Allied Northern Convoys (1942)

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Scene №1 Allied Northern Convoys

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The warships guarding the Allied convoy are on the march.

Icebreaker paves the way on the fairway.

View from the stern of the icebreaker.

The captain and officers of the icebreaker in the wheelhouse.

View of the sea from the bow of the vessel.

Icebreakers pave the way for convoys, broken ice overboard.

View of the island with a lighthouse.

British sailors at the stern of the vessel.

The vessel goes through the cleared fairway.

Ships in the sea.

Officers on the bridge.

Anti-aircraft gun on board the ship, the ships escort into the sea.

The calculation of airborne anti-aircraft guns monitors air targets.

The deck seaplane takes off.

The officers on the captain's bridge are observing the sea, the commander gives orders.

Officers wear helmets after an air-raid alarm.

Calculations of anti-aircraft guns are preparing to repel an attack from an air attack.

Go convoy court.

Cargo ship "Kentwood" in the campaign.

Preparing for the distribution of Roma crew members.

Dumping depth charges from the anti-submarine ship.

Bombings of depth charges.

Go convoy court.

Sailor signalman gives light signals.

Calculations of deck and anti-aircraft artillery in guns.

Anti-aircraft gunners watching the air combat, firing at enemy aircraft.

Convoy ships at sea.

The crew members of one of the ships at leisure.

Officers are observing surface targets through binoculars.

The actions of the numbers of anti-aircraft calculations of a combat ship during an air-raid alarm.

The officer gives target indication.

The actions of the calculations of the air defense of the convoy.

Airborne anti-aircraft artillery firing, German aircraft over ships.

The officer controls the ship artillery fire.

Naval artillery duel, British and German ships firing.

Fly plane flight.

Anti-aircraft gunners are firing.

British bombers bombed a German submarine.

The explosion on the boat.

Those British and American sailors.

Type of rescue ship.

Crew members of the sunk ship on the deck of a rescue ship.

Transplantation of rescued sailors to the hospital ship.

The face of an airborne observer.

Convoy ships at sea.

Evacuation of a wounded officer with a winch and outboard fixture.

Articles about the participants of the convoys in the British and American newspapers.

Map of the route of sea convoys from Iceland to Arkhangelsk (animation).

Calendar: 1942

Locations: At Sea [14]

Seasons: Spring [825] Winter [823] Autumn [826]

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