Soviet troops liberated through the streets of Warsaw.

Destroyed buildings, destroyed vehicles, destroyed monuments.

Report of Warsaw, people on the streets, monuments, youth café, are a couple.

Newsreel - The liberation of Warsaw, returning residents, people go to the ruins, a note on the ruins, hugging people, is all.

Soviet soldiers help restore the town: the soldiers pull cable, engineers are working, the words "Minimum no."

Fighting Soviet troops in Poland - flying planes, planes drop bombs, explosions on the ground, shooting guns, fleeing soldiers, moving tanks.

Fighting for the liberation of Poznań - men at the guns, shoot guns.

General Chuikov on positions.

Fighting in the streets of Poznan - the soldiers are fleeing the ruins, shot from rifles, killed by a German.

The people met Soviet soldiers pass band, passing tanks.

Is a column of German prisoners.

Reel №6

Newsreel - Soviet tanks moving in the direction of Krakow.

Marshal Konev and other members of the command.

Krakow population meets Soviet soldiers.

Modern Survey - Report of Krakow: streets, squares, are people, children in strollers, the monuments, the town hall.

Newsreel - Soviet troops attacked Pomeranian line of fortifications on the border with Germany: shooting guns, explosions destroyed Pomeranian shaft bastions.

Hold German prisoners removes cameraman falls swastika flag.

Soviet troops liberated Gdansk.

Restored the border of Poland - Polish flag, watch, coat of arms of Poland.

Soviet soldiers at a fire, fly planes, moving tanks, tanks in the city.

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