wait me 01.28.2002 (2002)

Telecast №82115, 1 part, duration: 0:50:55
Producer VID
Availability:Film hasn't been digitized
Anchor:Igorj Kvasha, Mariya Shukshina

Reel №1

Fragment of the program from 12/24/2001, repetition of the story about the lost children from Grozny.

The sisters are looking for a brother and mother: Valery and Tatyana Tkachenko.

Alena Kozhin is looking for Gennady’s father, Vladimir’s brother, Alla and Olesya’s sisters.

The boys are looking for a mother: Markha Nasukhanov.

Girl looking for mother: Tatiana Zhimalkhanova.

The boy is looking for a family: father Ruslan Suldanov, brothers Mamud (or Mahmud) and Alexander.

Aslan is looking for parents, he does not remember the family’s last name, his father’s name is Aisa.

Brothers Bersanukaevy looking for parents, the name of the mother Eka, the name of the father is pronounced inaudible.

Gulya is looking for a mother: Malika Magiramova (or Nagiramova).

In the studio, Nadezhda Anatolyevna, Aunt Alyona Kozhina, she recognized her niece and came to the shooting with her older sister Olesya; meeting in the studio.

Also visiting the program was the chairman of the Chechen State TV and Radio Company Beslan Khaladov and the director of the orphanage in Grozny, Bella Kasayeva, they brought Katya and Natasha Tkachenko with them.

The video script from the village of Pyatnitskoe, Tver Oblast: mother and brother talk about their lives and that they want to quickly return the girls.

Tatyana Tkachenko's meeting in the studio with her daughters and sister Natalia.

Inclusion from Vilnius.

Gena Galinkyavichute is looking for a sister and brother: Sophia (Zosya) Galinkyavichute remained in an orphanage in Pitkäranta, Karelia, she should be about 23 years old; Pavel Pavlovich Baranovskikh, 1965-1966, p., In 1985, he studied at GPTU in Pitkärante.

Konstantinas Lavryaskas is looking for a brother: Gintas Lavryaskas is believed to be living in the Tyumen Region.

Zoya Shakhmadanova, date of birth 01.22.1956, looking for relatives: 01.27.1959 she and her sister were in Sochi orphanage, as foundries, sister of 1957, r .; 05.13.1959 children were adopted by the Vanda and Nikolai Lantyukhovs.

Victor Vinskyavichus, born in 1962, is looking for a father: Anatoly Usauskas previously lived in the Karaganda region, the name of the mother is Take Vinskyavichute.

In the studio Fedor Nikolaevich Chegodar.

An excerpt of the program from 12.11.2001: F.N.Chegodar is looking for a sister, Natalia Nikolaevna Chegodar, born in 1948; in 1951 the children were in the receiver of Chisinau, from where were distributed to various orphanages, Natasha was taken to the village of Varzareshty, Fedor was brought up in the city of Nisporeni.

The repetition of the story about the consultation with the employee of the Prosecutor General's Office of Russia: according to the norms of adoption that have been in force since 1992, it is impossible to separate siblings;  In addition, there is a data bank where information about relatives and close children left without parental care must be entered.

Video writing for Fedor Nikolaevich from a sister from Batumi.

Meeting in the studio.

Maria Ivanovna Matveeva is looking for a son: Anatoliy Nikolaevich Mironenko, born in 1958, disappeared from military unit 22486 in the Primorsky Territory on April 30, 2000.

Wanted Fyodor Vasilyevich Yanchak, date of birth 10/24/1924, was born in the city of Turchin, went missing during the Second World War.

Natalia Romanovna Boytsova is looking for a mother: Maria Yakovlevna Boytsova, born in 1947, lived in the Kemerovo Region, the city of Topkin, Lenin Street; daughter gave to the orphanage in Krasnopole,  Mogilev region, wrote letters, sent money; At the age of 7, Natasha was transferred to the Mstislavsky orphanage.

Marina Koroleva is looking for a son: Vitaly Sergeevich Korolev, born in 1978, disappeared on the night of November 15-16, 2001 near the Babushkinskaya metro station, Moscow.

The history of the military pilot, Hero of the Soviet Union, Ivan Ivanovich Dotsenko (Datsenko).

In 1944, Captain Dotsenko disappeared during a combat departure in the Lviv region.

After the war, his family contacted his brother-soldiers and found out that Ivan jumped out of a burning plane, was taken prisoner after landing, from where he escaped and returned to the squadron, however, he was arrested and taken to Russia.

Then Ivan ran away again, and his tracks were lost further, but his fellow soldiers hinted that they should be looked for in Canada.

In 1967, the Expo 67 exhibition was held in Canada, where a large Soviet delegation went.

As part of the cultural program, a trip to an Indian reservation took place, where a Ukrainian was the leader of the tribe, claiming that his name was Ivan Ivanovich Dotsenko.

In the studio, Olga Vasilyevna from Poltava, she searches for I.I. Dotsenko, her own uncle, and complements the story with the story that the delegation included Mahmud Esambayev, who later described this meeting.

There was no evidence from this side, but it was confirmed from Canada that the leader of one of the Indian tribes was indeed Ukrainian I. Docenko.

The search for the leader and his children continues.

Galina and Alexey Shcherbakov are looking for sister Tamara.

Children were brought up in various orphanages, Tamara was adopted on July 30, 1970 at the age of 7, and since then the connection with her has been cut off.

In 1975, Galina was found by brother Alexey, together they are searching for Tamara since 1980.

Meeting in the studio.

Igor Kvasha congratulates Katya Tkachenko on her birthday.

Calendar: 12.2001

Locations: The Chechen Republic [756] Lithuania [128] Georgia [83] Tver region [806]

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