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Telecast №82078, 1 part, duration: 0:42:02
Production: VID
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Anchor:Kvasha Igorj, Shukshina Mariya, Efremov Mihail

Reel №1

M. Shukshina shows some photos and comments to them.

Photo: Robert Vaninov.

Five years, disappeared on March 8.

He went for a walk with a friend to the courtyard.

A friend is back, but Robert is not.

Robert lives in a small town in the Vologda region - Vytegra.

Photo: Alexey Gavrilin in May 2001 went to work in Moscow, lived in Zelenograd, worked as a security guard in the holiday village of the village of Rodomlya, Solnechnogorsk district.

In December, he left home and disappeared.

Photo: On January 22 of this year, Maxim Orudzhev disappeared in the left-bank district of Voronezh.

Photo: 11/20/11, Nadezhda Leontyeva (Domoratskaya) left home and disappeared.

She lived in the city of Tsivilsk in Chuvashia.


A few days ago, we received a response from a Moscow hospital.

Her staff suggests that maybe they have a woman whose picture was aired.

Photos sent to us from Greece.

This is Valentina Ivanovna Sviridov, she is 67 years old.

In September she flew out of Greece, where she stayed with her daughter, to Moscow, to get home, to Voronezh.

Today, the daughter of Valentina Ivanovna, Irina is in the studio.

She talks about how it all happened.

The plot of the hospital number 19, Moscow.

About V. Sviridov say the senior nurse, head. office, nurse.

Daughter Irina went to the hospital number 19 to meet with her mother.

Now, Valentina Ivanovna will get better very quickly.

The doctors said that the most important thing for her now is to be home as soon as possible, among her own people.

Appeals for help in finding from the studio.

1. Rafiq Ali Shreif is looking for Stanislav, born in 1981, and his mother, Olga from Belgorod.

From 1978 to 1985 She studied at the Kharkov Polytechnic Institute.

2. Sanipat Barkinkhoeva is looking for a son, Beslan Barkinkhoev, born in 1965, who disappeared in Grozny in 1999

3. Natalia Fedorova is looking for the descendants of her great-grandfather Pavel Churakov, born in 1983.

4.Irina Felnikova is looking for her father, Yuri Snegirev, born in 1958

Presumably, lives in Lobnya, Moscow region.


The plot is from the village of Ivanovka, Kherson region, and from the city of Kherson, Ukraine.

Vladimir Fedorovich and Valery Vladimirovich Vlasenko are looking for their granddaughter and daughter, Valeria, whom her mother took to Israel when she was 8 years old.

The last time they learned about Lera’s fate was by telephone in 2001, but Lera was in the army and their meeting did not take place.

The plot from Ashkelon, Israel about the daughter of Valerie, who tells about herself.

She is now the director of the kindergarten.

Children in the garden celebrate their birthday.

Today, father and daughter meet in the studio.

Our film crew is now working in Israel.

And wherever they turned out, there were almost everywhere people who wanted to find someone.

Relatives of Zoya Neyman are searching for Nicholas, whom Zoya met in the ghetto.

After escaping, the children wandered for a long time.

When Zoe fell ill, she was sheltered by a Ukrainian woman.

If someone can help in the search, call us.

Continuation of appeals about the search from the studio:

5. Raisa Osipova is looking for her paternal brother, Francesco Robertino, whom she has never seen.

6. Mikhail Red is looking for relatives of his uncle, Israel of the Red.

Before the war, my uncle and his wife, Tamara Kapustina, lived in Uralsk, Kazakhstan.

7.Erman Manoah, born in 1945 looking for father Nikolay Solomahin.

Herman's parents met in Sofia, but in 1949 she broke up.

8. Svetlana Dobrovenskaya searching for her sister Zinaida Dobrovenskaya 1930 or 1931 p.

In 1941, the day before the start of the war, her mother sent her from Gomel to the children's sanatorium "Krynki", Doroganovo station, Minsk region.

Since then, her fate is not known.

Photos of the lost and comments to them.

Photo: Vladimir Zikun from Nevinnomyssk.

He disappeared in 2002, the last time his friends saw him on July 23.

I was going to go to my wife in Germany, but no one knows where he is now.

Photo: Zachary Vydrigan, General.

During World War II, commanded the liberation of the city of Potsdam.

In memory of my father, I would like to find someone from eyewitnesses to those events ...

More than once, soldiers of General Vydrigan helped civilians.

Photo: Larisa Tokareva is looking for her sister Alexander Litvinov.

In 1992, Alexander entered the Kyzylorda vocational school, and Larisa went to Russia.

Since then, the sisters have not seen each other.

Photo: Anatoly Protasov, born in 1957

In September 2000, he drove out of his own car from the village of Rudnya, the Volgograd Region, to Saratov and disappeared.

Photo: Igor Stepanov, born in 1958

In March 2000, he was going to go by train to the station of Green Dol and disappeared.

Photo: Andrey Zhilakov seen in November 2010 at the station in Saratov.

After this, traces are lost.

A special sign - a tattoo in the abdomen "Angel".

Photo: Valentina Penzeva from Rostov-on-Don is looking for her parents, whom she has never seen.

Perhaps her real name is Svetlana.

Photo: Sergey Shirokikh, disappeared in Voronezh in November 2010 with his girlfriend Elena.

On the same day, between them there was a quarrel.

After 4 days, his phone did not answer, and still does not answer.

Photo: Olga Pozdnyakova since 2000, looking for his brother, Peter Pozdnyakov, born in 1953

He left home in Astrakhan and still has no news from him.

Photo: Vladimir Sukhachev, disappeared in December 2002 in the village of Petropavlovka, Dnipropetrovsk region.

Photo: Larisa Khokhlova, disappeared in 2009 in Moscow.

According to a friend, Larisa was going to catch a taxi from Art. m Vykhino, to Ramensky.

Photo: Boris Frolov, born in 1967

Relatives received the last letter from his common-law wife in 1996, where she wrote that Boris had gone either to Artem or to Arsenyev.

Photo: Hizir Akhtaev.

He disappeared in 1994, in the stanitsa of Pervomayskaya, Chechen Republic.

According to some information, that night he left in the direction of Grozny and so far nothing is known about him.

Photo: Daria Balabi is looking for a father, Anatoly Shepelev.

In 1997, he left Stepnogorsk (Kazakhstan) for Troitsk or Sverdlovsk.

Boris and Larisa are looking for two half-brothers, Andrey and Alexander.

In 1985, after a divorce, they stayed with their father.

Their mother, Nadezhda, really wants to find Sasha and Andryusha.

No less want her other children.

When asked why they are looking for, Larisa replied, "But how?

They are our family !!!" One of the brothers, Andrei, himself came to our booth at the Kazan railway station.

He was looking for a brother - Sasha.

Having visited our site, I saw that my mother was looking for him.

The plot from Orenburg about brother Andrei, who himself tells about himself and his life.

Works as a truck driver.

About him speak his colleagues.

After 27 years, my sister and brother meet with Andrew in the studio.

We very much hope that after the broadcast there will be Alexander.

Studio presenters: Maria Shukshina, Mikhail Efremov and Igor Kvasha.

Search history of Elena Polkovnik from Donetsk, who is looking for Natalia Lozhkova’s sister.

In 2004, Natalia went to work in the Lipetsk region to collect apples.

First she called home, but then the connection was interrupted, since there is no news from Natalia.

The plot from the village Zolotuha, Lipetsk region about sister N. Lozhkova.

Villagers are talking about it.

To her comes the crew.

Natalia says she has already lost all hope.

Talking about his life-byte.

About how she was robbed.

About how she suffered a heart attack.

Now she lives in an abandoned house in the village of Zolotuha, where there is neither a stove, nor a gas stove, nothing ...

He really wants to return home, but he has no idea how to do this, because there is neither money nor documents.

After 12 years, the sisters meet in the studio.


Calendar: 03/30/2012

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