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Anchorperson: Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya, Efremov Mihail

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I. Kvasha: Let's start by returning to our old heroes, who are starting a new life this year.

We do not exaggerate!

Indeed - a new life!

We have another wedding!

It all started with the fact that three years ago another letter came from Spain ...

Fragment of the program from 2009.

We were approached by Anna Kvaskova from Valencia, she was looking for her father, Mikhail Kvaskov in Belarus.

The plot is from Valencia, Spain and Orsha, Belarus.

Anna tells her story.

Father remembers Anna, about the family.

His wife and mother Ani, Tatiana also talks about the situation.

When parents divorced, Anya and her mother left first for Latvia, then for Spain.

We found Michael in Orsha.

Tatiana came to the studio in Minsk to meet with Mikhail with her granddaughter Angelica.

A year has passed since then ...

Dad took Ani's mother from the orange plantations to her homeland, Belarus, they are together again, they are family again - and even decided to sign again.

And may this story add hope to all those who need it today!


Now please be especially attentive: these are missing children.

Photo: 07/11/11 in the village of Podtesovo of the Krasnoyarsk Territory two boys disappeared - eight-year-old Kostya Dubov and six-year-old Vitalik Kolesnikov.

Searches with the help of the police, rescuers and volunteers did not produce results.

Relatives suggest that children have been kidnapped.

In the photo: Kostya Dubov.

Photo: Olya Bezprozvannaya, 13 years old, from Elizovsky district, Kamchatka.

She disappeared in the evening of 11/18/2010 from a workout, called her mother, said she was waiting for a bus - and then her phone stopped responding ...

Photo: Alena Ryabkova, 16 years old.

In early October 2010, she left home in the town of Rezh, Sverdlovsk Region.

May be in Upper Tagil or Yekaterinburg.

Photo: Dasha Burdina, 12 years old, did not return from school in Asbest, Sverdlovsk Region, in October last year.

Photo: Muhamad Dier Yusupov, 7 years old.

Lost in June in Uzbekistan.

There is information that he was later seen in Moscow.

Photo: Misha Baikov, 13 years old, 11/21/11 left home in the village of Letno-Khvalynskoye, Spassky district, Primorsky Territory and has not returned to the present.

Photo: Pavel Kostyunin, first-grader, Leningrad region.

In December, did not return from school.

Appeals for help in searching from the studio:

1. Margarita Kolbenev is looking for her husband, Gennady Kolbenev, born in 1936

10/14/11 disappeared in the military town of Gorki-25 (Moscow region).

2.Tatyana Vyshlova is looking for a young man whom she met in October 2011 during a trip.

3. Alexey Miroshkin is looking up, born in 1980

He disappeared in October 2001 in Moscow.

4. Svetlana Zherdeva is looking for his father, Anatoly Zherdev, born in 1934.

Communication with him broke in 1980

5. Wanted Gulseren Devletgereeva, born in 1964

She disappeared in October 1997 in Khasavyurt.


The story of Arkady Muradov, who is looking for a grandmother, Nadezhda Gashanova.

In June of this year she went to visit her son in the Moscow region.

On the way back to Turkmenistan, she was taken off the train at the border in Sol-Iletsk.

Grandma managed to call and report that she was taken off the train.

Nadezhda Ivanovna herself came to our booth at the Kazan railway station.

The plot from Sol-Iletsk.

The grandmother herself tells about what happened, how she was taken off the train at the border, the visa expired, what to do next and how to get home, the grandmother could not imagine and therefore decided that she had to go to Moscow at the “Wait for me” kiosk.

Which she did.

Today the grandson and grandmother meet in the studio.

The plot from Sofia, Bulgaria.

This news is intended for Elena Serafimova, who came to our first tele-bridge in the summer.

Fragment of the program from 2.09.2011. E. Serafimova speaks about the search for relatives.

She was looking for relatives.

Her grandfather, Georgi Serafimov, in 1922 left Bulgaria for the USSR. In Sofia, he left his wife and one-year-old son - father Elena.

The plot from Bulgaria. (continued). E. Serafimova recalls.

Having settled in the Union, he called his wife there, but she was afraid to come.

After the broadcast, we received a response from St.


The 88-year-old grandmother, who in her youth was friends with the Serafimov family, called.

She said that Georgi was not yet in the fifties, that there is no Asoka, and Nikolay and his family left for the USA ...

Teleconference Moscow-Sofia-New York.

The plot is from Uniontown, Ohio.

Nikolay tells amazing things about his grandfather, who in the 22nd year in the ship's hold reached from Hamburg to Petrograd, in the USSR he served as a brigade commander, He was fluent in seven languages, was a fan and connoisseur of Indian culture - of course, he was imprisoned in the 37th, and exiled for the 101st kilometer in the 38th ...

He died in the 49th, from the "heartbreak" ...

The story is accompanied by photographs from the family archive.

Now Nikolay lives in Ohio with his family.

Elena gave a video greeting and an invitation to visit.

Photos of the lost and brief stories.

Photo: Parents have been searching for Vladimir Eltsev for 17 years.

Until 1992, he worked as an engineer at the factory doing space technology, then he was fired, and he was forced to interrupt temporary earnings.

In September 1994, he went to the garage, and still has not returned.

Photo: Vasily Gordetsky disappeared on 10.05.10, leaving the house in the village of Myshetskoe, Moscow Region.

Recently, he often repeated that he lived in the village of Balashovka, Shegarsky district, Tambov region.

In fact - this is the place of his birth.

Photo: Farid Gilyazov disappeared in August 2006 in Neftekamsk, leaving the house without documents.

Photo: Mom from Riga is looking for Sergei Kalenov, a truck driver who disappeared in March 2003 during a business trip to Ryazan.

Photo: Alexey Shibyshov, born in 1970

He disappeared 22 years ago from a military unit in Khabarovsk.

Photo: Sergey Lelya, born in 1978

In June 2003, he left Belarus for work in St.


Lived there with a relative.

Then he moved somewhere and the connection was interrupted.

Photo: Alexander Porozov arrived in Moscow in July 2010, bought a train ticket to Samara.

The ticket was handed over, and in November of the same year his documents were found in the forest near Mozhaisk.

More about him is not known.

Photo: Stanislav Pominov, 13.09.10, left Ust-Ilimsk, Irkutsk Region, to work in the village Dalniy.

After work, I left the camp and did not return.

Photo: Tatiana Salkova disappeared in the Oryol region - on September 14 last year, she went to the bus station in the village of Verkhovye to go to the village of Turovka, but she never got home.

Photo: This is Natalia Nosacheva, disappeared in spring 2007.

She lived in Moscow in her own apartment, there was no family.

Soon after disappearing in her apartment strangers settled.

The alarm sounded by her best friend.

She has been looking for Natalia for 4 and a half years.

The plot from Moscow about the search for Natalia.

Tatiana Afonina, which we have just seen on the screen, and Natalia's other friends are sure that her disappearance is connected with the apartment scam.

She talks about the details of this story.

The plot of p.

Kamensky, Saratov region.

Regional Hospital.

About N.Nosacheva say V. Gorbunova, head.

Department of Psychiatric Hospital and elder sister S. Egorenkova.

Natalya herself speaks of her friend Tatiana, who came to the hospital for her.

They returned to Moscow together.

Natasha while in the hospital, restores health.

Friends are trying to restore Natasha in the rights to the apartment through the court.

And consider that this is a matter of time.


Margarita Mager is looking for a friend of Berthold, with whom they were friends in the Blue Sail kindergarten.

Rita was already in our studio.

She announced the search for her friend.

Fragment of the program from 09/30/11.

Video of 2004 in a kindergarten celebration where they met.

Even in spite of the fact that on the day of filming Bert had an exam at the university, he decided to come to a meeting with Rita.

Friends of childhood meet in the studio after 8 years.