wait me 01,17, 2005 (2005)

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Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya

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Video of the Orenburg region.

Residents of the village of Red Hill talk about how a thin, tattered man with his son Abdurafi appeared in their village, they were refugees from Tajikistan.

The boy all began to be called Alik.

The father and the boy were taken for any work, they were fed for this, with what help they could.

The guy says that leaving Tajikistan was unexpected for everyone: the father, leaving the family and taking only Abdurafi with him, left for Orenburg, then came to the village.

Alik does not like to remember his life with his father - it was a terrible life.

My father was already seriously ill, often losing control of himself.

The boy was very difficult, but he was helped by the people who supported him.

Alik often remembers his mother, says that he remembers her cheerful and beautiful.

Today Alik is in our studio.

The plot from Tajikistan.

Alik's mother, Sharipov Ocha, tells how his father took his son and left.

It was completely unexpected.

Alik has two sisters, they are all waiting for him.

When the boy was taken away, he was very young ... ”Mother and son have not seen each other for a very long time and today they meet in the studio.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Lydia Kukina, looking for Victor Kukin's brother, born in 1927, there is no information about him since 1949.

2.Разыскивается Пичихин Виктор, 1972г.р., с 1991г.

Victor served in the army in the Chita region.

Since May 1991 does not make itself felt.

Studio: Elena Kirpatenko, who is 17 years old, is looking for her little daughter.

July 28, Lena met with a friend from Fergana, who was passing through Moscow.

Together with her friend and daughter, they sat for a long time on a large playground in Lublin.

Anya played with the guys.

The girls began to talk, and when Lena remembered about the child, Ani was nowhere to be found.

I was afraid to go to the police because of the lack of registration.

She rushed about the city for a long time, not knowing what to do.

Repetition of the plot from 10/18/2004.

According to the materials of the Studio "Petrovka, 38": "Nobody knows what this girl’s name really is.

She was found in July of this year in the district of Konkovo.

Only by learning to walk, she walked alone in the courtyard, where no one knew her.

She was dressed in all clean, but not according to the weather warm.

She really wanted to eat and sleep.

Medical examination showed that the girl is healthy.

She looks a little over a year old.

Responds to the name Masha.

According to the words, the nurses never cry, but they never smile.

Native girls have not yet been found "We managed to find a girl's mom before the child could be adopted.

Today our guest is a famous lawyer, Leonid Dmitrievich Olshansky, who will tell you how a young mother can pick up a child from a shelter and arrange documents.

The plot of the Leningrad region.

07/13/04 a young man found himself in the Leningrad region, in the Volkhov area, without things, without documents, he did not understand where he was and what was wrong with him.

He reached the Ladozhsky railway station, went to the police station and explained that he was in such a situation: he did not understand what was happening to him.

He was searched, fingerprinted, struck at the base, that he was not listed as an offense, he documented that no traces of blows were found.

And let go.

For two days a guy wandered around the city, then he went to the Alexander Hospital, to the psychosomatic department.

According to the tests offered to him by the doctors, it turned out that he may have had something to do with military service.

But later, the guy remembered that he was well versed in construction.

A month later he was discharged from the hospital.

Now this young man is engaged in finishing work on apartments and houses, he has many new friends and acquaintances, but he really wants to find his loved ones.


The story of Asol, who is looking for Roman Kolesnikov.

She tells: We met him in 1995 in the Sputnik pioneer camp in section


Once Asol went to the school disco and saw Roman there.

They began to communicate.

Roma studied at the institute.

They began to meet., But a stupid quarrel separated us for years.

Perhaps he was looking for me, but a few months later I moved.

We have not seen for 8 years.

The plot from St.


The novel tells that Asol remembered all these years, tried to find her and wants to do something unusual for her.

On white snow, he lays out the heart with the letter A with scarlet roses ... ”Unfortunately, Roman could not come, he had to leave for Finland, where he works, but we are sure that the lovers will soon meet.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

3.Kruzhkov Artamon, looking for an older sister Zinaida Vasilyevna.

In 1935, our family was dispossessed and everyone was taken away.

The mother had three children in her arms.

At night, we arrived by train in a city, most likely Michurinsk.

My mother and older sister left, and Vasya left us.

The police took us to the orphanage.

There I came up with a name, because I did not know mine and I don’t know ... ”

4.Nikolaeva Oksanv, looking for the father of Vladimir Kudryavtsev, born in 1941.

In the summer of 2004, he disappeared while on holiday in Yevpatoria.

5. Korobchuk Yuri Ivanovich is looking for his brother Stanislav Korobchuk, born in 1967

He disappeared in the summer of 1997 in the city of Balashikha, Moscow Region, where he came to work.


Kryukova Nila is looking for a person with whom she was in a sanatorium.

Gorky in the Moscow region in December 2003, and which she lost without taking the address and forgot her name.

I got sick and left earlier.

I am 66 years old and he is older.

He is very similar to the actor from the TV series "Clone."

Videopismo, in which Aleksey Ivanovich talks about the fact that, thanks to his profession, he knew many famous women.

He was even acquainted with the wife of Molotov and Brezhnev, but he believed that such women were not a couple.

So the years passed, personal life did not develop.

Aleksey Ivanovich got used to the idea that now it is for sure that nobody needs him.

Upon learning that someone is looking for him, he was delighted.

Two years later, N. Kryukova meets with Alexei Ivanovich in the studio.

Calendar: 2005

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