Defeat of Poland, France and Holland (1939-1940)

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Scene №1 Defeat of Poland, France and Holland

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German aircraft technicians prepare the plane for departure, the inscription on board the aircraft.

Devices in the cockpit navigator bomber.

View of the Polish settlement (above).

Air gunner is arranged at the machine gun.

German planes dropped bombs on Polish territory, a type of Polish settlement during an airstrike (above).

View of the city block after the airstrike (above).

German pilot at the controls of the aircraft.

View of the destroyed settlement and industrial enterprise (above).

Flying German bombers, types of destroyed settlements and railway bridges (above).

Ruined railway bridge.

Broken train.

Hitler in the cabin during a trip to the Polish front.

Type of settlement under the wing of the aircraft (above).

Hitler looks out the window, the view of the village (above).

German troops are fighting in Danzig.

View of the burning pier.

Hitler's car rides along the German military column, the soldiers greet him.

Hitler visits the troops on the front and rear, takes samples in the field kitchen.

Telephonist on the field switch.

Goering and Himmler at a meeting among officers and generals.

Goering and Hitler are discussing future combat actions with staff officers.

The work of staff communications uhla.

Generals introduces Hitler to the operational situation on the map.

Polish regimental wagon train, captured by the Germans, is on the road.

Disarmament of Polish Ulan captives.

Polish rifle and machine gun weapons taken by German troops as trophies.

Counting Germans captured ammunition.

Polish artillery taken as trophies.

Captured Polish soldiers surrender their weapons and equipment.

Polish machine guns and a rifle piled up.

Obozniki Polish cavalry units captured.

A column of Polish prisoners of war moves along the road.

Map of the Western Front and the Maginot Line.

German tanks on the roads of France, the soldiers riding on armor, moving along the side of the infantry.

German infantry and tanks in the forest during a stop.

German soldiers extinguish burning ruins.

View of the building damaged by the shelling of the cathedral.

Interior view of a damaged cathedral.

German infantry unit moving along the road.

A column of French motorcyclists begins to move.

French armored vehicles and trucks are moving along the road.

French artillery and motorcyclists on the march.

Map of the Western Front.

German paratroopers before the jump, view of the village (above).

The German airborne assault on Rotterdam.

Map of the territory of the Netherlands.

German soldiers dismantle wire stone barriers.

Overcoming anti-personnel barriers with the help of armored vehicles.

German infantry advanced to the line of attack.

Types of settlement on the river bank and the destroyed bridge.

German engineering units are moving to the bridge in trucks.

Soldiers boost the river in inflatable boats past the destroyed bridge.

A column of German soldiers on bicycles on the streets of the occupied city.

Soldiers carry an inflatable boat.

The tank moves across the bridge.

German troops and armored vehicles on the roads of France and Holland.

Dutch parliamentarians with a white flag are accompanied by a German officer.

The French military are going to surrender negotiations.

Negotiations between the German and French military.

Staff officers work with maps of the fighting.

French soldiers who surrendered.


Adolf Hitler - German statesman and political figure Goering German - German statesman and political figure Himmler Heinrich - German statesman and political figure

Calendar: 1939-1940

Locations: Poland [177] France [77] Netherlands [155]

Seasons: Autumn [826] Summer [824]

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